Thabo Bester Net Worth is R3 Billion, Illegal Businesses

Thabo Bester net worth is estimated at R3 Billion according to the reports. He is an African scammer and criminal, mainly recognized as a ‘Facebook rapist’ who has been imprisoned many times. He also served as a musician in America for 11 years before getting involved in crime cases, which might have helped him boost his net worth.

He also collected money through a fake Arum company. People are curious whether or not Thabo Bester is a billionaire because he is a criminal. To satisfy this curiosity, we have discussed detailed information regarding the personal life and financial status of Thabo Bester.

Who is Thabo Bester?

Thabo Bester is the stage name of a South African murderer and rapist His other names are William Kelly, Katlego Tom Motsepe Nkwana, TK Nkwana, and Tom Motsepe. He was born on June 13, 1986, in Johannesburg, South Africa. He is 37 years old, and his zodiac sign is Gemini. He is a Christian of black ethnicity. He is a criminal by profession.

Who is Thabo Bester
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In the table below, we will discuss all of Thabo Bester’s Biography. 

Full NameThabo Bester
Other NamesWilliam Kelly, Katlego Tom Motsepe Nkwana, TK Nkwana, Tom Motsepe
Date of BirthJune 13, 1986
Age37 Years Old
Zodiac SignGeminis
BirthplaceJohannesburg, South Africa
NationalitySouth African
Sexual OrientationStraight
Marital StatusUnmarried
ProfessionMusicians in the past, Currently criminal
Who is Thabo Bester

Early Life and Career of Thabo Bester:

Thabo Bester net worth is reported as R3 Billion. Let us have a look at his early life and career.

  • Thabo Bester was born and raised in Cape Town, South Africa, where he gained education and completed computer technology at the University of Cape Town.
  • The Department of Home Affairs never registered Thabo Bester as a citizen of South Africa due to his upbringing issues.
  • He served as a South African Musician for 11 years but later got involved in criminal cases. 
  • He was imprisoned many times due to raping and murdering the women whom he by contacting through Facebook. That’s why he is also identified as a ‘Facebook Rapist’.

Personal Life of Thabo Bester:

The mother of Thabo Bester is Meisie Maria Bester. The information regarding his father and siblings is not publicly available. However, it is reported that his parents were well-educated and they also urged Thabo Bester to achieve a good education. 

The marital status of Thabo Bester is currently single however his girlfriend Dr. Nandipha Magudumana claims to be his wife but it is not confirmed yet. He has no children. 

Net Worth of Thabo Bester:

Thabo Bester net worth is R3 Billion as per estimations. He was a musician so he might have earned money through his music career and fake construction company i.e., Arum Company Currently, he is involved in crime cases so it is quite difficult to amass worth billions after being a criminal. 

The net worth of Thabo Bester was claimed in billions by AFU who seized his assets after he was accused of crimes. His assets include 14 luxury cars and a wealth of worth millions of dollars and Rands in his multiple accounts. This net worth was before imprisonment so it may have changed after going to jail. 

Thabo Bester Net Worth, Monthly, and Yearly Income:

The table below gives an idea about the estimated net worth, and monthly and yearly income of Thabo Bester. 

Estimated Net WorthR3 Billion
Monthly IncomeR15 Million
Yearly IncomeR10 Million
Thabo Bester Net Worth, Monthly, and Yearly Income:

Yearly Net Worth Growth Rate of Thabo Bester:

Thabo Bester net worth is R3 Billion as per estimations.  Have a look at his yearly net worth in a tabular form.

Years (2018-2023)Estimated Net Worth
In 2023R3 Billion
In 2022R2.5 Billion
In 2021R2  Billion
In 2020R1.8  Billion
In 2019R1.2 Billion
In 2018R1 Billion
Yearly Net Worth Growth Rate of Thabo Bester:

Let’s highlight his yearly net worth growth rate in graphical form.

Yearly Net Worth Growth Rate of Thabo Bester

How Did Thabo Bester Earned His Money?

Thabo Bester net Worth is R3 Billion based on some reports. He is a famous criminal who was accused of raping and murdering women. Therefore, currently, it is difficult for him to earn money. However, he may have boosted his net worth through the following ways. 

Musical Career:

Thabo Bester shows his outstanding performance as a musician in the African music industry. He made money through music for 11 years, which might have helped him make his current net worth.

Similarly, Hit-Boy net worth is also boosting up due to his career.


Thabo Bester was involved in various criminal cases and frauds. He earned millions of Rand through his fake construction company, Arum Properties. These frauds might have increased a significant portion of his net worth.

Assets of Thabo Bester:

According to reports, Thabo Bester has assets worth billions. Due to involvement in crime cases, his assets were seized by the AFU. According to them, his assets include money of million Rand and Dollar along with 14 extravagant cars. Among his car collection, some of the cars are as follows.

Bentley Bentayga W12R7 Million
Bentley Continental GT V8R9 Million
Mercedes-Maybach GLS600R9.5 Million
Assets of Thabo Bester

Additionally, he had a surprising amount of money in his accounts mentioned below.

Absa AccountR872 393 984 91
HSBC AccountR43 848 44 12
NatWest Account$13 808 044 10
Assets of Thabo Bester

Factors Affecting The Net Worth of Thabo Bester:

The criminal activities of Thabo Bester have impacted negatively on his net worth. He raped and murdered women whom he met by making contact through Facebook in 2011. He committed his crimes and was sentenced to life imprisonment in South Africa which stopped his earnings.

In 2022, he escaped from the prison by faking his death after putting a body in a cell and setting fire. The guards thought that he was dead due to burning but in March 2022, a DNA test of the dead body revealed that it was not Thabo Bestyer’s body. The police were ordered to find the rapist.

He was arrested again in April 2023 as he was running a fake company along with his girlfriend. The company’s name was Arum Properties. He scammed many people through this fake company and earned millions of Rands. After imprisonment, he was left with no way to boost his net worth.

Similarly, Jordan Belfort’s net worth raised after all the cases on Wolf of Wall Street were removed and he was free to do business.

Physical Statistics of Thabo Bester:

When it comes to physical statistics, the height of Thabo Bester is 5 ‘7 ” or 170cm. His weight is 72kg. The color of his eyes is dark brown while his hair is black. This data is based on the current reports however, his weight changes many times in the next few years. 

Height5’7”, 170cm
Weight72 kg
Eye ColorDark Brown
Hair ColorBlack
Physical Statistics of Thabo Bester

Fun Facts About Thabo Bester:

Let us discuss some fun facts about murderer and rapist, Thabo Bester.

  • His first arrest was due to raping women in a hotel room in year 2011.
  • In 2022, he was sentenced to life imprisonment due to raping and murder but he managed to escape from prison by faking his death in the same year.
  • He had a passport with a different name, therefore he was not considered a citizen of South Africa.
  • His girlfriend was a doctor and was suspended from her duty due to running a fake construction company with him.
  • His parents were well-educated but he was involved in crimes due to his doubtful upbringing.

Summing Up:

Thabo Bester net worth is R3 Billion which he might have earned through his musical career and fake construction company, Arum Company. He might also be involved in other frauds which helped him boost his net worth.

He was imprisoned two times which greatly affected his net worth. We have gained this information from trustworthy resources Remember that the above-discussed is only an estimation and may vary from the actual net worth. 

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