Swimply Net Worth is $30 Million; Growth after Shark Tank pitch

According to the reliable estimations, Swimply net worth is approximately $30 Million. It is an American swimming marketplace from where anyone can rent the swimming pool for a few hours by making an online deal. The founder of this platform is Bunim Laskin, who allows people to access his private swimming pools at different rates.

Swimply’s net worth rate is enhanced with the increase in the users renting this online marketplace. If you want to uncover the basic information about this platform along with its net, then you are at the right place. This article allows you to know detailed information about Swimply’s net worth and how the participation in Shark Tank helped to grow as it did for slice of sauce net worth.

What Do You Know About Swimply?

Swimply is an online swimming pool renting marketplace launched in June 2018. It was established by entrepreneur Bunim Laskin, known for his introverted personality. This platform helps folks to rent private swimming pools from home at cost-effective prices. You can rent a swimming pool directly through Swimply’s website or its mobile application. Swimply net worth is currently predicted to be $30 Million as of 2023.

Know About Swimply
Source: Instagram

This American swimming company helps swimming lovers rent swimming pools in the United States, Canada, and Australia. The renting price of swimming pools varies per hour. Generally, you can rent a private swimming pool for $20/hour or $275/hour. 

Additionally, they have different categories, including ‘Party Swimming Pool’ or ‘Family Swimming Pool’. The renter can find a variety of swimwear and highly-maintained swimming pools for an unbeatable swimming experience. 

Name:     Swimply
Launched By:Bunim Laskin
Industry:Online Marketplace
Based in:Canada, Australia, United States
Launched Date:2018
Site TypePrivate
Key peopleBunim Laskin (CEO & Founder)Asher Weinberger (COO & Co-Founder)
Know About Swimply

What is the Net Worth of Online Swimming Marketplace – Swimply?

Swimply net worth is approximately $30 Million, as per estimates. It is an American-based company where users can choose their desired swimming pools for hours. In return, they pay back the owners of the swimming pools. This renting system allows this marketplace to boost its net worth. 

Thousands of people in Canada, Australia, and the USA are taking advantage of this platform for their swimming purposes. Nowadays, it is undoubtedly a widely recognized marketplace because people can rent a pool rather than own one, which may cost them a substantial amount of money. Thus, the pool is rented by numerous people, which directly increases the net worth of the company. 

What is Swimply Net Worth and monthly and Yearly Income?

The table below gives the estimated net worth monthly and yearly income of the online marketplace Swimply.

Swimply’s Estimated Net Worth$30 Million
Monthly Income$833.33K
Yearly Income$10 Million
Swimply Net Worth and monthly and Yearly Income

Discuss the Yearly Net Worth Growth Rate of Swimply.

Swimply, being an emerging platform, is gaining recognition regularly. Currently, people are more familiar with it when compared to the past. Thus, it is doing more business than in past years. It results in increasing its growth rate of net worth. Let us take a look at its estimated yearly net worth growth rate. 

YearsEstimated Net Worth
2023$30 Million
2022$28 Million
2021$25 Million
2020$23 Million
2019$21 Million
2018$19 Million
Yearly Net Worth Growth Rate of Swimply.

Now, we will show the graph that clearly tells you about the yearly growth rate of Swimply. 

Yearly Net Worth Growth Rate of Swimply

What was the effect of Shark Tank on Swimply’s Success and Net Worth?

Here is the overview of the success and net worth of Swimply before and after the appearance of Bunim Laskin in Shark Tank.

Shark Tank Appearance:

The founder of Swimply decided to appear on the Shark Tank to make deals with trustworthy investors to grow his business. Thus, he appeared on season 11 of Shark Tank and explained his business. He offered 5% equity in return for $300,000. However, Spergo clothing brand also pitches and grew successfully.

Bunim Laskin failed to impress the investors as they were unsatisfied with his ideas and deal. Kevin O’Leary and Barbara Corcoran showed their disappointment and suggested that his estimations and projections are unrealistic and do not meet expectations. They refuse because of non-understanding of the business.

The notable investor Robert Herjavec states that the estimations of Swimply’s funds cannot be achieved. Likewise, Mark Cuban and Lori Greiner showed little satisfaction with the business plan; however, they were only partially satisfied. Another investor, Lakin, rejects the deal and doubts the business model. Thus, Shark Tank ended up with no investment deal. 

After Shark Tank Appearance:

Butin Laskin got no investment deal even after explaining his business model on the Shark Tank show. Similarly, Copa Di Vino net worth grew after rejecton from Shark Tank twice. It proved a significant failure as all investors rejected his ideas. But, the founder continues to run his business with dedication and faith.

After a short time of his appearance on Shark Tank, COVID-19 badly affected the economy. The pandemic caused the quarantine and forced the closure of public places. The public swimming pools were shut down. However, the people were allowed to use the private swimming pools.

swimply pools
Source: Instagram

Being a private swimming pool, it gained massive success during this time. More than 250, 000 apps of the online marketplace were downloaded by the people on Apple app and Google Play stores. More than 7,000 people rented the swimming pool and gave their reviews. Based on these reviews, it got a 4.5-star rating out of 5.

This resulted in the impressive growth of the business of Swimply. It expanded to new areas for the easy access of people. Now, you can rent swimming pools and make a deal for renting a court to play different sports such as tennis, basketball, hoops, and pickleball. Due to its expanded business, its net worth also drastically increased, reaching $30 Million. 

Swimply’s Revenue & Funding:

Bunim Laskin collected funds to expand Swimply’s business. His relatives and friends financially supported his business with $30,000. The venture capitalist helped him with $ 1,20,000. In 2020, he failed to receive any inspiration for his hard work due to the pandemic. However, he still managed to raise his business’s revenue by 4000%.

In 2021, the Norwest Venture Partner contributed $10 Million to grow Swimply’s business. Similarly, Maish Chandra and Debora Liu also gave funds to expand the marketplace. 15% of the overall rental fees goes to the Swimply. Its rental rates vary per hour. These rates range from $20 to $150 based on the renting hours. Currently, Swimply net worth is $30 Million. 

Swimply’s Social Media Accounts:

Visit the social media accounts of Swimpl’s to confirm your reservation for the swimming pool.

Account NameUsername
Official WebsiteSwimply.com
Swimply’s Social Media Accounts

Interesting Facts about Swimply:

  • Swimoly’s swimming pools are regularly inspected. The inspection of their tiles and chlorine level is done to ensure secure swimming of rentals. 
  • Pools are located in areas covered by greenery, providing a feeling of refreshment. 
  • Swimming contains several pool toys, especially Swimply’s Duck and floating objects, for additional enjoyment along with swimming.
  • You can enjoy eating in the swimming pool by purchasing heart-shaped food trays.

Final Remarks:

Swimply is an online swimming pool rental marketplace in Australia, the United States, and Canada. It provides swimming pools and sports areas for rent to people worldwide. It costs $20 to $150 per hour. You can not only experience swimming in the pools but can also play sports in the sports areas. According to an estimation, Swimply net worth is $30 Million.

If you are also looking for a refreshing swimming experience, visit its websites and make reservations at affordable prices. 

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