Cole Bennett Net Worth is $39 Million; Age, Bio, Career, Income

The self-made millionaire Cole Bennett net worth is approximately $39 Million as of 2023. He has amassed this impressive net worth through his exceptional skills as a business executive, filmmaker, and videographer. Due to their worth-praising net worth, he is recognized in the American music industry and has millions of fans worldwide like famous rapper Hit Boy who made good net worth in his career has rapping and singing.

Regarding net worth, it is expected to come across questions about how Cole Bennett accumulated his net worth. His assets and the way he spent his earnings Let us highlight all these aspects and other information regarding his net worth.

Who is Cole Bennett?

Cole Bennett is an American business executive, videographer, and filmmaker born in Plano, Illinois, United States, on May 14, 1996. The 27-year-old millionaire started music video directing at 17 and is now ranked among the self-established millionaires.

Who is Cole Bennett?
Source: Instagram 

Cole Bennett established the popular multimedia agency Lyrical Lemonade. He is the company’s CEO, the reason behind his outstanding net worth. This company’s primary aim was to produce creative videos regarding music for rappers. Benett’s work was recognized and appreciated by Pitchfork, Fader, The New York Times, and Complex, which was crucial in listing him among millionaires.

How Much is Cole Bennett Net Worth?

The famous American business executive Cole Bennett’s estimated net worth is $39 Million as of 2023. Much of his net worth comes from his remarkable expertise in filmmaking and videography. He incredibly earned money through music video shooting and other business ventures.

Among the primary income sources of Cole Bennett, his YouTube channel also plays a significant part in accumulating his striking net worth. He was also involved in brand deals, investments, and sponsorships that immensely helped him become a millionaire at a young age.

Cole Bennett Net Worth, Monthly Income & Salary:

The table below shows the estimated net worth, monthly income, salary, and primary profession of Cole Bennett.

Estimated Net Worth$39 Million
ProfessionВuѕsinеѕѕ Ехесutіvе, Fіlmmаkеr, Vіdеоgrарhеr
Monthly Income$200,000
Annual Income$10 Million
Cole Bennett Net Worth, Monthly Income & Salary

Cole Bennett Yearly Net Worth Growth Rate:

The estimated yearly net worth growth rate of self-made millionaires is discussed below in the table. 

YearsEstimated Net Worth
2023$39 Million
2022$37 Million
2021$34 Million
2020$32 Million
2019$31.5 Million
2018$30 Million
Cole Bennett Yearly Net Worth Growth Rate:

Now, have a look at Cole Bennet’s yearly growth rate graph.

Cole Bennett Yearly Net Worth Growth Rate

What are the Primary Contributors of Cole Bennett’s Net Worth?

As discussed earlier, Cole Bennett net worth is $39 Million. Several contributors contribute differently to achieving his net worth. Let us dive deep into his primary income sources.

Primary Contributors of Cole Bennett's Net Worth

Music Video Shooting:

Cole Bennett remarkably does music video shoots with his unquestionable video shooting skills. He charges a lot for music video shooting, and thus, it helped him accumulate his earnings. It contributes 51% to his net worth. 

YouTube Channels:

Cole Bennett has undoubtedly made money through his YouTube channel. He has generated a substantial net worth by getting billions of views on YouTube ads. It is assumed that he got $7 per 1000 views; thus, it depicts that he has earned millions through his YouTube channel. It contributed 20% to his net worth. Another popular Youtuber, PrettyboyFredo has made huge income through YouTube.

YouTube Income of Cole Bennett:

Here is the yearly YouTube income of Cole Bennett. 

YearYouTube Earning
2023$7 Million
2022$6 Million
2021$4 Million
2020$2 Million
2019$1 Million
YouTube Income of Cole Bennett


Cole Bennett hugely expanded his net worth by collaborating with notable clients. He perfectly collaborated with Kanye West, Logan Paul, Eminem, Jay Z, and Kelly Ripa, contributing 6% to enhancing his net worth.

Sponsorships & Brand Deals:

Cole Bennett boosted his net worth by dealing with notable brands and sponsorships. It results in augmenting his net worth by 4%. Here is a list of the brands with whom Cole Bennett made deals and the dealing year.

  • 2018- Boost Mobile
  • 2019- Puma
  • 2019- McDonald’s
  • 2020- Sprite
  • New Era
  • No Jumper


Investments also contribute significantly to increasing the net worth of Cole Bennett. He has invested his money in different stocks. His investment portfolio features seven major stocks that tremendously assisted 8% in growing his net worth. A few of his significant stocks are listed below. Similarly, a business Tycoon and Wolf of Wall street, Jordan Belfort Net worth and Portfolio is quite vast.

