Hit-boy net worth $7 Million

Hit-Boy net worth is approximately $7 Million. He is a famous American rapper, musician, songwriter, record producer and producer. He is well-known among the public because of his music released with many big names. 

Being a rapper and producer, he earned a handsome amount through his musical career. In this article, you get information about Hit-Boy net worth. Let’s explore income, net worth, source of income, and spending habits of his impressive net worth.

Who is Hit-Boy?

Chauncey Alexander Hollis Jr. was professionally named as Hit-Boy. He is an American rapper, singer, song writer, and producer recorder. In 1987, he was born on May 21. He is a prominent musician who mostly plays Hip-Hop and electronic beats and traps his audience in the magic of his wordings and music. He started his career as a rapper and is known because of his diligence and good music.

Hit-Boy net worth is estimated at $7 Million. He released many music albums and mixtapes during his career in music. His legendary recorded songs include “What A Life”, “Drake”, “Bezerk” and “Racks in the Middle”.

How Much is the Hit-boy net worth?

As of 2023, Hit-Boy net worth is $7 Million. He is a famed American singer, songwriter, and rapper and earns a significant amount of his net worth with his songwriting and intelligence in rapping.

Additionally, he makes money from his sales of music and online streaming on different platforms of social media. A huge part of his earnings comes from his live concerts, public appearances and contracts with different companies. His live performance got the attention of his fans. He has also boosted his net worth by many social media platforms.

Yearly and Monthly Income of Hit-Boy:

Hit-Boy collected an impressive net worth by singing, songwriting, and rapping. His estimated net amount, monthly income, and yearly income is listed below.

Estimated net worth$7 Million
Yearly Income$1 Million
Monthly Income$7 K
Yearly and Monthly Income of Hit-Boy

Yearly Growth Rate Table of Hit-Boy:

The hard work and excellent skills in music helped Hit-Boy to increase his net worth. Below, the table shows his yearly net worth growth rate.

YearsNet Worth
In 2023$7 Million
In 2022$5 Million
In 2021$4 Million
In 2020$3 Million
In 2019$1 Million
Yearly Growth Rate Table of Hit-Boy

What are the sources of income for Hit-Boy?

Now, let’s have a look at sources of where hot-boy earns all of his wealth. 

Social Media Platform:

Like many other famous personalities, Hit-Boy also has social accounts from which he earns a good amount of his net worth. On social media accounts such as Spotify and YouTube, he posts his newly released and old songs. He captured his fans with the help of magic in his Hip-Hop and electronic beats of music. Through YouTube, Apple Music, and Spotify, he makes 24 % of his net worth.

Music Sales & Online Streaming:

Online Streaming and sales of music can play an important role in boosting Hit-Boy net worth. Hit-boy music can be played on different online and other platforms. This passive income can contribute 17% to his total net worth.


Through the different contracts with many producers, he gained much popularity and currency. Currently, he is signed with “GOOD Music”, “Zone 4”, “Def Jem Recording” and “Interscope Records”. Hit-Boy earned 31% of his net worth by signing different contracts with production companies.

Live Performances

As a well-known rapper in the American music industry, Hit-Boy earns a handsome amount through his live performances in many concerts and festivals all over America, which can make up to 28% of his net worth.

How Did Hit-Boy Spend His Money?

As per approximation, Hit-Boy net worth is $7 Million. He spends most of his money on his assets, houses, and accessories and maintains his lavish lifestyle. Let us discuss how he spends his net worth.


Hit-Boy owns different luxury cars with whom he posts pictures on his social media but he can’t reveal them and currently, we don’t have any information about the car’s brand name which he used.


Like many other people, he invested some of his money in buying a house. Moreover, he bought a luxury residence in the new Inland Empire, Southern California. Hit-Boy buys that house for his mom because he has a dream to buy a house for his mother and give her a surprise while visiting that house.

Shoes Collection:

From the world’s rare collection of shoes, he has one pair of shoes. It is important to note that the shoes that Hit-Boy owns have only 09 pairs in the whole world. He has a huge wardrobe in which there is a big collection of branded and rare shoes from “LeBron” and “Jordan”. Hit-Boy has 40+ pairs of shoes and a huge collection of branded jackets and shirts.

Source: Youtube


Hit-Boy spent his amount on buying accessories and on his styling. The branded shoes and unique styled rings and lockets capture the attention of his audience. He preferred to dress up in rapper style but also seemed in other gorgeous outfits.

Source: YouTube

He owns a luxury collection of rings, watches, chains, necklaces, and men’s bracelets. He is also often shown on screen wearing branded glasses and caps. He never feels shy to spend money on his style.

Did Hit-Boy ever go bankrupt?

Yes, Hit-boy went bankrupt once in 2011, even after his hit award-winning song “N***as in Paris”. At that time, he did not have a single penny in his bank account. Additionally, his hard work makes him more famous and makes his lifestyle lavish.

Social Media Accounts:

In the table below, we enlist all the details of Hit-Boy’s social media accounts. 

Social Media AccountUsername
Official Websitehit-boy.com
Social Media Accounts

Hit-Boy Career and Achievements:

Hit-Boy is an American public figure who started his career in 2003. Polow Da Pon approached him through a social media account and offered him for singing.

He has been nominated seven times for several years in award shows.

  • Grammy Award for Best Rap Song
  • Best Hip Hop Award for Best Song of the Year
  • Grammy Award for best Rap Performance of the Year
  • NAACP Image Award for Outstanding Production
  • Grammy Award for Producer of the Year, Non-Classical
  • BET Hip Hop Award for Best Producer of the Year
  • Grammy Award for Album of the Year

He won 6 awards in 9 years which are mentioned below.

  • BET Hip Hop Award for Best Song of the Year (2012)
  • Grammy Award for Best Rap Song (2013)
  • Grammy Award for Best Rap Performance (2020)
  • BET Hip Hop Award for Best Producer of the Year (2020)
  • BET Hip Hop Award for Best Producer of the Year (2021)
  • NAACP Image Award for Outstanding Producer of the Year (2021)


From the above discussion, it is concluded that Hit-Boy is a famous Hip-Hop and electronic beat singer, songwriter, record producer, and rapper in the state of America. He mostly earned his money from music, music sales, online streaming, a YouTube channel, and live performances.

Hit-Boy net worth is approximately $7 Million. We gained this data from our most trustworthy resources. Visit the social media accounts of Hit-boy to get the latest updates. Throughout his career, he collected a lot of income and with the help of this income, he lived a luxurious life.

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