Big boy cheng net worth $10 Million

Big Boy Cheng net worth estimation is around about $10 Million. He is a familiar character not only because of his family business but also for his great taste in creativity and gathering designer things collection which helps him make royalties.

He is the wealthiest Philippian DJ, food vlogger, sneaker & and toy collector, entrepreneur, and also founder of Secret Fresh. Christian Robert Cheng is known universally as Big Boy Cheng. 

He is most known in public because of his successor entrepreneurship and collecting distinctive designer stuff and a huge sneakers collection. In this article, we will discuss the complete details of Big Boy Cheng’s net worth and also explore his sources of income and all his assets information.

Personal Information of Big Boy Cheng:

Here is a brief description of Big Boy Cheng’s personal data in table form.

Real NameChristian Robert Cheng
Popular nameBig Boy Cheng
Date of BirthSeptember 26, 1981
Age42 Years
BirthplaceManila, Philippines
EducationGraduated from Kantot Dito Doon University
OccupationEntrepreneur, DJ, CEO of Secret Fresh, Food vlogger,
Estimated Net Worth$10 Million
ParentsRobert G. Cheng and Natividad Y. Cheng
Marital StatusMarried
Wife NameNot Known
Personal Information of Big Boy Cheng

Big boy cheng Net Worth & Income:

The Net Worth of Big Boy Cheng is approximately $ 10 million. Furthermore, He is the Founder of an art gallery, a brand “Secret Fresh” and also CEO of his family business “Uratex Group of Companies”. He owns a YouTube channel where he shows his sneakers collection and some sort of his routine and travel.

That’s why, it is possible that in the upcoming years, his net worth might increase more. The biggest part of his net worth is his YouTube Channel, business, and art.

Estimated Net Worth$10 Million
Yearly Income$500 K
Monthly Income $42 K
Big boy cheng Net Worth & Income

Yearly Net Worth Growth Rate of Big Boy Cheng:

In the table below, we will give you information on Big Boy Cheng net worth growth rate. The growth rate increased gradually per year, the current Larry the Big Boy cheng is $10 Million.

Year Net Worth (Approximate)
In 2023$10 Million
In 2022$9 Million
In 2021$7 Million
In 2020$5 Million
In 2019$2 Million
Yearly Net Worth Growth Rate of Big Boy Cheng
Yearly Net Worth Growth Rate of Big Boy Cheng

Avenues of Big Boy Cheng Net Worth:

As we discussed earlier, Big Boy Cheng net worth is $10 Million. This hard-earned money is the outcome of his dedication and hard work in various opportunities. Here are the main possibilities that contribute to building his net worth.

Art Gallery:

Big boy cheng is a fan of art. The “Ronsc Art Center” and “Vinyl on Vinyl Gallery” are the art galleries he opened. In 2013, he won the “Preview Emerging Talent Award” because of his contribution to the Philippine art diligence. Moreover, with the help of different unique art paintings, he can earn some of his money which can contribute 19% of his total net worth.

Avenues of Big Boy Cheng Net Worth
Source: Instagram

BenCab Cabrera Exhibition:

Big Boy Cheng is collaborating with the Benedicto Reyes Cabrera Museum where he can make an exhibition of his artwork which can contribute approximately 12% to his net worth. Furthermore, with the help of exhibitions and collaboration, he makes a good living.


Cheng can also perform as a DJ from which he gets 13% of his net worth. In the DJ world, he is a respected and noble person. He releases music albums and has playlists. People can enjoy his electronic rhythms and hip-hop music of which he has great taste. Moreover, he makes an unbreakable connection with his audience with the rope of music and makes it enjoyable and memorable for all of them.


Big Boy Cheng’s family business is also being looked after by him. Uratex is a trusted farm that can make lavish home furnishings and foams. The Uratex group of companies has a handsome net worth. Thus, there is no doubt as the Chief Executive of the company, he has a good salary which contributes 10% of his net worth.

The Secret Fresh:

The Secret Fresh – a clotting brand – plays a huge role in enhancing the net worth of Big Boy Cheng. Caps, T-shirts, and streetwear have been sold on Secret Fresh which can be found by him. The company can contribute 24% of his net worth.

Role of  secret flash Big Boy Cheng Net Worth
Source: Instagram

YouTube Channel:

Recently, big boy Cheng started making foodstuff vlogs. He has a gigantic amount of social followers on his social media accounts. As from his YouTube channel, he is going to make a good amount of earnings which is 22% of his net worth.

Where Big Boy Cheng Spends His Money?

The estimated net worth of the sneaker collector, Big Boy Cheng is $10 Million, which can give a hint of his lifestyle. He spent a huge amount of his earnings on buying sneakers, toys, and business and also for art galleries. The Philippian big boy owns the following assets.

Assets & LifeStyle:

Big Boy Cheng is living a luxurious life in the Philippines. He currently has a net worth of around $10 Million. he has a luxury home in Quezon City. In his basement, he has a huge collection of his sneakers and toys. 

