Cozz Net Worth $30 Million

The Cozz Net Worth is approximately $30 Million. Cozz is a professional American rapper. sources of income for Cozz are rapping, music albums, Fortunate Project, and YouTube. He is a public figure because of his prominent and stunning rapping style.

Being a rapper at a very young age, he came into public quickly. He earned a good amount of income from his musical career.

In this article, you get the information about the Cozz net worth. Let’s explore the income, net worth, source of income, and expenditure behaviors of the net worth of Cozz.

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Who is Cozz?

Cody Rashad Osagie is publically named Cozz. He is an American professional rapper. On 1st October 1993, In Los Angeles a city of California State he was born. At a very young age, he started taking his rap and music career seriously and posted his videos on social media. He was quickly caught by music fans and became famous after signing J. Cole for Dreamville Records. After his “Dreams” and “Knock the Hustle” songs were released, he became more famous around the world.

Yearly and Monthly cozz net worth:

Cozz makes a handsome amount of net income by rapping and his music. His approximate net worth, monthly income, and yearly amount are listed in the below table.

Approximate Net Worth$30 Million
Yearly Income$12 Million
Monthly Income$1 Million
Cozz Net Worth

Yearly growth rate table of Cozz:

The excellent skills of Cozz in rapping can help him a lot to make a good increase in his net worth. Below in the table, his yearly net worth growth rate is mentioned.

Year Estimated Net Worth
In 2023$30 Million
In 2022$26 Million
In 2021$21 Million
In 2020$14 Million
In 2019$10 Million
In 2018$8 Million 
Yearly growth rate table of Cozz

Now, we will show you the yearly net worth growth rate of Cozz through the graph. 

Yearly growth rate table of Cozz

What is the source of income of Cozz?

As we already have a conversation, the approximate net worth of cozz is $30 Million. Now we will discover the details of the cozz source of income and what boost up income.

Yearly growth rate table of Cozz


Cozz can also earn money from his raps in his songs which are famous all over the American States. He can do rapping in many of his songs and other songs of singers that help to make a good income which can contribute up to 12% of his net worth.

Music Albums:

As a famous rapper in the American Hip-Hop industry, Cozz’s albums can get the quick attention of the public and people in the music industry. His albums are being released and sold in days, all over the globe. This passive income can make up to 19% of his net worth.

Earning through YouTube:

Like many other public figures, Cozz earns a huge amount from his YouTube channel. His old and new songs and albums are being posted which get his hip-hop fans’ attention quickly. He can make up to 14% of his net worth from YouTube.

Live performances & Concerts tickets:

Through live performances in many concerts and festivals, Cozz can make a good amount for his living. He can do live performances all over America. The average price of the cozz concert is $72 or more. The concert ticket price can be changed depending upon the general admission, the artist appearing or the seat selection on the land of the festival. The concert ticket and live performance of Cozz can contribute 11% to his net worth. 

Live performances & Concerts tickets of cozz
Source: Instagram

Dreamville imprint:

Cozz can make a handsome amount of income after signing with J. Cole later signed him for the Dreamville imprint which is a project under Dreamville Records. Cozz can also sign many labels such as Interscope Records, the Committee, and Dreamville Records. 

Omen, J. Cole, Lute, Earthgang, Bas, Ari Lennox, and JID including Cozz are members of Dreamville. This project can contribute up to 24% of his net worth.

Earning through TikTok:

Cozz can also make money through TikTok videos and having 5 K+ followers on TikTok. He can post his videos on TikTok which is not that much because of his fewer followers on TikTok social media. The income from the TikTok app can make up 7% of his total net worth.

Fortunate’ Project: 

Like many of his projects, his new upcoming album is something that is a meaningful song. In an interview, he talks about his new project, as he says himself fortunate to be alive. In this song album, he talks about the topic of “life and death”. He says this song helps people to learn but it is personal for him. This project of Cozz can 13% contribute in his net worth.

Where did Cozz spend his money?

As per estimation, Cozz net worth is $30 Million. He spends his income on his cars, houses, entertainment, charity, and accessories and maintains his luxury lifestyle. Let us discuss in detail how he spends his net worth.

Where did Cozz spend his money
Source: Instagram

 Cars Collection:

Cozz can devote a part of his income to the luxury car collection. He posts his pics with cars on his social media account. The detail about which brand of car has been present in his grudge is not revealed. 

Jewelry & Accessories:

Being a rapper, cozz also spends his money on buying accessories for his styling. The branded men’s necklaces and rings can grab the attention of his followers. He is often looked at in other gorgeous outfits but prefers to be dressed up in rapper style.


While about Cozz’s house, we don’t have any concrete information about it but from his social media account, we came to know that he enjoys a luxurious life. He buys super and stunning houses for his living. 


Cozz can spend a part of his net income on having fun and hanging out with his friends. Many times, he is seen with his friends hanging out and doing great fun things. He can enjoy visiting many places with his friends and making great lifetime memories.


Besides the love of cozz for rapping, he does a lot of charity from his income. He often attends charity shows and events to help the miserable people of his country. Through charity work, he helps many homeless and needy people.

Key Points of Cozz:

Now, we will learn some of the key points regarding Cozz.

  • Cozz became famous because of his rapping and musical career. 
  • Cozz signed a contract with Interscope Records and J. Cole’s label Dreamville Records.
  • He became famous because of his songs such as Knock the Hustle, Lambo Truck, Zendaya, and I’m the Man.
  • His 2nd album Effected was released on February 13, 2018, which included features from Kendrick Lamar and J. Cole. 

Social Media Accounts of cozz:

In the below table, there is a list of American rapper Cozz’s social media accounts. Let’s have a look at them.

Social Media Username
YouTube @cozz
Social Media Accounts of cozz


Cozz net worth is approximated as $30 Million. He chased his passion from a young age and became a famous rapper. Cozz made a contract with different Record Studios and launched albums of songs. He is living a stunning life as a rapper.

He posts his pictures and videos on different social media accounts and stays connected with his fans. Cozz earns a handsome income by rapping songs and spends his earnings on his entertainment and styling. He is now living his passion because of his good grip on the tune and raps of his songs.

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