Jordan Belfort Net worth $100Million

Jordan Belfort Net worth is $100Million as per Our Information. Jordan Belfort is a former stockbroker, speaker, author, entrepreneur, and also a financial criminal in America. he became famous because of his involvement in stock market manipulation and fraud in 1999.  Among his assets, Jordan has a mansion, 9 cars, 6 expensive watches, and a luxury yacht. Jordan earns his income through a stockbroker, Stratton Oakmont, illegal Actions, a speaker, and an author.

Who is Jordan Belfort?

Jordan Belfort is a Former Stockbroker, author, entrepreneur, and speaker of America. he came to the public eye when he and his co-founder Danny Porush committed stock-market fraud and a penny-stock scam. They devour millions of innocent victims’ dollars. Jordan spent 22 months in prison for his crime.

Who is Jordan Belfort?
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On the other hand, in 2007, he published the memoir “The Wolf of Wall Street”. After that, in 2013, a film was released on this memoir which was directed by Martin Scorsese. Jordan wrote this memoir while staying in jail. 

Yearly Growth Rate of Jordan Belfort Net Worth:

YearNet Worth 
2018$70 Million 
2019$75 Million 
2020 $87 Million
2021$90 Million 
2022$92 Million 
2023$97 Million
2024$100 Million 
Yearly Net Worth Growth Rate of Jordan Belfort:
Yearly Net Worth Growth Rate of Jordan Belfort

Jordan’s Early Life:

Jordan Ross Belfort came to this world in the Bronx, New York on 9 July 1962. Jordan’s family background is belonging to the Jewish Religion. He was raised by her parents in Bayside, Queens. Jordan’s parents both work as Accountants. 

While getting an education, Jordan and his close school friend, Elliot Loewenstern sell Italian ice at the beach to the local people and earn $20,000. Both Jordan and his friend sell ice cream in a Styrofoam Cooler. After that, he got his bachelor’s degree in Biology from American University. 

Jordan Belfort Career:

At the start, in New York, Jordan Belfort works as a salesman and delivers seafood and meat door-to-door. After the failure of this work, one of his family friends helped Belfort to find a job at L.F Rothschild as a trainee stockbroker. 

Jordan Belfort Career:
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According to Jordan, a firm laid off him after facing financial problems in the stock market crash. On the other hand, at the age of 25, Belfort filed for bankruptcy. He and his co-founder Danny Porush go to jail because of a penny-stock scam and stock-market fraud. 

How did Jordan Belfort earn money?

Jordan supports potential consumers and encourages them to invest in the stock market. Belfort has a team, “Boiler Room”. He and his team members use illegal techniques and scam the investors and also control the stock market prices. He is still popular because of his demanding sales techniques that led to the damage of about $200 Million to shareholders. 

How did Jordan Belfort earn money?
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Jordan made millions of dollars with the help of Stratton Oakmont, his investment firm in the 1990s. He has almost $110 Million fine on him but Jordan just paid $14 million. He did some illegal and unauthentic work and also went to jail because of his fraud and scam for 22 months. 

What is the source of income of Jordan Belfort?

Jordan Belfort has a net worth of about $100 Million. People are curious about what the sources of Belfort’s income are. Jordan Belfort became a millionaire at the age of 30. 

Profession stockbroker, speaker, author, entrepreneur, and salesman 
Sources of income business consulting services, motivational speaking, and OneTo11, Squirrel Technologies Ltd,
Assets Classesstartups, NFTs, Cryptocurrency, and real estate
What is the source of income of Jordan Belfort?

What did Jordan Belfort do for a living?

Here are the main sources of Jordan Belfort that he used to get more rich.

Work as a Stockbroker:

Jordan Belfort started his career as a stockbroker. In 1989, he founded “Stratton Oakmont”. He and his fellows earn a lot of money because they engage in market manipulation and securities fraud. On the other hand, he raises the spirits of his brokers and asks them to sell their penny stocks to unrecognized investors. If they do this, there is a lot of chance that they earn a high commission by doing this. Half of his income (50%) comes from his stockbroker working. 

Stratton Oakmont:

In New York, at Long Island, Jordan made a Setup of Stratton Oakmont. Belfort used this brokerage firm in many of his illegal activities and grabbed an income of almost 20%. He also made his team, ”Boiler Rooms”. All of them make sales calls and also handle the stock market prices and this is how much was Jordan Belfort worth.

Author – Wolf of Wall Street:

When he was in jail because of his scam and fraud, he wrote 2 memoirs, “Catching the Wolf of Wall Street” and “The Wolf of Wall Street”. At the time of his first publication, Random House paid him $500,000 in advance. Moreover, when a film was made on his memoirs, Jordan earned $1.2 Million which is a 3% of his income. 

