Irv Gotti Net Worth Is $80 Million: Income, Songs, Career

According to 2023 approximations, Irv Gotti net worth is estimated at $80 Million. He started his career as from DJ and then started posting his songs. He also composed, wrote, and produced songs and videos. With his brother and Def Jem’s help, he founded “The Inc. Records” for his record labels. In 2023, he makes documentaries on how he chooses his film’s main cast.

In addition Irv Gotti singing, he wrote many episodes for some famous TV shows. He can also appear in videos and shows. As a record label owner, recently, he signed a deal of a million dollars to sell his label records which also makes him a multi-millionaire.

Who is Irv Gotti?

Irving Domingo Lorenzo Jr. is a famous American rapper, and CEO of The Inc. Record, film Record, TV producer, Singer, DJ, Record Producer, and Song Composer. He was born on June 26, 1970, in New York, U.S. He is 53 years old as of 2023. He can speak English and is of American nationality. 

Full name Irving Domingo Lorenzo Jr.
Nick NameIrv Gotti, DJ Irv
Date of BirthJune 26, 1970
ProfessionRapper, Song Composer, TV producer, DJ, Record Producer, Singer, Film Director, CEO of The Inc. Records
Net Worth$80 Million
Relationship StatusDivorced
SpouseDebbie Lorenzo
ChildrenOne daughter and two Sons
ParentsIrvington Domingo Lorenzo Sr. and Nee Nee Lorenzo.
BirthplaceNew York, United States
Current ResidenceCalifornia, U.S.A
Who is Irv Gotti?

Irv Gotti Early Life and Career:

Here are some highlights of the musician Irv Gotti’s early life and career.

  • Irv Gotti as a teenager cracked the drugs business to support his family but due to country actions he left that business and started doing the job of a table-turn and mixer at the place of his neighbor.
  • In 1995, Irv professionally appeared as a Hip-Hop star and began to build his self’s career by directing the Joy to the World music video and founded “The Inc. Records” with his brother in 1998.
  • In 2000, Irv wrote many songs for hit moves and shows. He writes a lot of songs, composes, and produces which are featured in hit movies like Fast and Furious and “Down to Earth”.
  • In 2002, Irv directed the musical videos for Ashanti and same year produced a remix and wrote an episode for the TV series “The Wire”.
  • Irv Gotti works as an executive producer for the reality TV show “Gotti’s Way” which highlights his life and marriage.
  • In 2017, he introduced his biggest project Tales of BET series which is about hip-hop songs. On July 2, 2019, the second season of Tales is released. Currently, Irv Gotti net worth is estimated at $80 Million.

Personal life of Irv Gotti:

Let’s discuss briefly Irv Gotti’s personal life as the CEO of The Inc. Records.

  • The father of Irv Gotti is Irvington Domingo Lorenzo Sr. who is a Filipino-American and his mother’s name is Nee Nee Lorenzo who is an African-American.
  • They are eight siblings Irv is the youngest among them.
  • When it comes to marital status, he is divorced. He has three children with Debbie Lorenzo. The reason for their divorce is not disclosed.
Personal life of Irv Gotti

Source: Instagram

Yearly Irv Gotti Net Worth Growth Rate Table:

As per estimation, Irv Gotti’s net worth is $80 Million. He collects a noteworthy amount from his music, record labels, TV producer, and film director. His annual income is $3 Million while his monthly income is $0.2 Million.

In 2023$80 Million
In 2022$72 Million
In 2021$60 Million
In 2020$55 Million
In 2019$40 Million
In 2018$35 Million
Yearly Irv Gotti Net Worth Growth Rate Table

Check out the graph of the yearly net worth growth rate of Irv Gotti. 

Yearly Irv Gotti Net Worth Growth Rate

Where Did Irv Gotti Earn Money?

Irv Gotti net worth is approximately $80 Million as of 2023. He earns a substantial net income from different sources which are deliberated below.

Where Irv Gotti Earn Money?
  • Irv Gotti earned a considerable amount of income from his songs and albums. He released many of his songs which were written by him or sung by him and got successful. 
  • As a song composer, Irv Gotti is a co-founder of “The Inc. Records” with his brother. He signs the deal to sell record labels for $300 Million. 
  • Irv Gotti wrote many impressive songs and also wrote episodes of TV shows such as “The Wire”.
  • Besides songs and DJ, Irv makes an extensive amount by producing and directing many films and TV shows. He also appears in his life’s documentary. 
  • Irv Gotti besides being a singer also do work as a DJ. He also does some raps in many of the songs and composes remixes of songs which helps to improve his dollar amount. 

Where did Irv Gotti spend his money?

Irv Gotti net worth is $80 Million. Let’s discuss the spending of IRV Gotti.

Where Irv Gotti spend his money?

Source: Twitter, Instagram

  • As a multi-millionaire, Irv Gotti spends his earnings on shopping for different accessories. He buys a lot of stuff from different brands such as Cartier, Prada, and Louie.
  • Irv Gotti must have an impressive collection of cars. He many times spotted with several more luxurious cars such as Mercedes Maybach and Cadillac Escalator or many more.
  • Irv Gotti spends his income on buying real estate all over America. The details of properties are undisclosed and not revealed publically.

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Physical statistics of Irv Gotti:

Irv Gotti is a famous music artist, rapper, film producer, singer, song composer, and DJ. Let’s discuss the physical appearance of Irv Gotti and how he looks.

Height178 cm, 5’10”
Weight242 lbs, 110 kg
Eye ColorBlack
Hair ColorBlack
Beard & MustachesYes
Physical statistics of Irv Gotti

Social Media Accounts:

Let’s have a brief look at the social media account of Irv Gotti along with his followers and username.

Instagram1 M@irvgotti187
Facebook6.6 K@Irv “Gotti” Lorenzo
Twitter 21.3 K@irvgotti187
YouTube991@Irv Gotti – Topic
Spotify17,437 monthly listeners@Irv Gotti
TikTok3.6 K@irvgotti11
Social Media Accounts

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. How much is Irv Gotti worth in 2023?

Irv Gotti net worth is estimated at $80 Million, as of 2023. As a musician, DJ, TV production, and Record Label Ownership helped his net worth to boost.

Q. How did Irv Gotti make his money?

Irv Gotti is instrumental in hip-hop music, DJ, song composer, rapper, T.V. producer, and CEO and co-founder of The Inc. Records which helped him to make a significant amount of money. He makes a deal of $300 Million to sell his record labels.

Q. Did Irv Gotti and Ashanti have a relationship?

No! Irv Gotti and Ashanti aren’t in a relationship. Irv Gotti claimed that both share deep love but it doesn’t work out. When some ask Ashanti about their relationship she says “Never! I wasn’t his girlfriend.”

Q. How much did Irv Gotti sell his catalog for?

Irv Gotti sells his record label for $300 million in a deal. He sells his 50% ownership of the label master and also receives funding in the future for many projects.

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