Lyrica Anderson Net Worth is $10 Million

Lyrica Anderson net worth stands at $10 Million based on predictions. She is an eminent singer, songwriter, and composer who has augmented her fortune through her exceptional singing, composing, and songwriting career. Additionally, she has elevated her wealth by showing her incredible skills as a TV actress in the American entertainment industry.

If you are waiting to know detailed information about Lyrica Anderson, then stay right here. In this article, we will discuss the estimation of her net worth, including her yearly and monthly incomes, yearly net worth growth rate, early life, career, personal life, physical statistics, stream of avenues, expenditures, and other fun facts.

Who is Lyrica Anderson?

Lyrica Anderson is the professional name of the American singer Lyrica Anderson Bentley. She was born in Los Angeles, California, United States on December 18, 1987. Her birth sign is Sagittarius, and her nationality is American. 

Who is Lyrica Anderson?

She is Christian by religion. She is a singer-songwriter and also has a dominant position as an actress. By 2023, Lyrica Anderson net worth is $10 Million.

Real NameLyrica Anderson Bentley
Professional NameLyrica Anderson
Date of BirthDecember 18, 1987
BirthplaceLos Angeles, California, U.S
Religion Christianity
ProfessionSinger and Songwriter
Estimated Net WorthApproximately $10 Million
Who is Lyrica Anderson

Early Life & Career of Lyrical Anderson:

Lyrica Anderson is an American singer, songwriter, and actress. Her father’s name was Darrius Garret, and her mother was Lyrica Garret. She only had one sister, Adia Anderson, who died at a young age.

Career Highlights of Lyrical Anderson:

Let us take an overview of the career highlights of Lyrica Anderson. 

  • Lyrica Anderson started her musical career at an early age after the release of the song ‘Pyramid’ in 2010. 
  • After two years, she released a praiseworthy debut mixtape ‘King Me’ in 2012. Next year, she wrote the studio album ‘Jealous’
  • Lyrica Anderson worked on her debut EP ‘King Me 2’ and released it in 2014. She also worked on the songGrass Ain’t Greener.
  • She released another studio album, ‘Hello,’ which attracted many fans.
  • In 2016, she appeared as the leading cast member in a reality showLove & Hip Hop: Hollywood.’ She is working superbly to gain an impressive reputation in the music or entertainment industry.

Lyrica Anderson’s Personal Life:

She married A1 Bentley and had a child named Ocean Zion Bentley. However, the couple got divorced after being together for 5 years. They signed a divorce paper when their son was only 3 years old. Her sexual orientation is straight.

Lyrica Anderson's Personal Life:

How Much is Lyrica Anderson Net Worth?

As per estimations, Lyrica Anderson’s net worth is estimated at $10 Million. Her primary sources of income are singing and songwriting. Thus, she has earned a considerable amount of money by writing and releasing different songs, singles, and mixed albums. 

Besides being a singer, she is a top-notch actress, which undoubtedly helped her collect wealth. She has also boosted her earnings by organizing concerts, ticket selling, and live appearances on TV and film shows. Additionally, she also sells merchandise, which has elevated her earnings in millions. 

Lyrica Anderson Yearly & Monthly Income:

The table below shows the yearly and monthly income of Lyrica Anderson. 

Lyrica Anderson’ Estimated Net WorthApproximately $10 Million
Yearly Income$5 Million
Monthly Income$1 Million
Lyrica Anderson Yearly & Monthly Income

Lyrica Anderson Net Worth Yearly Growth Rate:

Lyrica Anderson has worked passionately to achieve her net worth in millions. Consequently, her endeavors led her to a net worth of $10 Million. Her net worth has increased gradually over the past years. Let’s have a look at her yearly net worth growth rate.

Years (2019-2023)Estimated Net Worth Growth 
In 2023$10 Million
In 2022$9.8 Million
In 2021$9.4 Million
In 2020$8.9 Million
In 2019$8.4 Million
In 2018$8.1 Million
Lyrica Anderson Net Worth Yearly Growth Rate

Along with numbering net worth, we will also visually represent Lyrica Anderson net worth through a graph. 

Lyrica Anderson Net Worth Yearly Growth Rate

How Did Lyrica Anderson Boost Her Net Worth?

Lyrica Anderson’s net worth is approximately $10 Million. She has confidentiality and has adopted the following ways to elevate her net worth. 

