Lola Monroe Net Worth is $500K

Lola Monroe net worth is approximately $500K as of 2023. She is an exceptional rapper and alluring actress in America. She has surprised millions of fans through her outstanding musical performance and fascinating acting. She has mainly amassed her net worth through rapping and modeling. 

Being a public figure, she has frequently remained under heated discussion regarding her net worth. In this article, we will discuss the estimation of her net worth, including her yearly and monthly incomes, yearly net worth growth rate, personal life, career, streams of avenues, and expenditures.

Who is Lola Monroe?

Lola Monroe is the stage name of the famous American rapper and model Fershgenet Melaku. Her date of birth is October 23, 1986, and currently, she is 37 years old. Her horoscope is Scorpio. She was born in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia, and has American nationality. Her primary professions are rapping and modeling. As per estimations, Lola Monroe net worth is approximately $500K.

Full NameFershgenet Melaku
Stage NameLola Monroe
Date of BirthOctober 23, 1986
Age37 Years
Birth PlaceAddis Ababa, Ethiopia
ProfessionRapper And Model
Net Worth$500K
Who is Lola Monroe

Early Life & Career of Lola Monroe:

Let’s glance at the early life and career of the American personality Lola Monroe.

The birthplace of Lola Monroe is October 23, 1986. However, she transferred to the United States at an early age along with her parents. She grew up in Washington, D.C., and completed her studies at the University of Southern California. 

Career Highlights of Lola Monroe:

  • When she turned 12 Years old, she started writing various captivating poems and songs because of her deep interest in music. 
  • In 2009, she stepped into the hip-hop industry and started her musical career as a rapper. She released her first mixtape, ‘Boss Bitch’ World,’ which gained success globally.
  • Besides being a rapper, she entered the fashion industry and became a well-appreciated model.

Personal Life of Lola Monroe:

The personal life of rapper Lola Monroe is quite interesting, similar to her professional life. A few years back, she dated Boosie Badazz, a famous rapper. But their relationship didn’t last forever, and they eventually broke up. 

Later, she started her relationship with King Los, a professional rapper. She announced her pregnancy news in 2012. Currently, she and King Los have a son, Brixton Royal Coleman.

Personal Life of Lola Monroe:
Source: Instagram

How Much is Lola Monroe Net Worth?

Based on reliable assumptions, Lola Monroe net worth is $500K. She is a widely recognized rapper and model who amassed a substantial net fortune through her extraordinary performance and exceptional appearance in the American entertainment industry.

Besides her official career, she also endeavored to earn impressive wealth by organizing live performances, concerts, or ticket sales. Additionally, she owns Lola Monroe Boutique, where she sells a variety of jeans, denim, purses, straight legs, tummy control, earrings, glasses and other accessories and earns a good penny. She also elevated her earnings through social media platforms. 

Lola Monroe Yearly and Monthly Income:

The estimations of the yearly and monthly income of model Lola Monroe are discussed in the table below

Lola Monroe’s Estimated Net Worth$500K
Yearly Income $50K
Monthly Income$10K
Lola Monroe Yearly and Monthly Income

Lola Monroe Yearly Net Worth Growth Rate:

The exact information regarding the yearly net worth growth rate of Lola Monroe is private. This is because she never disclosed any statement related to this matter. However, Here is the estimation of the rate of her yearly net worth growth.

Currently, in 2023, Lola Monroe net worth is approximately $500K. 

Years (2018-2023)Estimated Net Worth
In 2023$500K
In 2022$496K
In 2021$450K
In 2020$488K
In 2019$385K
In 2018$281K
Lola Monroe Yearly Net Worth Growth Rate

However, along with numbering, let’s shed light on the yearly net worth growth of Lola Monroe through the graph. 

Lola Monroe Yearly Net Worth Growth Rate:

What is the Major Stream of Revenues of Lola Monroe?

After striving throughout her musical and modeling career, Lola Monroe reached a net worth of $500K. Now, we will discuss who Lola Earns all of his income. 

Major Stream of Revenues of Lola Monroe


Lola Monroe started her rapping career in 2009 and released hit songs, including ‘Dark Red Lipstick,’ ‘Fly Away,’ ‘Band Up,’ ‘Over Time,’ ‘Gimme My Money,’ and many more. She not only gained recognition through her rapping skills but also amassed impressive wealth, which increased 38% her net worth by. 

