Prettyboyfredo Net Worth is $3 Million

The renowned digital creator and YouTuber Prettyboyfredo net worth is estimated at $3 Million as of 2023. His significant earning revenues include his YouTube channels, sponsorships, merchandise sales, and brand endorsements. He gained popularity due to his incredible content related to gaming and prank videos, social experiments, challenges, and entertainment vlogs.

He is not only famous on YouTube but also has a huge fan following on Instagram, Twitch, and other social media platforms. Being an inspiring social media personality, the curiosity about his net worth is always dominant. In this article, you will learn about Prettyboyfredo’s net worth, income, yearly net worth growth rate, sources of income, expenditures, and other fun facts. 

Who is Prettyboyfredo?

Prettyboyfredo is the professional name of a famous American YouTuber, Alfredo Villa. He was born on August 20, 1993, and currently resides in Palm Beach, Florida, USA. He used to play football and basketball in high school.

Still, after graduation, he started creating and uploading engaging content on social media and finally started his career as a content writer. After starting his career, he gave him the official name ‘Prettyboyfredo.’

Who is Prettyboyfredo
Source: Instagram

His content on YouTube and other social media accounts is related to comedy videos, UFC, NBA 2K gaming videos, pranks, daily vlogs, and other entertaining content. He specifically captured the attention of viewers with his YouTube videos The Racism Experiment, ‘Angry Girlfriend Throws PS4 in Pool Prank,’ ‘Cheating on My Girlfriend Prank, and NBA2K gaming videos. Currently, Prettyboyfredo’s net worth has reached $3 Million.

How much is Prettyboyfredo Net Worth?

American notable YouTuber and content creator Prettyboyfredo net worth is approximately $3 Million. His estimated annual income is $1.5 Million. Being a content writer, his primary source of income is his YouTube channel. He posted a variety of engaging entertainment-related videos on his channel and earned an impressive net worth.

Social media activity is not the only reason behind him being a millionaire. He also boosted his net worth through other revenue-generating businesses. Apart from YouTube, he accumulated wealth through brand endorsements. He also sold merchandise, which helped him augment his net worth in millions. 

Prettyboyfredo Net Worth, Monthly & Yearly Income Updates:

Prettyboyfredo never gave an exact statement related to his net worth and income. Thus, we can only give an estimation based on research. The table below highlights his estimated net worth, along with monthly and yearly incomes.

Prettyboyfredo’s Estimated Net Worth$3 Million
Yearly Income$1.5 Million
Monthly Income$125K
Prettyboyfredo Net Worth, Monthly & Yearly Income Updates

Prettyboyfredo Yearly Net Worth Growth Rate:

Prettyboyfredo’s estimated net worth is $3 Million, which he gradually gathered by uploading creative and comedy content on his YouTube channel. It took him a lot of effort and time to be a notable millionaire. 

Years (2018-2023)Estimated Net Worth 
In 2023$3 Million
In 2022$2.85 Million
In 2021$2.6 Million
In 2020$2.4 Million
In 2019$2.2 Million
In 2018$1.9 Million
Prettyboyfredo Yearly Net Worth Growth Rate

Let us shed light on his yearly net worth growth rate via graph. 

Prettyboyfredo Yearly Net Worth Growth Rate:

What are the main Streams of Prettyboyfredo’s Revenues?

Digital creator Prettyboyfredo Net worth is $3 Million, which he has generated through different ways. Let us discuss his significant sources of income.

main Streams of Prettyboyfredo's Revenues

YouTube channel:

Being a content creator, about 60% of his earnings come from his YouTube channel ‘Prettyboyfredo.’ He created and uploaded videos related to funny, gaming, and entertaining content, along with daily vlogs, social experiments, and challenges. 

It is estimated that he receives $3 to $7 per 1,000 views on his YouTube videos. Currently, his channel has 7.32 Million subscribers and 357 uploaded videos. 

Merchandise Sales:

Prettyboyfredo augmented wealth by selling his merchandise. He owns the brand ‘merch with SSH,’ which offers a variety of hats, T-shirts, dresses, sweatshirts, hoodies, leggings, and other products. Selling these merchandise helped him make 25% of his net worth. Moreover, you can also buy Pretyboyfredo merchandise on “Grailed”.

Merchandise Sales of prettyboyfredo
Source: Instagram

Brand Endorsements & Sponsorships:

Prettyboyfredo boosted his net worth through brand endorsements and sponsorships. He endorses different popular brands and promotes their products. He earned 10% of his net worth through brand endorsing and sponsorships.