  1. PayPal
  2. ExxonMobil
  3. IBM
  4. Netflix
  5. Apple
  6. Comcast

Lyrical Lemonade:

Cole Bennett is also the owner of Lyrical Lemonade. He continuously posts about its products on his Instagram and other social media accounts. it is not a makeup or clothing brand but instead of all of these products, it’s a juice brand, Cole Bennett is the owner of this brand and he earns almost 5% of his income. 

lyrical lemonade x Jordan brand:

Cole has a Lyrical lemonade juice brand. Along with this, Cole Bennet also introduced the lyrical lemonade x Jordan brand which is a shoe brand. This boosts almost 6% of his net worth. On his Instagram account, he posted a picture of some slippers, shoes, and sneakers on January 23, 2020, with the caption,

“lyrical lemonade x Jordan brand. next month”.

lyrical lemonade x Jordan brand:
Source: Instagram 

Where Did Self-Grown Millionaire Cole Bennett Spend His Money?

Bole Bennett’s net worth is $39 Million, as per estimates. Being a millionaire, he spent substantial money on his extraordinary lifestyle. He owns luxurious assets and has a variety of car collections. He also spends his earnings on recreational purposes. If you are curious about how Bennett makes his money, then below are the few main ways that prove that he is a millionaire.

Cole Bennett’s Home:

Cole Bennett personally owns a lavish house. Currently, he is living in an extravagant house in Plano, Illinois. Its total area is 6,400-square-foot and has a value of $8 Million. His house mainly features a big swimming pool, 6 Bathrooms and four Bedrooms. 

Cole Bennett's Home:
Source: Instagram 

Besides this house, Cole Bennett owns five expensive real estate properties. He also owns an opulent yacht. Being a millionaire, he must also own several properties. However, we need to find out the exact number of properties he owned as he rarely disclosed statements regarding his assets.

Cole Bennett Car Collection:

The self-grown millionaire Cole Bennett owns a luxurious collection of cars. He was often spotted riding luxury cars, including Range Rover Velar and Jaguar F-Type. 

Cars NamesPrices
Volvo XC40$34,100
Audi A6$56,000
Jaguar F-TYPE$220,000
Jaguar XE $40,000
Range Rover Velar $130,000
Cole Bennett Car Collection:

His car collection pictures are shown in the picture below.

Cole Bennett Car Collection:

Personal Styling:

Cole Bennett always dressed himself in lavish outfits, presenting a decent appearance. His wardrobe must have a collection of branded hoodies, shirts, and other outfits. He loves wearing watches, so he must own branded watches. Besides these, he must spend money on other accessories and personal grooming. 

Recreational Purposes:

Like other celebrities, Cole Bennett must spend his money on recreational purposes. He was spotted many times at parties with friends. He also loves clubbing, traveling, and other entertainment activities.

Financial Challenges Faced by Cole Bennett:

Cole Bennett could have become a millionaire more smoothly and straightforwardly. However, he faced many financial challenges. In college, he took a loan of $35,000 to pay for his education. Moreover, he also received a loan to grow his business due to his need for more money. Instead of financial problems, he successfully managed to become a millionaire.

Financial Challenges Faced by Cole Bennett
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Cole Bennett Social Media Accounts:

Let’s scroll through the social media accounts of Cole Bennett for the newest information. 

Accounts NameUsernames
Twitter@Cole Bennett
YouTube@Lyrical Lemonade
Cole Bennett Social Media Accounts

Interesting Fact About Millionaire, Cole Bennett:

The table below shows some interesting facts about Cole Bennett.

Favorite Music ArtistLady Gaga
Favorite ActorTom Cruise
Favorite SportBasketball
Favorite DishPizza
Favorite Holiday DestinationJapan
Favorite ColorBlue
Interesting Fact About Millionaire, Cole Bennett

Summing Up:

It is concluded that Cole Bennett net worth is $39 Million per estimation. He is a self-made billionaire working as a business executive, filmmaker, and videographer in America. His main net worth avenues include music video shooting, a YouTube channel, collaborations, sponsorships, brand deals, and investments. 

The assets of Cole Bennett include lavish houses, yachts, and real estate properties. The above-discussed net worth value is only an estimate from reliable resources. Stay tuned to his websites and social media accounts for real-time updates. 

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