Larry the Cable Guy Net Worth $100 Million

Larry the Cable Guy not only becomes the reason for the laughter of millions of people but Larry the cable guy net worth is impressive which is around $100 Million. Daniel Lawrence Whitney is also professionally known as Larry the Cable Guy.

He is the richest American Comedian, Television producer, Actor, Radio personality, Film Producer, Screenwriter, and Voice Actor. He became famous because of his signature catchphrases and down-home comedy.

In this article, we discuss the complete details of Larry the Cable Guy net worth and also explore his various sources of income and all his assets information.

Larry the Cable Guy Net Worth & Income:

Larry the Cable Guy net worth is $100 Million as per estimation.  He is listed among the richest comedians and celebrities in America and is acclaimed globally. Moreover, he continuously struggles and invests his income in different new projects, ventures, and financial management to boost his net worth.

That’s why, it is possible that in the upcoming years, his net worth might increase more. The biggest part of his net worth is coming from his comedy career. The Cable Guy releases many comedy albums that are certified Gold by the RIAA.

Estimated Net Worth$100 Million
Monthly Income$1.5 Million
Yearly Income$20 Million
Larry the Cable Guy Net Worth & Income

Yearly Net Worth Growth Rate of Larry the Cable Guy:

In the table below, we will give you the information regarding Larry the Cable Guy’s net worth growth rate. The growth rate increased gradually per year, The current Larry the Cable Guy net worth is $100 Million. 

YearNet Worth (Estimation)
In 2023$100 Million
In 2022$80 Million
In 2021$70 Million
In 2020$50 Million
In 2019$45 Million
Yearly Net Worth Growth Rate of Larry the Cable Guy

Larry the Cable Guy’s Net Worth Avenues:

As we discussed earlier, Larry the Cable Guy’s net worth is $100 Million. This hard-earned money is the outcome of his dedication and hard work in various avenues. Here are the main avenues that contribute to building his net worth.

Stand-up Comedy:

Larry the Cable Guy has specifically gained his identity as a stand-up comedian in the American entertainment industry. He performs in popular theaters and clubs and earns massive amounts with his perfect comedy style. He will earn 30% of his income through his standup comedy shows. 

Television & Movie Shows:

The richest American comic has made money by showing his surprising skills in multiple television and movie shows.  His character in “Witless Protection,” “Delta Farce,” and “Cars,” is undoubtedly worth watching. Larry almost makes 5% income through his TV and Movies Shows.

Online Streaming:

The famous comic shows and films of Larry the Cable Guy are also streamed on online platforms such as Netflix which contribute greatly in increasing his net worth of almost 10%. Additionally, they are also sold in DVD form at competitive rates.

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source: instagram

Blue Collar Comedy Tour:

Larry the Cable Guy is a member of the Blue Collar Comedy Tour. He not only gained popularity through this successful tour but also earned a surprising amount of money that goes almost 4% through his albums, comedy specials, and DVDs. 


Larry the Cable Guy has a delicious blend of seasoning that brings the right taste, heat, and flavor to your body. However, it had a bloody Lawrence and used Rye Whiskey instead of Vodka that added almost 6% in his income. Larry also posts about Bloodylarrymix on his Instagram account. 

source: Instagram

Voice acting in animated TV shows & Films:

Besides comedy, he earned money by showing his unique voice-acting skills in a number of animated TV shows and films. His voice was used for the characters of many shows and was praised globally. From Voice acting in animated TV shows & Films, Larry boosted his income by almost 10%. 

Live performances:

Larry frequently made life performances that significantly contributed to his net worth. Thus, there is no denying that a large part of his total net worth is the result of his corporate events, live shows, and public appearances. Through his live shows, Larry added 20% income to his money that increases their net worth. 

Live performances of Larry the cable guy
source: instagram

Endorsements & Merchandising:

Merchandising sales play a significant role in enhancing the net worth of Larry the Cable Guy. Moreover, he also added money through the endorsement of different brands and products. He will earn almost 15% income from endorsements. 

Larry the cable guys net worth Avenues

Where Larry the Cable Guy Spends His Money?

The estimated net worth of the richest comedian, Larry the Cable Guy is $100 Million, which can give a hint of his lavish lifestyle. He spent a huge amount of his earnings on buying assets and for charity purposes. The multi-talented celebrity owns the following assets.


Lary, himself owns a luxurious home located in Scottsdale, Arizona. This home cost $3.6 Million. He recently spent a huge amount of money buying a home in Sanford, Florida. He is also the owner of a home located in Nebraska. It features multiple outdoor spaces, a gaming room, an indoor theater, and a wraparound porch and is decorated brilliantly. However, its cost is not confirmed yet.  

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Remaining Assets- Cars, Watches, & Others:

A wide detail of the assets of the wealthiest comedian, Larry the Cable Guy is not available publicly. The lack of information about his assets reveals that he may want to keep them private or doesn’t want to show off their worth. Besides homes, he must have a collection of cars, watches, and other accessories. However, they are not widely documented. Therefore, it is quite difficult to tell about his total assets along with their prices.

home of larry the cable guy
Source: instagram

Charity Purposes:

Besides buying assets, Larry the Cable Guy loves spending his money on charities and for the sake of helping needy folks. It is reported that he spends a huge amount of his earnings to buy theatrical equipment for his school located in his hometown, Pawnee City, Nebraska, United States to update the education system.

