Sadhguru net worth is $25 Million

Sadhguru net worth is estimated at $25 Million as of 2023. He is a well-known person because of his spirituality and his unprofitable organization, – Isha Foundation. He is mostly known by his title Sadhguru but his real name is Jaggi Vasudev. Sadhguru is also an Indian author, writer, a speaker, a yoga guru, and a piously mystical leader.

Through his bountiful method of devotional teaching, he gathered huge worldwide followers. In this article, we will talk about all the details of Sadhguru’s net worth, how he earned all of his fortune and get all the details about his belongings.

Who is Sadhguru?

Jaggi Vasudev, mostly known as Sadhguru, is a religious teacher and philanthropist in Karnataka, India. He was born on September 3, 1957. He is the CEO and founder of a non-beneficial Isha Foundation. Since 1982, Sadhguru has been teaching yoga classes to his students. 

He conducted his first class of “Sahaja Sthiti Yoga style” in 1983. Additionally, he completed his graduation in English Literature from the Mysore University. According to the estimation, Sadhguru net worth is $25 Million. 

Who is Sadhguru
Source: Instagram

He wrote many books on spirituality and also several times requested international forms to speak. Because of Isha’s foundation, he became more famous. Furthermore, Isha Foundation is based on helping people reach their true potential and find their inner selves.

Sadhguru Net Worth, Monthly Income & Yearly Income:

Sadhguru net worth is $25 Million. Moreover, he is the CEO of an unprofitable Isha Foundation. That’s the reason, in upcoming years, Sadhguru net worth may increase more. The main contributors of his net worth are book sales, public speaking events, business, investment, and Isha Foundation.

Estimated Net Worth$25 Million
Yearly Income$ 200 K
Monthly Income$16 K
Sadhguru Net Worth, Monthly Income & Yearly Income

Sadhguru Yearly Net Worth Growth Rate:

 In the table below, we will give you information about Sadhguru net worth growth rate. The growth rate increases gradually every year, the current sadhguru net worth is $25 Million.

YearNet Worth (Approximately)
In 2023$25 Million
In 2022$22 Million
In 2021$20 Million
In 2020$19 Million
In 2019$17 Million
Sadhguru Yearly Net Worth Growth Rate

The table below, represents the visual net worth of Sadghuru from the year 2019 to 2023.

Sadhguru Yearly Net Worth Growth Rate
Sadhguru Yearly Net Worth Growth Rate

What is the Source of Income of Sadhguru?

Sadhguru net worth is estimated at $25 Million. Being a famous yoga teacher, writer, and CEO, he earned a good amount of money through the following sources.

What is the Source of Income of Sadhguru
What is the Source of Income of Sadhguru


Sadhguru is a well-known yogi worldwide and has a huge following. Many of his students or other fans send donations to the company. The financial donations from people of the world make taxation benefits for him. The 30% of Sadhguru net worth came from the financial gifts from his following.

Isha Foundation:

The organization of Sadhguru – Isha Foundation – is not only a yoga center but it’s a good producing company. The Isha Foundation can sell many other things such as clothing, rings, and many more. It’s a foundation spread over 155 acres of land in India and worth $9 Million. It can contribute 25% to the net worth of Sadhguru.


Sadhguru is making money through his writing skills. He wrote 40+ books which are very famous and many of his books got translated into many languages which helped Sadhguru fans to communicate with him through his word and writing skills. The sales of his books make up 23% of his net worth.

Speaking on Public Events:

Besides his yoga and writing, Sadhguru makes his royalties from speaking in many public forms. He met with many well-known personalities in India and many other countries. He speaks about peace in all religions. He is invited to many International events and national events. Through the help of public speaking events, he makes 17% of his net worth.

sadhguru Speaking on Public Events
Source: Instagram

Social Media Earning:

The well-popular yoga teacher Sadhguru is also making money from his YouTube channel and Spotify account. He posts videos about many spiritual teachings and many more things about getting peace and finding his inner self. He makes 5% of his net worth from his social media accounts.

