Ace Frehley Net Worth Is $1 Million: Age, Lifestyle, Family, Income

According to 2023, Ace Frehley net worth is $1 Million. Ace Frehley is a skilled guitarist, vocal artist, musician, and songwriter. He is well known in public because of his heavy metal and hard rock songs. He starts doing music at a young age. He earns a huge amount of income from songwriting, live performances, albums, and merchants.

Furthermore, he spends much of his dollars on legal cases, paying fines, accessories, guitar collection, and his lifestyle. Let’s explore the details of Ace Frehley’s source of income and spending behavior.

Who is Ace Frehley?

Paul Daniel Frehley is a celebrated personality also known as “Ace Frehleyor “The Spaceman”. He is a well-known American songwriter, musician, vocal artist, actor, and guitarist. He was born in The Boxon in New York City, U.S. He was known as “Ace” in his school era because of dating the girl he wanted in school. He has an American nationality.

Full name Paul Daniel Frehley
NicknameThe Spaceman, Space Ace
Date of BirthApril 27, 1951
Age72 year old
ProfessionGuitarist, Songwriter, Actor, and Vocalist
Net Worth$40 Million
Relationship StatusDivorced
SpouseJeanette Trerotola
ChildrenMonique Frehley & Lindsey Frehley (daughters)
ParentsEsther Anna Hecht (mother), Carl Daniel Frehley (father)
BirthplaceThe Bronx, New York, U.S.
Who is Ace Frehley?

Ace Frehley’s Early Life and Career:

Let’s discuss the early life and career of the prominent personality Ace Frehley.

  • Ace Frehley and her two siblings were born in New York in a musical family.
  • He started practicing music at a very early age from inspiring legendary artists like “Buddy Guy”, “Led Zeppelin” and “Jimi Hendrix”.
  • He gained public recognition by showing his amazing talent by performing many shows with different bands.
  • In 1973, Ace became the lead guitarist of the KISS Band. He co-designed the band’s logo and co-wrote many songs besides releasing many albums with the band.
  • In 1982, Ace parted his way from the band and made his own “Frehley’s Comet” band then released albums under his name.
  • Further, in 1996, he again reunited with the band to thrill his fans and tours but it didn’t go long. Currently, through his musical career, Ace Frehley net worth is $1 Million.

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Personal life of Ace Frehley:

Here are some details of the personal life of vocal artist Ace Frehley.

  • The mother of Ace Frehley “Esther Anna Hecht” is from North Carolina but of German descent while the father of Ace Frehley “Carl Daniel Frehley” is a Pennsylvania and Dutch ancestors.
  • His sister Nancy and brother Charles, both are pianists and classical guitarists.
  • In 1976, Ace Frehley tied the marriage knot with Jeanette Trerotola in New York City. Ace Frehley with Jeanette Trerotola have a daughter Monique Frehley. Lindsey Frehley is also known to be the daughter of Audry Hamilton and Ace Frehley.
Personal life of Ace Frehley

Source: Instagram

Yearly Ace Frehley Net Worth Growth Rate Table:

Ace Frehley net worth is $1 Million. He gathers his net worth from his albums, songs, bands, live performances, and tours. Her monthly net income is $10K alongside his annual income is $100K

In 2023$1 Million
In 2022$0.9 Million
In 2021$0.7 Million
In 2020$0.5 Million
In 2019$0.4 Million
In 2018$0.3 Million
Yearly Ace Frehley Net Worth Growth Rate Table

Now, you can also view the yearly net worth growth rate of Ace Frehley through a graph. 

Yearly Ace Frehley Net worth Growth Rate Table

How Did Ace Frehley Boost his Net Income?

Ace Frehley net worth is $1 Million as of 2023 which he earns a massive amount through different ways. Here are some of the ways that help Ace boost his net worth. 

How Did Ace Frehley Boost his Net Income?
  • Ace Frehley earned an enormous amount of money when he was a member of the KISS band. He earns around about $15 Million.
  • Being a vocalist and guitarist, Ace Frehley makes an extensive amount of dollars from live performances and tours all over America. 
  • Ace Frehley makes a considerable amount of income from his record labels. He signed with multiple record labels like “eOne”, “Megaforce Records”, “Atlantic Records” and “MNRK Heavy” which helped him to boost his money.
  • As an ex-member of the KISS band, Ace Frehley also gets paid by the band for using his merchant and stuff. He also owns the writes of “The Spaceman” makeup through which he makes an amount for his living.
  • Ace Frehley being a musician also earned through his music albums and songs. He didn’t continuously release his albums and music as in his solo career but made a good amount of living.

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Where Did Ace Frehley Spend his Dollars?

Being a celebrity Ace Frehley net worth is $1 Million. Let’s check the spending behavior of a famous guitarist.

Where Did Ace Frehley Spend his Dollars?

Source: Instagram

  • As a guitarist, Ace Frehley has a huge collection of guitars in his gallery. He owns different types of branded guitars.
  • Ace Frehley spends his wealth on his hair. He devotes his millions of dollars to hair transplants.
  • Similar to other millionaires, Ace Frehley uses his money to maintain his lavish lifestyle and have a huge wardrobe of outfits.
  • Ace Frehley has great taste in jewelry, rings, watches, glasses, and other accessories. Many times publically and on his social media he is seen wearing accessories and stuff of different brands.
  • Ace Frehley several times dedicated his income to paying the sued fine and on his legal cases. He numerous times has charged millions of dollars.

What is the reason behind Ace Frehley net worth not growing?

The net income of Ace Frehley is not increasing because of his legal issues. Once he sued for causing damage in a hotel while his bandmates and manager sued him for an unknown reason. He charged millions of dollars which is the main cause of his low net income.

Physical Statistics of Ace Frehley:

Let’s have a brief look at Ace Frehley’s physical appearance.

Height185 cm, 6’1”
Weight180 lbs, 82 Kg
Eye ColorDark Brown
Hair ColorBlack
Beard & MustachesYes
Physical Statistics of Ace Frehley

Social Media Accounts Details:

Here are the details of the platforms used by guitarist Ace Frehley along with his username and followers.

Facebook678K@Ace Frehley
Twitter 232.7K@ace_frehley
Spotify472,222@Ace Frehley
Social Media Accounts Details

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Who is the richest member of KISS?

Gene Simmons is the richest member of the KISS band having a huge amount net income while the other band members have a lower amount of income than Simmons.

Q. Who is richer Gene Simmons or Paul Stanley?

Gene Simmons is richer than his bandmate Stanley. Gene Simmons has an astonishing net income of $450 Million while Paul Stanley has $200 Million. 

Q. Does Ace Frehley have children?

Ace Frehley has two daughters Monique Frehley & Lindsey Frehley.

Q. How much is Ace from KISS worth?

The musician and KISS band member earned an imposing amount of $1 Million from his solo musical career, tours, albums, and songs.

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