Larry The Cable Guy’s Identification:

Larry the Cable Guy is actually the stage name of a well-appreciated American comedian, named Daniel Whitney Lawrence. He came into the world in Pawnee City, Nebraska, United States. on February 17, 1963, and is now identified as the best comedian, voice actor, producer, and actor. 

Larry The Cable Guy’s Identification

Being a stand-up comedian, he gained fame through the Blue Collar Comedy Tour and successfully released multiple certified comedy albums. Additionally, he showed his brilliant performance in worth-watching television shows and animated movies like “Cars,” “Cars 2,” and “Cars 3”. Larry the Cable Guy net worth is valued at $100 Million, ranking him among the richest comics.

Larry the Cable Guy’ Personal Data:

Here is a brief description of Larry the Cable Guy’s personal data in table form.

Real NameDaniel Whitney Lawrence
Stage NameLarry the Cable Guy
BirthplacePawnee City, Nebraska, United States
Date of BirthFebruary 17, 1963
Age60 Years Old
CategoryRichest Comedian, Richest Celebrities
OccupationComedian, Voice actor, Producer, Actor. Screenwriter, Film Producer & Television Producer.
EducationGraduated from Berean Christian School in West Palm Beach, Florida
Estimated Net Worth$100 Million
Marital StatusMarried
Wife NameCara Whitney
ChildrenTwo, Daughter(Reagan)& Son(Wyatt)
Larry the Cable Guy’ Personal Data

Larry the Cable Guy’s Physical Statistics:

The physical statistics of a well-known personality in the American entertainment industry, Larry the Cable Guy, are discussed in the table below. 

Weight75 kg, 165 Ib
Height5’10”. 1.78m, 178cm
Hair ColorLight Brown
Eye ColorGray
Larry the Cable Guy’s Physical Statistics:

Larry the Cable Guy’s Career & Achievements:

Let us throw light on the successful career of Larry the Cable Guy.

  • The American richest celebrity worked as Comedian, Voice actor, Producer, and Actor. Screenwriter, Film Producer & Television Producer in the entertainment industry.
  • As a comedian, Larry gained popularity through the “Blue Collar Comedy Tour”. In this tour, he not only showed his unique comedy skills along with Ron White, Bill Engvall, and Jeff Foxworthy but also boosted his net worth. As per resources, Larry the Cable Guy net worth is $100 Million. 
  • In 2004, he released his comedy special named, “Git-R-Done”. In this comedy special, he performed solely and was praised by the audience due to his unique comedic style.
  • In 2006, Larry showed his comedic skills by playing the role of a food health inspector in a comedy film named “Health Inspector” and was nominated at the Grammys for Best Comedy Album.
  •  Following the same year, he did voice acting for the character Mater in Pixar’s animated film “Cars”. Later, in 2011 and 2017, he showed the same skills for animated films “(Cars 2) & (Cars 3).
  • He performed a leading role in the comedy film “Delta Farce” in 2007 and was Nominated at the Grammys for Best Comedy Album for the second time.
  • In 2007, he also hosted a television special “Larry the Cable Guy’s Christmas Spectacular”, which became incredibly popular and won the Visual Effects Society Awards.
  • In 2008, he played the role of a small-town sheriff in the comedy film “Witless Protection” which greatly contributed to his fame as well as money, and was Nominated for the 2019 Razzie Awards for his strong performance in “Witless Protection”.

Larry the Cable Guy’s Social Media Information:

In this table, we will discuss the latest social media account details of the renowned comedian, Larry the Cable Guy. 

YouTube13.5K Subscribers 
Larry the Cable Guy’s Social Media Information

Larry the Cable Guy’s Favorite Quotes:

Being a comedian, Larry the Cable Guy never hesitates in giving hilarious statements. When we visit his social media account we find some of the favorite quotes of Larry the Cable Guy. His favorite quotes are stated below. 

  • “McDonald’s is bringing back the McRib for the sandwich’s 40th anniversary. I still have one under my driver seat from their first anniversary.” 
  • “Nothin’ like a good football tailgate to make you appreciate a fat guy with a grill and a cooler.”
  • “Some kids stay in their rooms and play electronics so much that to “ground” them now means you have to make them go outside and play with their friends.” 
  • “When someone in my family says ‘They have a lot of irons in the fire’ they mean they’re playing three different lotteries.” 

Source: Instagram 

Final Remarks:

Larry the Cable Guy is not only ruling the American entertainment industry through his comedian and acting skills but is also ranked among the richest comedians and celebrities in the USA. The estimated Larry the Cable Guy net worth is $100 Million. 

His stand-up comedy, TV shows, online streaming, public appearances, endorsements, merchandise, and Blue Collar Comedy Tour contribute to boosting his net worth. We updated this information based on the most trustworthy resources. However, it is recommended to keep checking his social media platforms to get the latest updates. 

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