Manny Khoshbin Net Worth Is $100 Million

According to the 2023 predictions, Manny Khoshbin net worth is $100 Million. He is a prominent Iranian businessman who has boosted his net worth specifically through his real estate ventures and through his companies, Khoshbin Company, Fuzul, and Contrarian Academy. 

Investments, YouTube presence, and writing books also played a crucial role in increasing his wealth. Let us uncover more information about the world’s most prosperous businessman, Manny Khoshbin.

Who is Manny Khoshbin?

Manny Khoshbin is ranked among the wealthiest businesspeople in the world and the estimation of Manny Khoshbin net worth is about $100 Million. He was born in Iran on January 14, 1971, but then migrated to America. He holds Iranian-American nationality. He has accumulated millions of dollars through real estate investing, YouTube activities, and as an author.

Real NameManny Khoshbin
Date of BirthJanuary 14, 1971
Zodiac SignCapricorn
Place of BirthIran
CollegeWestminster High School, Westminster
ProfessionBusinessman, YouTuber, Author
Estimated Net Worth$100 Million
Who is Manny Khoshbin?

Early Life and Career of Manny Khoshbin

Here are the highlights of the early life and career of Manny Khoshbin.

  • Manny Khoshbin came into the world on January 14, 1971. He was born in Iran. During the time of his birth, Iran was facing severe political disturbances,
  • Manny Khoshbin’s parents and his kids immigrated to the USA because of political issues and for a better lifestyle in 1984. At that time, Manny was only 14 years old.
  • Initially, they faced severe financial issues. However, they managed to overcome the financial crisis. Manny Khoshbin stepped into the real estate industry and started making money as a salesperson. 
  • Manny gained a better understanding of the real estate market and investments with time. He is surprisingly earning millions of dollars through his companies and investment works.
  • He is an admirable author and also boosts his fortune through entrepreneurial works.

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Personal Life of Manny Khoshbin

Below, we are going to discuss the personal life of Manny Khoshbin.

  • Manny Khoshbin’s father’s name is Nasser Khoshbin, while his mother’s is unknown. 
  • He has four siblings. 
  • His sexual orientation is straight, and his marital status is married. 
  • He tied the knot with Leyla Milani. 
  • They both have two children named Priscilla Khoshbin and Enzo Pasha.
Personal Life of Manny Khoshbin

Source: Instagram

Yearly Growth Rate of Manny Khoshbin Net Worth :

Manny Khoshbin was not a millionaire by birth but faced many financial problems. He is a self-made millionaire who elevated his net worth with years of hard work. Let us discuss how his net worth growth rate fluctuated in the past years.

Year 2018-2023Net Worth (Million)
In 2023$100 Million
In 2022$92 Million
In 2021$84 Million
In 2020$76 Million
In 2019$70 Million
In 2018$65 Million
Yearly Growth Rate of Manny Khoshbin Net Worth

You can visibly see the growth rate of Manny Khoshbin through the graph. 

Yearly Net Worth Growth Rate of Manny Khoshbin:

How Did Manny Khoshbin Boost His Net Worth?

Manny Khoshbin net worth is considered to be approximately $100 Million. He has boosted his net worth by adopting several sources of income. 

How Manny Khoshbin Boost His Net Worth

Let us briefly discuss the primary sources of earnings through which Manny Khoshbin elevated his earnings. 

  • Real estate investments play an incredible role in increasing the net worth of Manny Khoshbin. He is a successful businessman when it comes to real estate. He specifically made money by transforming the undervalued properties into profitable assets. 
  • Beyond real estate investments, His entrepreneurial endeavors have elevated his earnings. He is currently the CEO of the three companies and earns millions of dollars on a monthly basis. 
  • Manny is an author; thus, he shared his experiences through his authorship and public speaking engagements. Thus, it is evident that he must have boosted his earnings through the selling of his book and speaking fees, authorship, and speaking engagements.
  • Manny made significant money through automotive ventures. He loved cars and thus also engaged in the automotive industry, where he did business by selling and buying cars. It is a crucial factor behind his admirable financial success. 
  • The reason behind his financial independence is also his social media presence. He has a great fan following on his social media accounts, especially Instagram and YouTube. Here, he shares experiences about his lifestyle, business strategies, and real estate ventures. 

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Where Did Manny Khoshbin Spend His Money?

According to reliable sources, Manny Khoshbin net worth is predicted to be $100 Million. He is a millionaire and has a luxurious way of living. He owns assets worth a million dollars. 

Where Manny Khoshbin Spend His Money

Source: Instagram

Let us have a look at how he is spending his earnings.

  • Manny Khoshbin owned extravagant houses. So, he must spend money on buying personal property.
  • Manny Khoshbin has a passion for cars and has a surprising collection of cars. He also runs a business in the automotive industry. Manny Khoshbin is involved in philanthropic activities and financially supports different organizations, foundations, and charities.
  • Being a millionaire, he must spend a million dollars on his lavish outfits, footwear, watches and other accessories.
  • He has a wife and children, so he must support them financially. 

Physical Statistics of Manny Khoshbin.

Manny Khoshbin is famous in the world not only because of his praiseworthy wealth but also due to his perfect facial features. Let us take a look at his physical statistics, which are mentioned in the table below.

Height5’10”, 1.78m, 178cm
Eye ColorDark Brown
Hair ColorBlack
Shoe Size9 US
Body TypeBalanced
Physical Statistics of Manny Khoshbin

Social Media Accounts of Manny Khoshbin:

The table below shows the social media accounts of Manny Khosbin with followers and usernames.

Accounts NameFollowersUsernames
Facebook621KManny Khoshbin
YouTube1.7MManny Khoshbin
Social Media Accounts of Manny Khoshbin


Q. What is the monthly and annual income of Manny Khoshbin?

The monthly income of Manny Khoshbin is approximately $0.5 Million and his annual income is $10 Million.

Q. How many houses did Manny Khoshbin own?

Manny Khoshbin owned many houses. A few of them are listed below.

  •   The Khoshbin Compound, Newport Coast, California
  •  The Titan, Crystal Cove, California
  •  The Rock, Beverly Hills, California
  •  The Car Vault, Orange County, California
  •  The Jet, La Quinta, California
  • The Pagoda, Las Vegas, Nevada 

Q. Give a list of the car collection of Manny Khoshbin.

Here is the list of a few cars, all of these cars also contributed to the Manny Khoshbin Net Worth.

  • Bugatti Chiron by Hermes
  • Pagani Huayra Hermes Edition
  • Mercedes-Benz SLR McLaren HDK
  • McLaren Speed Rail Hermes Edition
  • Bugatti Veyron Rembrandt Edition

Q. Write the names of books written by Manny Khoshbin?

His famous books include “Manny Khoshbin’s Contrarian Playbook: Building a $100 Million Real Estate Empire from Scratch” and  Commercial Real Estate Investing 101.

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