David Grutman Net Worth Is $50 Million

David Grutman net worth is $50 million. He is a successful businessman and entrepreneur in America. He has collected a net worth of millions as a founder and partner of many Miami restaurants and nightclubs. 

David Grutman Net Worth 
Date of birthJuly 03, 1974
Net Worth$50 million
Monthly income$4 million
ProfessionEntrepreneur and Businessman
Age50 years old
Who is David Grutman?

Who is David Grutman?

David Grutman opened his eyes on July 03, 1974, in Naples, Florida. He owns many clubs and restaurants in Miami, Florida. Rolling Stone Magazine listed him in the top 50 in electronic dance music. He is also known as “The King of Miami”.

Full NameDavid Grutman
Birth DateJuly 3, 1974
BirthplaceNaples, Florida, USA
EducationUniversity of Florida
ProfessionEntrepreneur, Nightlife Mogul
Notable Ventures– LIV at Fontainebleau (Miami Beach)
Industry InfluenceA prominent figure in Miami’s nightlife
Collaborations– Partnered with Pharrell Williams for
the restaurant Swan Miami
Recognition– Forbes 30 Under 30 (2016)
– Miami New Times’ “Best Club” award
Who is David Grutman?

Yearly David Grutman Net Worth Growth Rate:

Years (2019-2024)Net Worth (Estimated)
In 2024$50 Million
In 2023$40 Million
In 2022$35 Million
In 2021$30 Million
In 2020$25 Million
In 2019$20 Million
Yearly David Grutman Net Worth Growth Rate
Yearly David Grutman Net Worth Growth Rate

Early Life and Career of David Grutman

Let’s discuss some interesting facts about the early life and career of David Grutman.

  • 1990: He completed his graduation from the University of Florida. He studied for a degree in Finance. He started his career as a bartender. He was very passionate about his goal.
  • 2008: He opened a “LIV Club” at the Hotel of Fontainebleau Miami Beach. It is included in the world’s top nightclubs. 
  • 2013: David founded many restaurants back to back like “Cafe OTL”, “Komodo, Planta”, “Story”, “Swan”, and “Bar Bevy”. A huge number of customers are attracted to his restaurants for the good quality of food and services.

Once David Grutman said:

                                          “Sometimes taking a risk, meeting the right people 

                                          taking a different path than you originally planned

                                          can change the course of your life”.

  • 2015: Grutman created Groot Hospitality, it is a company that manages all of its restaurants and nightclubs located in Miami. This company consists of LIV, Planta, Komodo, OTL, Story, Swan, and Bar Bevy. A musician named Pharrell Williams is co-owner of David Company.
  • 2019: David opened a new steakhouse in South Beach Florida, named “Papi Steak”. It is very popular in the world. He made his place worldwide through entrepreneurial spirit. He also opened a new “Good Time Hotel” with a partnership with Pharrell.

Personal Life of David Grutman

Let’s have a look at the personal life of David Grutman.

  • His Father’s name is “Charles Grutman” and his Mother’s name is “Hettie Grutman”. His father was the president/executive of SunTrust Bank.
  • David got married in 2016 to “Isabela Rangel”. She is a social media influencer and a fashion designer
  • The couple has two daughters named “Vida Grutman and Kaia Sof Grutman”.
Personal Life of David Grutman

Source: Instagram 

How did David Grutman Earn his Money?

David Grutman has collected his net worth through different sources. Let’s have a look at it.

How did David Grutman Earn his Money?
  • David is a successful businessman, owner, and partner of multiple restaurants and clubs in Miami Beach Florida. His clubs are considered among the top 10 nightclubs in the United States. 
  • David is very careful about his diet. He is doing endorsements with food dietary brands like “Kolipop”, “All Goodness”, Wesake”, and “Skippy Dippy”. And has collaborated with “Prince Sports”. 
  • David is actively engaged with his audience on Instagram and Twitter. He has also earned from social media platforms as an influencer. 
  • He has also earned by giving experience classes at Florida International University about the management of Hospitality and Tourism. 

Where did David Grutman spend his money?

David Grutman has a very luxurious lifestyle. He is spending his money on following to maintain his lifestyle. Let’s discuss them:

Where did David Grutman spend his money?

Source: Instagram 

  • House: David lives with his family in a beautiful house worth millions of dollars located in Downtown Miami.
  • Family: He is spending a beautiful life with his wife and daughters. He spends both time and money on his family.
  • Activities: David has posted pictures and videos on Instagram, enjoying on a yacht and enjoying his vocational trips with his family.
  • Sports: It seems that he loves sports. He often posted his videos while playing tennis. He has also attended inter-Miami CF championships. Once he participated in “Red Bull racing”.
  • Cars: David Grutman net worth is also spent on buying beautiful car collections like “BMW and Bentley “.

Physical Statistics of David Grutman:

Let’s have a look at the physical statistics of David Grutman.

Eye ColorGreen
Hair ColorDark brown
Height5 ft 11 in
Weight80 kg
Physical Statistics of David Grutman

David Grutman Social Media Accounts:

Here are the social media accounts of David Grutman given below in the table.

Accounts NameFollowersLinks
TikTokNot available
David Grutman Social Media Accounts

Frequently Asked Questions:

It is a hospitality company created by David Grutman, which is managing several of his business ventures.

David Grutman has been associated with celebrities such as Jay-Z, Drake, Kim Kardashian, and Beyonce.

David Grutman has collected his net worth through his successful business career. He owns multiple nightclubs and restaurants.

Summing up:

David Grutman’s net worth is estimated at $50 million. He has made his net worth of millions by his successful business ventures like restaurants and nightclubs in Miami, Florida. We collected all this information by searching his social media accounts and other reliable sources. By visiting our website you can get information about the net worth of other celebrities.

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