Slick Rick Net Worth Is $1 million

As of 2024, Slick Rick net worth is estimated at $1 million. He is a famous American rapper and records producer. He has collected his net worth through his albums and records production, live concerts, merchandising, and YouTube ad revenue.

Slick Rick Net Worth 
Full NameRichard Martin Lloyd Walters (known as Slick Rick)
Date of BirthJanuary 14, 1965
Place of BirthLondon, England
OccupationRapper, songwriter
GenreHip hop, rap
NicknameThe Ruler, MC Ricky D
Legacy– Pioneer of narrative-driven storytelling in hip hop
Who is Slick Rick?

Who is Slick Rick?

Slick Rick was born on January 14, 1965, in Mitcham, London England. He is also known as “Rick the Ruler” and “MC Ricky D”. His family moved from Jamaica to the United States for a better life.

Net Worth $1 million 
Profession Rapper, Record Producer, and Actor
Date of birth January 14, 1965
Age 59
Nationality United States of America 
Who is Slick Rick?

Yearly Slick Rick Net Worth Growth Rate

Year (2019-2024)Net Worth (Estimated)
In 2024$1 million 
In 2023$900k
In 2022$800k
In 2021$700k
In 2020$600k
In 2019$500k
Yearly Slick Rick Net Worth Growth Rate
Yearly Slick Rick Net Worth Growth Rate

Early life and career of Slick Rick 

Here are some interesting facts about the early life and career of Slick Rick. Let’s have a look at it.

  • 1978: Rick joined Fiorello H. Laguardia High School of Music and Art. He created the Kangil crew with Dane Dane. Because of an accident, he lost his right eye and started to wear an eye patch.
  • 1984-1985: Rick met Doug E. Fresh and became part of Doug’s Get Fresh Crew with “DJ Barry B and DJ Chill Will”. They recorded “The Show” and “La Di Da Di” record labels. They released their songs in 1985, which became hit songs on “Hip Hop and Billboard”.
  • 1986: He left Get Fresh Crew and became part of Rush Artist Management. He was the third artist who signed with Def Jam Records.
  • 1988: Slick produced his debut album “The Great Adventure of Slick Rick”. He released it on the third of November. This album got hit on the Top R&B Hip Hop Albums. His many songs got popular like “Children’s Story, Teenage Love, and Hey Young World”.
  • 1991: He released another album “The Rular’s Back” which includes songs like “I Shouldn’t Have Done It”, “It’s a Boy” and “Mistakes of a Woman in Love With Other Men”. This also reached #29 on Billboard and on Top R&B Hip Hop Albums.
  • 1990-1997: He was arrested in a murder attempted case and other legal charges in 1990. During jail, his third album “Behind Bars” was released in 1994. He was released from prison after six years.
  • 1999: Rick released his fourth album “The Art of Storytelling”, it was his highest-ranked album which consisted of hit songs.
  • 2014& 2018: He participated in the concert of’s “Trans4M” in 2014, giving him very financial success. In 2018, Rick released his song Snakes of the World Today“.

Personal life of Slick Rick 

Let’s have a look at the personal life of Slick Rick.

  • There is no information regarding Slick Rick’s father but his mother’s name is “Veronica Walters”. His brother’s name is “John Buchanan”.
  • In April 1997, Rick married “Mandy Aragones”. He has two children from his past relationship. A daughter named “Lateisha Walters” and a son named “Ricky Jr.”
  • They both have donated multiple items from their collection to the Smithsonian National Museum of Africa.
Personal life of Slick Rick 

Source: Instagram

How did Slick Rick Earn his Money?

Slick Rick net worth is boosted through different sources. Let’s discuss his earnings source.

How did Slick Rick Earn his Money?
  • Slick Rick has produced many albums consisting of multiple hit songs. His albums sold out on worldwide platforms. 
  • He organizes live concerts and tours. Thousands of people come to listen to him. Selling of tickets in these concerts, added to his net worth. 
  • Rick has done endorsements and collaborated with fashion brands on their products. 
  • Like other celebrities, he also sells his merchandise. He released his clothing line brand named  “Eye Patch Apparel.” His merchandising includes T-shirts, caps, logos, posters stickers, etc. 
  • Rick has invested in many real estate properties which adds a substantial amount of money to his net worth. 
  • He has his own YouTube channel having more than 2 lakh subscribers. He uploaded songs on the channel, and thousands of people watched and listened to his songs. 

Where did Slick Rick spend his money?

Slick Rick is living a luxurious lifestyle. In the following ways, he spends money to maintain his lifestyle.

Where did Slick Rick spend his money?

Source: Instagram, Smithsonian Institution

  • House: Rick lives in a beautiful and luxurious house worth millions of dollars. Slick Rick lives in the Bronx, Wimbledon, and South Wimbledon. 
  • Cars Collection: Slick Rick has a collection of luxury car collections. Unfortunately, the exact numbers of his car collection and brands are not known because he didn’t disclose much information about this publicly. 
  • Sneakers: On his social media account, you can see that Slick Rick has a sneaker collection of every color. He wears the same color of sneakers with his dresses.
  • Jewelry Collection: He has a great collection of jewelry items. He wears a very large size locket, bracelets, watches, rings, etc. A huge part of Slick Rick’s net worth is spent on buying jewelry. 
  • Entertainment: He must be spending his money on different activities like enjoying weekend holidays, attending birthday and Christmas parties, meet up with friends. He has shared his picture on Instagram.
  • Donating His Collection: He gives donations to many charitable organizations and trusts. Slick and his wife have donated many items from their collection to the Smithsonian National Museum of Africa.
  • Music Instruments: He must be regularly updating his musical instruments like guitar, piano, etc.

Physical statistics of Slick Rick 

Let’s have a look at the physical statistics of Slick Rick.

Eye Color Brown
Hair Color Black
Height 5 ft 7 in
Physical statistics of Slick Rick 

Slick Rick Social Media Accounts:

Here are the social media accounts of Slick Rick.

Accounts Followers Links
Instagram 660k 
Twitter 33.3k 
Facebook 1.1M 
TikTok Not available 
YouTube 278k 
Physical statistics of Slick Rick 

Frequently Asked Questions:

He was arrested in 1970 for attempted murder and other legal charges, he remained in jail for six years.

Yes, he won many awards Hip Hop award and the Bronx Walk of Fame for his best songs. He is a popular celebrity in the Hip Hop industry.

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Slick Rick’s net worth is estimated at $1 million. He has collected his net worth through his music career, production, live concerts, merchandising, collaboration, and YouTube Ad revenue. All this information given above is truly research-based. You can visit our website to learn about other celebrities’ net worth.

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