Bumpy Johnson Net Worth Is $100 Million

Bumpy Johnson net worth was $50 Million ($100 Million in 2024 after inflation adjustment) at the time of his death. He is a mastermind criminal in America widely known as Godfather of Harlem. He makes his net worth through many illegal and legal activities.

Bumpy Johnson Net Worth
Who was Bumpy Johnson?

Who was Bumpy Johnson?

He was called “Bumpy Johnson” because of a bump on his head. Ellsworth Raymond Johnson is Bumpy’s full name and he is publically known as the “Godfather of Harlem”. He is an American boxer, club owner, and criminal. He was born on October 31, 1905, in South Carolina. He died on July 7, 1968, due to a heart stroke and his cemetery is in New York City.

Date of BirthOctober 31, 1905
Died Date July 7, 1968
Age63 years
Nationality American 
Educationdropped out of high school
ProfessionBookmaker, Crime boss, Boxer
Net Worth$50 Million
BirthplaceCharleston, South Carolina.
Died placeBronx, New York City.
Who was Bumpy Johnson?

Yearly Bumpy Johnson Net Worth Growth Rate Table:

Years (2019 – 2024)Net Worth
In 2024$100 Million
In 2023$90 Million
In 2022$74 Million
In 2021$60 Million
In 2020$55 Million
In 2019$38 Million
Yearly Bumpy Johnson Net Worth Growth Rate Table
Yearly Bumpy Johnson Net Worth Growth Rate Table

Early Life and Career of Bumpy Johnson:

Here are some of the highlights of the early life and career of Bumpy Johnson.

  • 1915: Bumpy Johnson was born in South Carolina. In 1915, his brother is sent up to North Carolina to live with his relatives because he is accused of killing a white man.
  • 1919: Johnson’s parents are afraid of his short temper and send him to his sister Mabel in Harlem. 
  • 1920: He does some casual jobs after dropping out of school. He stepped into the crime world after William Hewett gangster noticed him.
  • 1930: Johnson was a partner of Madam Stephania St. Clair known as number queen. Against New York mob boss “Dutch Schultz”. He starts a war with Madame Stephania which they lost ends with the deal for Johnson.
  • 1952: Johnson was sentenced to 15 years in prison because of drug conspiracy and reported in the celebrity section of Jet magazine.
  • 1954: Jet magazine reported about Johnson losing appeal in its crime section. In 1963, Johnson was released.
  • 1965: Johnson was charged with a sit-down strike in the police station for continued surveillance against protest in December 1965 and was later acquitted by a judge.
  • 1968: Johnson was died due to cardiovascular failure and buried in Woodlawn, in New York City on 7 July 1968.
  • 2019: Being a gangster, his biography film “Godfather of Harlem” was made by his inspiration.
Early Life and Career of Bumpy Johnson

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Personal life of Bumpy Johnson:

Let’s check some highlights of Harlem gangster Bumpy Johnson’s personal life.

  • The mother’s name Johnson is Margaret Moultrie while the father’s name is William Johnson
  • He had a brother named Willie and a sister called Mabel.
  • In October 1948, Johnson married Mayme Hatcher Johnson. He has two daughters Elease and Ruthie. Elease is not the daughter of Mayme Hatcher.
Personal life of Bumpy Johnson

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What helped Bumpy Johnson to Earn Money?

Here are some aspects that helped Bumpy Johnson boost his income.

What helped Bumpy Johnson to Earn Money?
  • Bumpy Johnson boosted his income with the help of illegal activities such as narcotics dealing. He sells drugs in containers or many other forms.
  • To be clear in the eyes of the world, Johnson has a cub and other businesses. He used the basement of the club for illegal activities and stroked his illegal drugs.
  • Johnson earns an amount of income from the number of games which was very popular in the 1900s. He gets a weekly $20K from the owner of the number game which also helps Bumpy Johnson’s net worth.
  • Additionally, Johnson earns an amount of income from his business which helps him to be a white-collar person in the eyes of the American people.

Where did Bumpy Johnson spend his money?

Let’s discuss the spending of the bumpy Johnson net worth which is around $50 Million.

Where did Bumpy Johnson spend his money?
  • Real Estate Property: Johnson spends his dollars on buying real estate all over Harlem in America. He owns many clubs, bars, and rental properties.
  • Defense Lawyer: Being involved in illegal business and activities, Johnson used his money to hire a defense lawyer. He has a well expert lawyer named “Samuel Leibowitz” who helped him to get out of jail cell. Johnson went more than 40 times to prison.
  • Court Deals: Johnson many times used his net income to pay the law court thousands of dollars in the circumstance of going to prison.
  • Charity and Scholarship: Johnson also spends his salary on charity purposes. He spends his millions to fund schools in Harlem and provides many scholarships for needy persons in America.
  • Cars Collections: As a criminal of Harlem, he also owns cars but the details about the model and price of the car.

Physical statistics of Bumpy Johnson:

Let’s have a quick look at the physical appearance of the criminal mastermind Bumpy Johnson.

Height5’8” or 172cm
Weight72 Kg or 160 Ibs
Eye ColorBlack
Hair ColorBlack
Beard & MustachesNo
Physical Statistics of Bumpy Johnson

Bumpy Johson Social Media Accounts:

We have searched for social media details about the Crime father of Harlem but unluckily we cannot find any of his social media accounts. 

Frequently Asked Questions 

In 1968, the net worth of Bumpy Johnson at his death was $50 Million which is roughly about $100 Million according to 2024.

In October 1948, Bumpy Johnson married Mayme Hatcher from whom he had 2 daughters Ruthie and Elease. Mayme Hatcher Johnson died at the age of 94 in May 2009.

Johnson’s daughter Elise is an addict of narcotics. She has a daughter who was raised by her grandparents. Elise died because of heart stroke which is caused by an overdose of drugs.

Frank Lucas was the right-hand man of the Bumpy Johnson in 1968. After Johnson’s death, Frank directly smuggled narcotics and was involved in illegal activities. He supplies drugs from Thailand to the U.S. by the Vietnam War servicemen. 

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