Sneakers/ Shoes:

Big Boy Cheng is a Die Heart fan of sneakers. He is currently having 1,200 sneakers costing approximately $1 Million) from different brands like “Chanel”, “Louis Vuitton”, “Nike”, “Jorden” and other different shoe stores or brands. On 12 July 2022, Big Boy spent $60 K to buy sneakers from the American state “Las Vagas”.

 Big Boy Cheng loves sneakers
Source: Instagram

Toy Collection:

Like all children, Big Boy Cheng also loved toys in his childhood. His parents bring toys from abroad for him. As he is now a big boy he can’t make his love dead for toys. He collects all types of vintage and rarest toys at home. Nowadays, He has a huge collection of toys.

Watches & Motor-bike:

Big Boy Cheng separates his private and social life separate, therefore we have less knowledge about his collection of watches but from our resources, we collect the knowledge that he currently owes a Richard Mille RM-030 and a Black Pokerface Family Custom and Personalized Watch. While Supreme x Coleman mini motorbike is his all-time favorite and only motorbike.

Super ganda!!!!💚💚💚 Hilig ko mag poker kaya poker inspired sya!!!”

Source: Instagram

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Source: Instagram


Besides the love of sneakers and branded shoes, Big Boy is doing a lot of charity work and can make charity to help miserable people around the globe. As he has a lot of sneakers he spent 800 sneakers for charity. He also attended charity events and prefers to do more and more charity work.

Avenues of Big Boy Cheng Net Worth:

Did Big Boy Cheng have a family business?

Yes, Uratex group of companies is the Big Boy Chang family business which is the largest house-holding company, especially mattress production. The net worth of Uratex companies is estimated at $22 Million. 

Internationally and nationally, the Uratex company reputation is extended widely. The skills and creativity level of Cheng can make his family business more popular and sell the best quality material to people around the globe.

Big Boy Cheng Identification:

Big Boy Cheng is the popular name of the famed Philippian person, named “Christian Robert Cheng”. He was born in the capital city of the Philippines, Manila. He is very famous because of his huge collection of sneakers and toys and also wearing different caps. Additionally, his interest in the piece of art and his family business is in the public eye. Big Boy Cheng net worth is estimated at $10 Million.

Big Boy Cheng Identification

Source: Instagram

Career and Achievements of Big Boy Cheng:

Let us unlighted the successful career of Big Boy Cheng:

  • The Philippian big boy Cheng is known as a social media influencer, successful entrepreneur, food vlogger, and lover of sneakers, toys, and Supreme brands. 
  • Big boy Cheng made a good start to his career in 2008 when he started his own art gallery “Secret Fresh” which focused on the street art of people and made an exhibition of their art. Moreover, Big Boy Cheng Net worth is $10 Million.
  • He did open two more art galleries and has a keen interest in the diligence of art.
  • Cheng has earned the “Preview Emerging Talent Award” for being a sponsor for the art industry of different cultures.
  • In the world of music, he is a most popular DJ having a grip on stunning electronic rhythms and pop music.
  • He began to pursue his passion for collecting the rarest toys and sneakers from the world.
  • With his creativity, passion, and vast fans, he commercialized his family business and made the world’s largest mattress-producing company.

Interesting facts about Big Boy Cheng:

Now, we will share some interesting facts about Big Boy Cheng with you.

  • He is a well-known personality because of his love for a wide collection of sneakers.
  • He has a huge love for Supreme company items and also has a good collection of them.
  • Big boy Cheng can buy sneakers from all over the world.
  • He is currently owning more than two art galleries.
  • Cheng has a museum named “The Upper Ground” for the collection of his lovely sneakers.
  • He is an ambassador for promoting the street and pop culture art industry all over the world.
  • The sneaker and toy lover is also loving playing poker.
  • He gained different awards for being a contributor to the art of different cultures.

Physical Appearance of Big Boy Cheng

The physical statistics of a well-known personality in the Philippines, Big Boy Cheng, are discussed in the table below.

Weight 85 Kg
Hair ColorBlack
Eye ColorBlack
Beard and MustachesYes
Physical Appearance of Big Boy Cheng

Social Media links

The table below shows the social media account details of Big Boy Cheng. 

Facebook424K https://www.facebook.com/djbigboycheng/
YouTube276K Subscriptionhttps://www.youtube.com/@bigboycheng6799
Official WebsiteN/Ahttps://secretfresh.com/
Social Media links


Big Boy Cheng is not only famous in the Philippines but also known internationally and has a vast fan following on social media. The approximate Big Boy Cheng net worth is $10 Million. His successful entrepreneurship, business skills, and a wide collection of sneakers. 

Moreover, he also makes public appearances on different social media platforms, art exhibitions, and contributions to different brands making a good contribution to enhancing his net worth.

As this information is based on our trustful resources. Furthermore, to get more information about the latest updates, it is suggested to give a tour of his social media platforms.

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