Jim Caviezel Net Worth Is $15 Million: Movies, Family, Career

As per estimations, Jim Caviezel net worth is $15 million. he boosted his net worth through his acting in movies and television. He is a shining star in the film industry. He played an unforgettable role in the movie “The Passion of Christ”. This was his turning point for success. He has also starred in the most famous crime drama “Person of Interest”.

He has earned a significant amount of money from his talent. Here is some detail about Jim Caviezel. If you are curious, then your search is ending. 

Who is Jim Caviezel?

Jim Caviezel was born in Mount Vernon, Washington on September 26, 1968. His father was a chiropractor and his mother was a former actress. He grew up with his siblings in a catholic house in Conway. 

Full nameJim Caviezel
Birth dateSep 26, 1968
BirthplaceMount Vernon, Washington
Zodiac signLibra
Education Bellevue college, university of Washington
Estimated net worth$15 million
Who is Jim Caviezel?

Early life and career of Jim Caviezel:

The early life of Jim Caviezel is interesting to know, here is some detail about his early life and career:

  • Jim Caviezel is part of the Catholic family. He is very close to his religion. He studied at Mount Vernon High School. He was graduated in 1987.
  • At Bellevue College, he played football with passion but he got injured and gave up. After that, he started his acting career.
  • Jim started his career with the movie “My Own Private Idaho”. His remarkable talent led him to the stairs of success.

He played a memorable role in multiples movies, Wyatt Erap”, “G.I. Jane”, “The Thin Red Line”, “The Rock”, “Ride With The Devil”, and in the CBS crime drama, “The Person Of Interest”, “Murder”.

  • He starred in the action film “Infidle”. This movie is based on the true events.
  • He has a successful career and solid status in the film industry through his versatility.

Personal life of Jim Caviezel:

Let us look at the personal life of Jim Caviezel: 

  • His mother’s name Jim Caviezel is “Margaret” and his father’s name is “James Caviezel Patrick”.
  • He has four siblings, a brother “Timothy” and three sisters “Amy”, “Ann” and “Erin”.
  • He is approximately 55 years old according to his birth date.
  • Jim married a teacher named “Kerri Browitt” in July 1996. They have adopted three children suffering from health issues. Two sons “Bo and David” and a daughter “Lyn Elizbeth”. Because they believed in supporting society.
  • He strongly devoted his precious time to his family from his busy schedule. He has a strong dedication to religion.
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Source: Instagram

Yearly Jim Caviezel Net Worth Growth Rate:

The estimated net worth of Jim Caviezel is $15 million. Let us show you his yearly net growth rate:

Years (2018-2023)Estimated net worth growth rate
In 2023$15 million
In 2022$13 million
In 2021$10 million
In 2020$8 million
In 2019$7 million
In 2018$ 6million
Yearly Jim Caviezel Net Worth Growth Rate

Now, let’s have a look at the yearly net worth growth rate of Jim’s through a graph. 

Yearly Jim Caviezel Net Worth Growth Rate

How Did Jim Caviezel Earn His Money?

Jim Caviezel net worth is $15 million, as per assumption. Here are some common sources from where he boosted his income:

How Jim Caviezel Earn His Money?
  • Jim Caviezel started his career as a film actor, his iconic role in “The Passion Of Christ” has made him financially successful and increased his wealth. 
  • He played a remarkable role in different projects. His movies were sold on the worldwide box office. This made him financially strong. 
  • Like other celebrities, Jim Caviezel also has ventured into real estate properties. He has invested in “Sprawling Ranch” in Washington. This helped to boost Jim Caviezel net worth. 
  • He did the hit television show “Person Of Interest”. This show not only made him popular but also significantly contributed to his wealth. 
  • Similar to other actors, he sells merchandise. His main merchandise is T-shirts, stickers, home décor, posters, and many other things. Selling these merchandise enhanced his income. 
  • Jim Caviezel has accumulated a lot of money through brand endorsements. Specific details about endorsement are not available but these have added to his financial success. 6%

Clint Howard’s net worth is estimated to be around $6 million, reflecting his extensive career in acting across film and television.

Where Did Jim Caviezel Spend his Money?

Jim Caviezel net worth is $15 million, as per assumption. He might be spending his money to maintain his stylish life in the following ways:

Where Did Jim Caviezel Spend his Money?

Source: Instagram

  • Jim Caviezel has invested in ventures. He lives in a well-furnished villa in Mount Vernon, Washington. This villa is spread over 3.25 acres of land and has its own specialty. This house is the perfect blend of traditional and contemporary design. 
  • He supports many charitable organizations such as the “Special Olympics” and the “Children’s Hospital of Pittsburgh”.
  • Like other celebrities, he might be spending his money on updating his own deluxe collection of outfits, watches, footwear, perfumes, and other accessories.
  • As Jim knows the value of family, so he must spend his money to fulfill his family’s requirements.

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Physical statistics of Jim Caviezel:

Jim Caviezel has a very charming personality with features given below in the table:

Height6 ft 2 in
Eye colorBlue
Hair ColorDark brown
Shoe size11US
Physical statistics of Jim Caviezel

Social Media Accounts of Jim Caviezel:

Jim Caviezel has some social media accounts for sharing updates with his fans:

Social media accounts Followers Username 
Instagram 465ktherealjimcaviezel 
TikTok 18.1k@jim_caviezel
Facebook 62kJim Caviezel 
Twitter 27k@JimmyCaviezel
Social Media Accounts of Jim Caviezel

Frequently Asked Questions:

Q. Does Jim do any philanthropic activities?

Yes, Jim Caviezel has supported the “Children’s Hospital of Pittsburgh”. He believes in spreading love and supporting others.

Q. Has Jim won any awards?

Jim Caviezel has been nominated for MTV awards and Saturn awards for his best acting in the movie “The Passion Of Christ”.

Q. What is Jim’s dedication?

He has strong faith in his religion. He always values his time. His dedication to making a positive impact on the world clarifies his character and integrity.

Q. Has Jim Caviezel appeared in any stage production?

Besides, his work in the television and film industry, he appeared in the stage production at the start of his career. His talent made him a strong personality in the film industry.

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