Sasha Obama Net Worth Is $5 Million: Education, Age, Family

Sasha Obama net worth is approximately $5 Million. She has been famous among the public since her childhood because of the youngest daughter of 44th American President Barack Obama. She spends her childhood in the White House. She is a well-known personality but maintains her life private and away from the public which causes people to have an interest in her life.

Furthermore, Sasha Obama recently graduated from university and accumulated several dollars from her inheritance, summer jobs, shows, and documentaries besides she spent his royalties on her lifestyle, bags, jewelry, and cars. 

Who is Sasha Obama?

Natasha Obama is the youngest daughter of American President Barak Obama also widely known as Sasha Obama. She was born on June 10, 2001, in Chicago, Illinois. As of 2023, Sasha is now 22 years old. She is recently graduated in sociology and currently living in Los Angeles with her older sister. She has American nationality and American-African ethnicity.

Full name Natasha Obama
Nick NameSasha Obama, Sassy
Date of BirthJune 10, 2001
EducationGraduated in sociology from USC.
Net Worth$5 Million
Relationship StatusSingle
Spouse/BoyfriendClifton Powell Jr.
ParentsBarack Obama(Father), Michelle Obama (Mother)
SiblingMalia Ann Obama (sister)
BirthplaceChicago, Illinois
Current ResidenceLos Angelus
Who is Sasha Obama?

Sasha Obama early life and career:

Here are some highlights from the early life and career of former President Barack Obama daughter Sasha Obama.

  • Sasha Obama was born in Illinois, Chicago, and spent her childhood becoming a famous personality as her father was elected 44th president of the American State.
  • She lives in the White House in her childhood. She with her sister becomes the youngest child living in the White House.
  • Being the daughter of the American president she attends “Sidwell Friends School” in the Capital of America, Washington, D.C. 
  • She attends the “University of Michigan” in Michigan with a degree in sociology.
  • In 2022, she transferred from Michigan to “The University of Southern California” in Los Angeles near her sister.
  • She shares her apartment with her sister currently graduated in 2023 and enjoys her time free from books, finals, and assignments or maybe preparing herself for her future goals.

Personal life of Sasha Obama:

Let’s discuss the personal life of Sasha Obama.

  • The former president of America Barack Obama is the father of Sasha Obama while the first lady Michelle Obama is the mother of Sasha.
  • She has an older sister Malia Ann Obama.
  • She is currently single but many times seen with Clifton Powell Jr. the son of legendary Clifton Powell.
Personal life of Sasha Obama:

Source: YouTube

Yearly Sasha Obama Net Worth Growth Rate Table:

Sasha Obama is the daughter of a former president who scrapped together a net worth from her different activities, jobs, and inheritance. Let’s have a quick look at the growth rate table of Sasha Obama net worth in the past 5 years.

In 2023$5 Million
In 2022$4.5 Million
In 2021$3 Million
In 2020$2 Million
In 2019$1 Million
In 2018$0.5 Million
Yearly Sasha Obama Net Worth Growth Rate Table

Let’s have a look at the graph that shows the yearly net worth growth rate of Sasha Obama;

Yearly Sasha Obama Net Worth Growth Rate Table

How Did Sasha Obama Boost Her Net Worth?

Sasha Obama gathers millions of dollars from different sources which makes Sasha Obama net worth $5 Million. Let’s discuss the habits of Sasha Obama spending money.

How Did Sasha Obama Boost Her Net Worth?
  • Sasha Obama got her cash as an inheritance from her parents which helped her to boost his net worth.
  • As the daughter of former President & First Lady of America Michelle Obama, Sasha appears in shows and life documentaries on Netflix.
  • Sasha Obama’s father and mother own some stock and digital currency so it is assumed that she also owns some stock shares and any amount of digital currency.

Where did Sasha Obama Spend his Money?

Sasha Obama net worth is $5 Million which she spends on her lifestyle, cars, and many other things. Let’s discuss the spending behavior of Sasha.

Where did Sasha Obama Spend his Money?

Source: Instagram

  • Sasha Obama spends her money on buying different lavish cars worth of million dollars. She has seen many time with Chrysler 300 and BMW i7 in public.
  • As a former President’s Daughter, Sasha Obama maintains her lifestyle and spends an amount on her lavish life.
  • Sasha Obama devoted her dollars to buying branded and luxury bags and jewelry. She was many times publically seen wearing bags and jewelry worth of greenbacks.
  • Like other millionaires, it is assumed that Sasha Obama owns a huge wardrobe of clothes, outfits footwear, and other accessories.
  • Being the younger sister of a writer and director, it is assumed that she has a kneed interest in filmmaking because she many times was publically seen with director Clifton Powell Jr. 

Physical Statistics of Sasha Obama:

Sasha Obama is a well-known person. Let’s discuss how she looks and the physical appearance of Sasha.

Height175 cm, 5’9”
Weight132 lbs, 60 Kg
Eye ColorDark Brown
Hair ColorBlack
Physical Statistics of Sasha Obama

Social Media Accounts Details

Being a famous personality Sasha Obama maintains her life private and doesn’t discuss his life publically. She values her privacy and maintains her life away from the news. She once made her Twitter account and later announced to make an account on Instagram but later it’s unknown whether she made an account or not.

Social Media Accounts Details

Frequently Asked Questions 

Q. What was Barack Obama’s net worth before he became president?

In 2009, before becoming president Barack Obama had a $1.3 Million net worth. From 2005 to 2016, he earns a significant amount of dollars from his presidential salary and investments or many other sources.

Q. How much is Sasha Malia Obama worth?

Sasha Obama net worth is $5 million while her sister Malia Obama net worth is $1 Million.

Q. What is Michelle and Barack Obama’s net worth?

Since 2017, leaving the White House the net worth of Michelle and Barack Obama combined have $70 Million. They earn this huge amount of money in many different ways including their salaries and book deals.

Q. How did Michelle Obama make a living?

Michelle Obama is an author, lawyer, and the wife of the 44th president of America. She was raised in Chicago’s southern side. She worked in “Sidley Austin” a law firm where she met her husband. She makes a living from her job, investment, and salary.

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