Dan Newlin Net Worth is $3 Million; Career, Lifestyle, Businesses

Dan Newlin net worth is estimated at $3 Million. Dan Newlin is an injury lawyer in the American state of Florida. He earns all of his income through Dan Newlin Injury Attorneys and his Lawyer career. He is famous because of his 99.5% success rate of cases and his free-fee policy. Similarly, Ilan Tobinah, a popular Lawyer has made a huge fortune of $50 Million.

In this article, you get information about dan newlin net worth. Let’s explore the details of his net worth of Dan Newlin, his source of income, and spending expenditures of his net worth.

Who is Dan Newlin?

Dan Newlin is professionally known as Daniel James Newlin. He is an American injury attorney and businessman. Dan Newlin was born in Florida, on June 2, 1974. He is more popular in public because of his case success rate and legal expertise. Now, he has a national top personal injury law firm “Dan Newlin Injury Attorneys.”

Full Name Attorney Daniel James Newlin
Date of BirthJune 2, 1974
Age 49 Years
EducationJuris Doctor degree from the University of Florida
ProfessionInjury Attorney
Net Worth$3 Million
Relationship StatusDivorced
SpouseSheena Murray
ChildrenAlexis Newlin (Daughter)
BirthplaceFlorida, America
Who is Dan Newlin

Early life of Dan Newlin:

Dan Newlin was born in Florida. His mother is a school teacher and his father is a worker at a steel mill.  He dreamed of serving the people of Florida as a Police officer and Emergency Medic. He followed his dreams from high school to now. After his high school finish, he attended Florida State College of Law.

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Source: Instagram

At the age of 18, he worked as a firefighter and moved to Central Florida. He got a Juris Doctor degree from the University of Florida and also served at Orange County Sheriff’s Office. Additionally, he is a Deputy Sheriff at Flagler County Sheriff’s.

Dan Newlin Career:

Through his successful career, Dan Newlin net worth is about $3 Million. Dan Newlin told himself that he was not a popular school kid. At the start, he works in a construction business, but later he drops out to do more for his career.

  • In 1997, he took his studies seriously and decided to become a lawyer.
  • He got a “Juris Doctor degree from the University of Florida” in 2000 and started practicing.
  • In 2001, he founded his law firm “Newlin & Partners”. 
  • In 2023, his name is conducted of the top 7 lawyers in America, according to “The New York Times”.
  • He gained expertise as a personal injury attorney. Dan helped thousands of clients to recover billions of dollars over the years.

Personal life of Dan Newlin:

Dan Newlin married to Sheena Murray. He has a daughter Alexis Newlin who is a U.S Air Force Military Officer. Dan Newlin and Sheena Murray are separated now. More details about their separation have not been revealed yet. Currently, he hasn’t disclosed any relationship with any other girl and not dating anyone else. 

Personal life of Dan Newlin:
Source: Instagram

However, one of the social media platforms talked about he has a son but we didn’t have any further details about it because he didn’t talk about him. On the other hand, on his social media account, he kept posting pictures with his daughter. Once, he posts a picture with his daughter with a caption 

“Happy National Son & Daughter Day. To my daughter, you are my everything, I remember hearing your first heartbeat, celebrating your first birthday, and hearing your first word, “dada.” I love you for all the first and best memories. Love, Dad”.

Source: Instagram 

How Much is Dan Newlin Net Worth, Daily, Monthly, and Yearly Income?

The net worth of Dan Newlin is $3 Million. Further, he is a passionate attorney and has a Newline injury law firm. In upcoming years, Dan Newlin’s net worth may be increased. The main contributors to Dan’s net worth are his law firm, cases, and his business.

Estimated Net Worth$3 Million
Yearly Income$96 K
Monthly Income$80 K
Dan Newlin Net Worth

Yearly Dan Newlin Growth Rate Table:

In the table below, we will have a quick look at the net worth growth rate of Dan Newlin. The growth rate increases gradually every year, the current Dan Newlin net worth is $3 Million.

YearEstimated Net Worth
In 2023$3 Million
In 2022$2.5 Million
In 2021$2 Million
In 2020$1.5 Million
In 2019$1 Million
In 20-18$0.5 Million
Yearly Dan Newlin Growth Rate Table

Have a look at the graphical representation of the net worth of Dan Newline through a graph.

Yearly Dan Newlin Growth Rate
Yearly Dan Newlin Growth Rate

How did Dan Newlin make his wealth?

Here are the details about how Dan Newline made his wealth with all the explanations. 

How did Dan Newlin make his wealth
  1. Earning as a Lawyer:

In America, Dan is known as a Super Lawyer. Because of his hard work and exceptional skill in law, he became the best and highest-paid lawyer and enrolled in the top 10 lawyers in America. Through his law career, he earns almost 70% of his income. 

However, the best thing about his professional work is, that he kept doing his case and didn’t charge the fee until he won. On his Instagram account, he added in his bio;

“Free Representation Until We Win”

  1. Dan Newlin Injury Attorneys 

Dan Newline can make a lot of wealth from his law firm by helping many people who belong to his birthplace. His law firm is the best injury lawyer firm in the U.S.  Dan won billions in Central Florida for his victim clients which boosted 20% of his net worth.