Being an eminent public figure, Pretyboyfredo must have made money through investments. However, there is no accurate detail about his involvement in investment activities, as he did not disclose a statement regarding this. He might have amassed 5% of his wealth through investments. 

Where Did Prettyboyfredo’s Spend His Money?

Millionaire Prettyboyfredo, with a net worth of $3 Million, is living a dreamy lifestyle and owns luxurious assets. Let us discuss his most noticeable expenditures. 

Real Estate:

Prettyboyfredo owns extravagant homes and property. He bought an opulent home in Orlando worth $750K.  This well-decorated home features a high-maintaining swimming pool, a private courtyard, and three living rooms and bathrooms. 

In 2020, he purchased a luxury mansion in Florida for $5 Million. It features astonishing bedrooms, an indoor basketball court, restrooms, a movie theater, a bowling alley, a swimming pool, and other unique features.

Besides these, Prettyboyfredo procured an eye-opening mansion among the posh sites of Hollywood Hills, California, on March 9th, 2021. He claimed that he specially acquired this property for his squad ‘S#avage Squad Hoopers.’ 

He paid $5 Million for this 45,000-square-foot mansion, and it features four bathrooms and bedrooms, a movie theater, a spa, a swimming pool, and an indoor basketball court. Additionally, he is the owner of a lavish home located in Florida worth $400K. 

Cars Collection:

YouTuber Prettyboyfredo is very fond of cars and has a massive collection of expensive cars. He was frequently spotted in brand-new luxury cars. He often posted his pictures with cars on his social media accounts, especially Instagram. 

Prettyboyfredo’s Car CollectionPrice (Estimated)
Bentley Continental$210,000
McLaren 570S$195,000.
Jaguar F-TYPE$65K to $125K
Lamborghini Aventador$507,300.
BMW i8USD 163,300.
Chevrolet Camaro$30,900
Lamborghini Huracan$219,392
Cars Collection of Prettyboyfredo

His surprising car collection mainly includes Bentley Continental, McLaren 570S, Audi, Jaguar F-TYPE, Lamborghini Aventador, BMW i8, Chevrolet Camaro, Lamborghini Huracan, and other valuable vehicles. 

Cars Collection of Prettyboyfredo
Source: Instagram

Personal Grooming:

Prettyboyfredo must spend his earnings on his styling and grooming. Like other celebrities, he must have an outstanding collection of dresses, footwear, watches, and other men’s accessories. 

Charity Purposes:

Prettyboyfredo spends a lot of money on charity purposes. He often donates his earnings to charities and other needy people. He often organized different contests and giveaways. Here, he gives a lot of expensive gifts and prize money to the winners. He always stands first to help people through his wealth.

Prettyboyfredo’s Key Points:

Here are some fun facts about the content creator, Prettyboyfredo.

  • Prettyboyfredo loved playing basketball and football in his high school and was named ‘Pretty Boy.’ 
  • He achieved his bachelor’s degree in marketing from the University of Florida. 
  • In 2009, he started his YouTube channel but remained inactive till 2014. 
  • He is best known for his iconic videos on YouTube and Twitch.
  • He has a pet named AJ. 

Prettyboyfredo’s Favorite Lines:

Here are a few fantastic lines by Prettyboyfredo.

  • ‘You only live once; I’m telling you don’t abuse it…playing with your life, I can tell you are trying to lose it.’
  • ‘The only thing that comes to a sleeper is an MF dream… When it’s your turn, you gotta take it!!!

Prettyboyfredo Social Media Accounts:

Through social media accounts, anyone can interact with their favorite personality digitally. Scroll down the below-mentioned social media profiles of prettyboyfredo for the newest updates.

Account NameUsernames
FacebookPretty Boy Fredo
Prettyboyfredo Social Media Accounts

Summing Up!

Based on estimations, Prettyboyfredo net worth is $3 Million, which is the outcome of his intelligence and sharp skills as a content creator. He has amassed this handsome amount of wealth through uploading videos on YouTube channels regarding comedy, charity, gaming, vlogging, and entertainment. His other income includes merchandise sales, sponsorships, brand endorsements, and investments. 

He is now listed among the millionaire digital creators who successfully captivated his fans’ attention with his creative content. The data regarding his net worth is based on the sources. You can visit his social media accounts to enjoy his engaging content. 

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