Where Did Sadhguru Spend his Money?

As of 2023, Sadhguru net worth is approximated as $25 Million. Let us discuss how Sadhguru spends his earnings.

Car Collections:

Let’s have a look at Sadhguru’s Car Collection which also shows the interest in cars. 

1000 BH Toyota Scion$ 20 K
Mercedes Benz G 63 AMG$ 2 Million
Hummer H2$89, 995
Toyota FJ Cruiser$41, 999
Sadhguru car collection

Sadhguru goes to many places in his cars and has been seen several times. on his social media accounts, he has posted some of his pictures with his cars and bikes. It seems like Sadhguru has a great taste in cars. 

Sadhguru car collection
Source: Instagram

Bikes Collection:

In the table below, we will mention the collection of bikes Sadhguru has. Moreover, the price of his bikes are also mentioned in the table. 

BMW K 1600 GT$27, 745
BMW R 1200 GS$23, 895
Italian mile muncher$74, 096
Ducati Multistrada 1260$28, 295
Ducati Scrambler$62, 020
Sadhguru bikes collection

Sadghuru is seen several times while riding bikes. on his social media accounts, he posts his video in which he rides his bikes. Let’s have a look at his riding and how fast he rides a bike. 

Watches Collection:

Sadghuru has been seen many times while watching some luxury watches. However, he didn’t disclose much of the information about his watches collection. 

Sadhguru watch collection
Source: Instagram

from his instagram we collect some of the watches brands that Sadghuru has.

Watches Price
Vintage Victorinox Swiss Army Cavalry$275
Cartier Pasha Seatimer (ref no: W31077U2)$3500
Sadhguru watch collection


Sadhguru is a well known yoga guru who owns a “Sarpa Sutra, Consecrated Snake Ring of Copper Metal”. He always wears this ring on the ring finger of his left hand. Furthermore, he speaks many times about the importance of his ring. He wears this $20 ring every time in every show and podcast which is brought from his own organization – the Isha Foundation.

sadhguru jewellary
Source: Instagram

Land Purchasing:

As many other peoples Sadhguru is purchasing fertile land in India. He purchased land and made Isha foundation ashrams on them. He has Isha Foundation branches in many cities of India to help his fans get easy access to yoga classes of their teacher – Sadhguru.


Like the other public figures, Sadhguru was involved in different types of investment. He invests most of his money in business, vehicles, and real estate. Sadhguru knows about the investment because he once owned a business with his friend before becoming a Yogi. 


Sadhguru lives in the corteges of Isha Foundation and as our resources, he does not own a single house but some real estate in India where he makes Isha foundation and corteges to make easier access to his yogi to attend classes of yoga.

Social Media Accounts of Sadhguru:

Visit the social media accounts of Sadhguru, which are given in the table below:

Social Media AccountUsername
Spotify@ Sadhguru
Social Media Accounts of Sadhguru

Key points of Sadhguru:

  • I know all the pilots and I’m a licensed pilot myself.
  • The Padma Vibhushan – the Indian Second Highest Civilian Award – is awarded to Sadhguru for his humanity, and spiritual and religious service.
  • Isha Foundation built the World’s largest bust the “Adiyogi Shiva Statue” and gained the “Guinness World Record” exhibited by Sadhguru, in 2017.
  • In 2019, Sadhguru stands in 40th position out of 50 powerful Indians according to the magazine “India Today”.
  • He started a mission “Save Soil” nowadays to save soil from destruction and demolition of the land worldwide.


From the above information, it is concluded that Sadhguru is a prominent and rich spiritual Yogi, Writer and an India public speaker. He specially earned his money through business and financial Gifts/Donations from his students and followers, business and his YouTube Channel.

Sadhguru net worth is estimated as $25 Million. We collected all this data from our trustworthy resources. Visit the social media accounts of Sadhguru for further details. His ashram plays an important role to boost his net worth and income. 

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