Dan Newlin Injury Attorneys
Source: Newlinlaw.com

He makes America’s best law firm from a single office, but now more than 80 injury expert lawyers and 300+ Employers are working under his law firm. His law firm’s area of expertise is more than 15.

  1. Real Estate Property:

Dan Newlin owns a number of luxury houses. In 2011, he sold one of the luxury homes for $2.2 Million. Later on, in 2015 he purchased a house for $1.87 Million. In Keene’s Pointe, he purchased another home for $1.22 Million in 2016.  Like, Terry Sanderson who has invested in real estate after earning from his medical carrer.

Real Estate Property of Newlin

The total area of that house is 0.44 acres. The house contained 4 bedrooms and 5 bathrooms while the living space of a home is wide up to 5,102 square feet with a spa, fire pit, and summer kitchen. By Purchasing and selling real estate property, Dan added 10% of his income to his net worth. 

Where did Dan Newlin spend his money?

As of 2023, Dan Newlin net worth is $3 Million. He earns all of his income through his successful career. However, you must want to know about where Dan spent his money. Here, we will give you all the information regarding his spending.

  1. Charity 

A prominent Personal Injury Attorney did a lot of charity and was actively involved in helping the needy or poor people and also contributed to numerous hospitals. He plays a significant role and leaves a positive impact on communities. The well-known and popular lawyer of America has been seen many times while attending many charity events. 

  1. House:

In 2016, Dan Newlin purchased a new home in Keene’s Pointe, which is about $1.215 Million. His house is spread over 0.44 acres having 5102 square feet of living space. His house contains 4 bedrooms, 5 Bathrooms, a Spa, and a Kitchen. On the other hand, Dan also purchases a house for his ex-wife Sheena Murray. 

  1. Cars Collection:

Dan Newlin has seen many times with some cars. He kept posting his pictures with some cars. However, on his cars, he wrote his own name which is properly visible on it. On the other hand, further detail about his car collection is not disclosed. 

Dan Newlin Cars Collection
Source: Instagram
  1. Entertainment

On his social media account, we see many times that Dan loves to spend his time for entertainment purposes. He loves horse riding and going to different places. Moreover, he didn’t take any chance about his wealth. At the age of 49, he still has a good look because of his daily Gym routine. Mark Sisson net worth is due to his career in fitness and health lessons.

Dan enjoying social life
  1. Injury Law Firm – Helicopter, Submarine and Aeroplan:

On Dan’s Social Media Accounts, he has a lot of pictures with Aeroplan and helicopter. However, it is not confirmed yet whether the Aeroplan and helicopter are her personal or his firm’s property. 

Injury Law Firm – Helicopter, Submarine and Aeroplan:
Source: Instagram

This confusion is caused because on his Helicopter, Submarine, and Aeroplan, he wrote “Dan Newlin Injury Attorney” and on his Submarine, there is “Dan Newlin & Partner” written on it. All of these things are part of Dan Newlin net worth.

Key points of Dan Newlin:

Here are some of the interesting key points of Dan Newlin. 

  • Dan Newlin only works in the American state of Florida.
  • He was awarded the title of “Super Lawyer of Florida”.
  • Dan Law firm has a “free-fee policy” that they represent you free until you win.
  • Along with his profession, Dan never forgets about his health. He keeps maintaining his health by following some fitness routines and doing exercise.
  •  Dan also loves horse riding and keeps posting his pictures on his social media account while riding a horse. 
  • Dan spends his precious time with his daughter and loves to take care of her. 

Dan Newlin Social Media Accounts:

There are different social media platforms that are used by the Injury Attorary of Florida State. Let’s have a look at them which are mentioned below.

Instagram11.9K newlinlaw
Twitter3K Attorney Dan Newlin
Facebook26K Dan Newlin
YouTube646 subscribersDan Newlin Injury Attorneys
LinkedIn1KDan Newlin
Official WebsiteNewlinlaw.com
Dan Newlin Social Media Accounts

Physical Status of Dan Newlin:

Let’s have a brief look at the physical appearance of Dan Newlin which is discussed in the table below.

Weight80 Kg
Height5ft 8In
Color of EyeBlue
Hair ColorLight blonde
Mustaches or BeardNO
Physical Status of Dan Newlin


As of 2023, Dan Newlin net worth is about $3 Million. He works hard to earn all of his wealth and struggles from when he was a kid. Now, because of his struggle, he is among one of the best lawyers in America. 

He has his own firm named Dan Newlin Injury Attorneys. He earns a good amount of income from his law firm, Dan Newlin Injury Attorneys and business. However, Dan Newlin didn’t get the payment fee for his case until he won. 

Moreover, he has his own house and some real estate properties in his net worth. He did a charity and has seen many times on different charity occasions. Dan’s net worth is increasing day by day because of his hard work. 

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