Moriah Elizabeth Net Worth Is $11.48 million

As per 2024 estimations, Moriah Elizabeth net worth is approximately $11.48 million. She is a YouTuber, influencer, and co-founder of the Spark app, a partnership with Bonkers Toys that is her income-generating source. Moreover, she is also making money through the Moriah Elizabeth Merch. 

Moriah Elizabeth Net Worth
NameMoriah Elizabeth
BirthdateNovember 14, 1994
BirthplaceUnited States
ProfessionYouTuber, Artist, Content Creator
YouTube ChannelMoriah Elizabeth
Social MediaMoriah is active on various social media platforms, connecting with her fans and sharing updates on her creative endeavors.
Who is Moriah Elizabeth? 

Who is Moriah Elizabeth? 

Moriah Elizabeth is known as a highly famous YouTuber, author, influencer, and content creator, and she runs an online store named Moriah Elizabeth’s Merchandise. She was born on November 14, 1994, earning money through her talents and crafting skills. 

Net worth$11.48 million 
ProfessionYouTuber, influencer, business women
Age29 years 
Date of birthNovember 14, 1994
Who is Moriah Elizabeth? 

Yearly Moriah Elizabeth Net Worth Growth Rate

Years (2009 – 2024) Estimated net worth
In 2024$11.48 Million 
In 2023 $9 Million
In 2022 $7 Million
In 2021$6 Million
In 2020$5 Million
In 2019$4 Million
Yearly Moriah Elizabeth Net Worth Growth Rate
Yearly Moriah Elizabeth Net Worth Growth Rate

Early Life and Career of Moriah Elizabeth 

Here are the complete details about Moriah Elizabeth’s early life and career.

  • 1994: Moriah Elizabeth was born on November 14, 1994, in California, United States. It’s still being determined where she completed her studies, but she graduated in graphic design from a local school. 
  • 2010:  Moriah Elizabeth made her YouTube channel on 25 August 2010. She creates funny videos at that time. The Toddlers and Tiara’s parody was her first video. Her first channel was “Pinkee Promise.” 
  • 2011: She created another YouTube channel where she shares tutorials of paintings and drawings using time-lapse. 
  • 2014: She started her series on public demand with the title “Wreck This Journal.” 
  • 2015: She launches her first book, “Create This Book.” 
  • 2017: She created and uploaded her first Instagram post. 
  • 2018: She started making DIY videos by first creating the “I Made 100 DIY Pins,” which is highly famous in which she challenged & created 100 custom pins using shrinkage plastic. Her video’s squishy makeovers crossed 57 million views. 
  • 2019: For the short social award, she was first nominated for the “Breakout YouTuber of the Year”.
  • 2020: She married Jordtoa Video, a videographer, and photographer; her boy is her friend.
  • 2021: She creates a separate art studio for DIY videos in her home. Her YouTube channel crossed 6.55 million subscribers. She gives birth to a baby girl but hasn’t revealed her name. 
  • She is creating YouTube videos to increase Moriah Elizabeth’s net worth. Besides this, She is earning money through collaborations, her brand, and the Spark app. She is running and expanding her Moriah Elizabeth Merch. 

Personal Life of Moriah Elizabeth

  • She doesn’t share any information about his parents. According to different sources, her father is a business person while her mother is a housewife. 
  • Moriah Elizabeth is Christian and has mixed ethnicity. 
  • She has a younger brother who also appears in his YouTube videos. His name is Sam. 
  • Moriah Elizabeth got married to his boyfriend, who was named Jordan. Her husband also appears in some of her YouTube videos. 
Personal Life of Moriah Elizabeth

How Did Moriah Elizabeth Increase Her Net Worth?

She is one of the famous YouTube personalities running her clothing brand. She is generating money through various income revenues. Now, we will discuss her growth rate and sources that add to Moriah Elizabeth’s Net worth.

  • YouTube Monetization and Advertisements: Her videos gain more views, helping her get more ad potential. These advertisements are adding to her income source. Through YouTube, she is earning most of her income, which is rising according to the video views up to 2 million. 
  • Moriah Elizabeth Merch (Selling Merchandise): She is running her brand “Moriah Elizabeth Merch,” where she sells different items, including clothing, plushies, paints, and jewelry. 
  • Brand collaborations & promotions: Through brand collaborations about custom art supplies, she is also generating income. 
  • Author: She also authorized multiple books that gained commercial popularity. 
How Did Moriah Elizabeth Increase Her Net Worth?

Where Did Moriah Elizabeth Spend Her Net Worth?

She earns a good yearly income between $1 and $2 million. Let us look at the possible ways where she is spending her earnings.

  • YouTube Video Creation: She spends most of her time and income creating art and craft videos for YouTube. 
  • Collaborations: She collaborates with other craft artists and creates YouTube videos. Her main collaborations are with Bellamena, Chloe Rose, NerdEcrafter, and others.
  • Plushie: She launches new plushies and spends money on creating them. She finishes and earns handsomely through plushies selling on Moriah Elizabeth Merch. 
  • Christmas Celebrations: She spends her money on Christmas celebrations. 
  • Dessert Necklaces: Her grandma influences her to create and sell dessert jewelry. 
  • Filming Rooms: She spends her money on creating and filming her rooms.
  • Trips: She loves visiting different places and spends money on visiting food places. 
  • Baking and Homemade Squishies: She is also fond of cooking and baking items and spends money on desserts. 
  • Cats: She loves to play and have fun with the cats. Right. She has a cat named “Opie,” which she cares for. 
  • Art Notebook Creations: She creates different themes and paints them.
  • Creative Clothing: She loves wearing innovative, printed aesthetics and crafting clothes.
Where Did Moriah Elizabeth Spend Her Net Worth?

Physical Statistics of Moriah Elizabeth

The table below shows Moriah Elizabeth’s physical statistics. 

Weight60 Kg, 141 lbs
Eye colorHazel color 
Hair Color Dark brown 
Physical Statistics of Moriah Elizabeth

Social Media Accounts of Moriah Elizabeth

The official social media accounts of Moriah Elizabeth are given below. 

Accounts Name FollowersLinks 
Social Media Accounts of Moriah Elizabeth

Frequently Asked Questions

Moriah Elizabeth’s money is rising yearly due to her progress and fame, increasing her YouTube video views and brand sales. Her estimated annual income is reported as 1.5 to $2 million. 

She uses the Panasonic GH4 to film her videos. For editing her YouTube videos, she uses Adobe Premiere Pro. 

Final Words:

As discussed above, Moriah Elizabeth’s net worth is $11.48 million. Moreover, the above-shared information is accurate and taken from reliable sources. You are welcome to visit and check accurate net worth information about celebrities. 

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