Author – Wolf of Wall Street:
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Speaker – Speaking Engagement:

As Jordan Belfort is also a speaker, so in case of any speaking. Jordan charges for each speaking engagement between $30,000 and $70,000. As a stockbroker, he is still famous because of his severe sales techniques and strategies. yearly he generates 7% of his income as a speaker. 

Unlawful Actions and Income:

Belfort engages in many of the illegal activities with his “Boiler room’ and Stratton Oakmont. He along with his agents sell the penny stocks to unknown investors and earn a lot of money. They also handle the stock market prices and add 20% income to his accounts yearly through his lawful actions. As the prices increase they sell their holdings. All of these cause a huge loss for other investors and a crash in prices. 

Unlawful Actions and Income:

What Stocks were owned by Jordan Belfort?

Here is the list of some sticks that are owned by Jordan Belfort.

  • Apple
  • Walmart
  • FedEx
  • Visa
  • General Motors

Assets of Jordan Belfort:

Through his illegal activities and money laundering, Jordan’s assets are the result of the income he earns from the stock market. Let’s discuss all of the assets of Jordan Belfort.

Houses of Jordan:

Jordan’s mansion was built on 5 acres. Jordan Belfort is situated at 5 Pin Oak, off Chicken Valley Road. You need to drive 50 minutes to North Manhattan, 25 minutes from Belmont Park, and 45 minutes from Hamptons. Jordan mansion contains 6 bedrooms and 7 bathrooms. Moreover, it also has 6 stainless-steel burners, a kitchen, and a family room. 

House worth $10 Million 
Acre5 Acres 
Square Feet 15,000
Houses of Jordan
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Cars Collection of Jordan Belfort:

Jordan is very fond of cars; he has a huge collection of cars in his garage. He has been seen many times in public places while driving the 1991 Ferrari Testarossa and Lamborghini Countach. Along with these cars, he also drives many other cars from his garage. Here are some of the details of Jordan Belfort Car’s Collection.

Ferrari 488 GTB$299,890
Audi R8$206,900
Mercedes AMG GT R$167,900
Range Rover SV $240,000
Mercedes G63 AMG$157,800
Lamborghini Countach$206,900
Lexus ES$135,000
Bugatti Chiron $3 Million 
Ferrari Portofino $700,000
Cars Collection:
Cars Collection
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Yachts of Jordan Belfort:

Jordan has a luxury yacht; his yacht is called by many names as time passes. His yacht can carry 4 motorbikes, a helicopter, 6 Jetskis, and many other things. Jordan’s yacht is 147 feet long and worth about $125 Million. Moreover, for the Luxury Yacht Nadine, Jordan is the last owner. In 1961, this was originally built by Coco Channel. 

Yachts of Jordan Belfort:
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Watches collection of Jordan:

Jordan is also fond of watches. Jordan has a huge collection of luxury watches. All of these watches are included in his assets. People are still curious about how much was Jordan Belfort worth for all of his watches. Let’s all of it along with their worth. 

Watch Price
Rolex Submariner$8,000 to $40,000
Tag Heuer 1000 Professional$1,000.00
Patek Philippe Calatrava$20,000
Richard Mille RM series$60,000 to $70,000
Tag Heuer 2000 ref. WN5141$200,000
Audemars Piguet Royal Oak$20,000 to $100,000
Watches collection of Jordan:
Watches collection of Jordan

Where did Jordan Belfort invest his income?

To expand his income, Jordan invested his money in cryptocurrency and real estate. Belfort believes that the prices of cryptocurrency will continue to increase so he chooses to invest in Bitcoin. Now, we are going to tell you where Belfort invested his wealth and how much was Jordan Belfort worth.


The famous scammed person in the world of the stock market is now investing his income in different types of startups. He invests his income in OneTo11, which is a blockchain gaming platform. Moreover, he is now teaching people about persuasion and sales.

NFTs and Cryptocurrency:

By investing his income into the blockchain gaming platform of cryptocurrency and NFTs. He opened fire on Cryptopunk #6033 for $8.5 Million. On the other hand, Jordan also gave a lecture on cryptocurrency and shared his point of view. He gave lectures in cryptocurrency workshops and took charges of almost $40,000.

Wrapping it Up!

Jordan Belfort is a former stockbroker of America. he became famous because of his illegal involvement in the stock market. He also goes to jail for 22 months because of his illegal activities. People are curious about how much was Jordan Belfort worth through his fraud and scams. 

Jordan Belfort’s net worth estimation is about $100 Million. he invests his income in the stock market and in cryptocurrency to expand it more. From all of his assets, he has a big mansion, a great car, a watch collection, and a yacht. Jordan earns all of his income with the help of his team ”Boiler Rooms”. 

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