Here are a few music albums and songs by Lola Monroe.

  • Dark Red Lipstick
  • Like Mine
  • Cheat On You
  • You Know I Want You
  • Run This Town
  • Back Back
  • Gimme My Money
  • Successful
  • Money On Dey Head


Lola Monroe not only revolutionized the American entertainment industry but also confidentially stepped into modeling. She captivated the public with her enchanting and irresistible looks and personality and was listed among the most glamorous models in America. With her modeling career, she boosted 25% of her earnings.

Lola Monroe Boutique:

Lola Monroe owned a boutique named ‘Lola Monroe Boutique.’ She offered a variety of garments, footwear, and other accessories at a wide range of prices. Her dominant products include tummy control, earrings, glasses, jeans, denim, purses, straight legs, and other products. Selling these products helped her boost her wealth by 15%.

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Live Appearances or Concerts:

As a rapper, Lola Monroe has organized and attended many concerts and live shows. She showed her live performances in different concerts, live shows, and special tours. Her exceptional live performances significantly boosted 11% of her net worth.

Ticket Selling:

During the concerts of Lola Monroe, her fans purchased tickets to see her live performance. The money from the ticket sales directly goes to the rapper. Ticket selling has boosted Lola Monroe net worth by 8%. 

Social Media Platform:

Social media also played a crucial role in enhancing the net worth of Lola Monroe. She remained active on social media accounts like Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube. Instagram’s activeness has helped her make 3% of her wealth. 

Where Did Lola Monroe Spend Her Money?

Being a rapper and model, Lola Monroe must spend her money on living a dreamy lifestyle. Here are the possible ways where she might spend her money.

Lola Monroe Spend Her Money
Source: Instagram

Real Estate:

Wealthy Lola Monroe must own her own home and other property. However, she has never given any statement regarding real estate. Therefore, we cannot provide accurate information regarding her personal property. 

Car Collection:

Lola Monroe has been spotted numerous times in different expensive cars. She has an extravagant collection of vehicles, which must cost her a lot. But the total number of cars and their costs are publicly unavailable.

Musical Instruments:

As a rapper, Lola Monroe must spend her wealth on purchasing musical instruments needed for rapping. She might invest her penny in musical equipment.

Personal Styling:

Lola Monroe is a well-known fashion icon in the American fashion industry. She must spend a lot of money on herself to look vibrant and eye-catching. Her wardrobe must contain designer dresses, footwear, handbags, watches, jewelry, cosmetics, and other products.

Personal Styling of Lola
Source: Instagram

Recreation Purposes & Styling:

From Lola Monroe Net Worth, she must spend her wealth for recreational purposes, including clubbing, gathering, partying, traveling, and attending musical shows and other entertaining activities.

Organizing Concerts:

Lola Monroe is a rapper, so she might spend her money arranging and organizing different concerts and live performances. No doubt, she also earned money through shows, but arranging them might cost her a penny. 

Physical Status of Lola Monroe:

The table below highlights the physical statistics of Lola Monroe.

Body Measurement34-27-38 inches
Eye Color Green
Hair ColorBlack
Physical Status of Lola Monroe

Lola Monroe Social Media Accounts:

Lola Monroe has unquestionably gained recognition through her social media accounts. Visit and scroll down the account for the latest updates.

Accounts NameFollowersUsernames
YouTube3.81K subscribers@LoLaMonroeWorld
Official Website                    –
Lola Monroe Social Media Accounts

Fun Fact about Lola Monroe:

Here is some interesting information about Lola Monroe.

  • She professionally changed her name to Lola Monroe in 2007 after getting inspiration from Marylin Monroe, an American filmmaker. 
  • Her husband, King Los, is a famous rapper. Besides releasing singles, she collaborated with her husband on multiple songs. 
  • She is listed among the wealthiest and most successful rappers in Ethiopia.

Summing Up!

The estimation of Lola Monroe net worth is $500K. She is an American rapper and model who earned money through her rapping and modeling career. She also boosted her net worth through live appearances, concerts, ticket selling, and social media platforms. Additionally, she owns Lola Monroe boutiques, from which she is augmenting praiseworthy earnings. 

She has captivated the whole world through her unbeatable styling and impressive rapping. The information in this article is taken from the authentic sources. However, to get new updates, visit her social media accounts.

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