Lyrica Anderson Boost Her Net Worth

Song writing & Singing:

Lyrica Anderson has astonishingly boosted her net worth through singing and songwriting. She has written and released numerous songs and music albums. His famous songs include ‘Feenin,’ ‘Selfish,’ ‘Give it To Me,’ ‘Faded to Sade’ and many more. Her exceptional songs increased 45% of her net worth.


Lyrica Andreson is a renowned actress and TV star who has dominated the entertainment industry. Acting career helped her augment 26% of her earnings.

Merchandise Sale:

In addition to singing and acting, Lyrica Anderson is also involved in merchandise sales. Selling merchandise has boosted Lyrica Anderson Net Worth of 14%.

merchandise of lyrica
Source: Instagram


Being a singer, Lyrica Anderson organized and arranged different musical concerts to show her incredibly exceptional musical performance. Concerts have unquestionably increased her 6% of her earnings.

Ticket Selling:

Ticket selling has played a crucial role in enhancing the net worth of Lyrica Anderson. Fans bought millions of tickets to attend the performance of her favorite actress. It has raised 4% of her net worth.

Appearance in TV Series:

Lyrica Anderson has appeared in numerous TV series such as ‘How to Rock,’ ‘No Way Out,’ ‘Foster Law,’ and ‘Perfume,’ etc. Her net worth has upgraded by 5% due to her TV series appearances. 

Appearance in TV Series:
source: Instagram

How Lyrica Anderson Spends Her Money?

Millionaire Lyrica Anderson must live an ideal lifestyle because of her admirable financial status. Let us take a look at the common ways through which she must spend her earnings.

Personal Property: 

Lyrica Anderson has earned her net worth in millions, indicating that she might spend her earnings on purchasing personal homes and other property. The actress has never given any public statement regarding real estate; therefore, we cannot give accurate information.

Lyrica Anderson property

Cars Collections:

Being a public figure, Lyrica Anderson net worth is mostly used for high-priced cars. He was seen many times in different cars, which hinted that she must have a pricey car collection. But the total number of cars and brands is not available.

Lyrica Anderson cars
Source: Instagram

Purchasing Musical Equipment:

As a singer, Lyrica Anderson might have spent her wealth on buying various musical instruments. The appropriate musical equipment is the main requirement for good music, so she must spend plenty of pennies on buying them.

Updating Wardrobe:

Lyrica Anderson must invest her money to upgrade her wardrobe. She must have an eye-opening collection of outfits, jewelry accessories, footwear, glasses, cosmetics, and other self-care products. She must also spend it on self-grooming.

Updating Wardrobe:
Source: Instagram

Managing and Organizing Concerts:

Lyrica Anderson must require managers or other crew members to organize and manage her concerts. Thus, she might give them money for proper arrangements or security purposes.

Entertainment Purposes:

Entertainment is another way through which she spent her fortune. She might attend parties, gatherings, clubbing, TV shows, and different concerts of other musicians. It also demands too much money.

Physical Statistics of Lyrica Anderson:

Lyrica Anderson is not only praised for her fascinating personality and fashion sense but also remains under attention because of her jaw-droppingly physical features. Let us highlight her main physical statistics.

Weight5’7”, 170cm
Height67kg, 147 lbs
Hair ColorBlack
Eye ColorDark Brown
Physical Statistics of Lyrica Anderson

Social Media Accounts of Lyrica Anderson:

Lyrica Anderson has a huge fan following on social media. Her official social media accounts are discussed below in the table.

Accounts NamesFollowersUsernames
YouTube215K subscribersLyrica Anderson
Social Media Accounts of Lyrica Anderson

Fun Facts about Lyric Anderson:

Here are some facts about Lyrica Anderson.

  • Her mother was a singer; thus, she followed the steps of her mother and is now a well-known singer in America.
  • She has a mixed ethnicity of American-African.
  • During her musical career, she has collaborated with different singers, including Mylie Cyrus, Beyonce, and many other famous musicians.

Final Thoughts:

Lyrica Anderson is a notable American singer, songwriter, and actress. Lyrica Anderson Net worth is $10 Million. She mainly boosted appreciable fortune through singing, songwriting, merchandise sales, ticket selling, concerts, live appearances, and acting. 

She has created and maintained a strong position in the entertainment industry. She is unstoppable, working to boost her net worth continuously. Thus, there is no denying that her net worth must increase in the next few years. 

The net worth and other information mentioned above is an estimation and collected from varying reliable sources. To get the newest updates, visit her social media profiles.

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