Mr. T Net Worth Is $1.5 Million: Family, Career & Movies

The estimated of Mr. T net worth is approximately $1.5 Million. He is a well-known actor, wrestler, and motivational speaker in America. Firstly, he became famous because of wrestling, then he became a shining star of the film industry through his unremarkable acting.  

He earned a massive amount in Millions through acting, wrestling, social media platforms, and brand endorsement. If you are curious to know about the net worth of Mr. T, then read this article carefully. let’s discuss his net worth in detail. 

Who is Mr. T?

Mr. T started his career as a wrestler and then took a step into the world of acting. The actual name of Mr. T is “Lawrence Tureaud” but he is famous by the name “Mr. t”. Mr. T was born on 21 May 1952, in Chicago, lllionois. He has 11 siblings and all of them grew up in the three-bedroom apartment. 

Full NameLawrence Tureaud
Famous asMr. T
Birth dateMay 21, 1952
Zodiac signGemini
ProfessionWrestler, actor, motivational speaker, voice actor, Bodyguard, and TV personality
Birthplace Chicago, Illinois, USA
Estimated net worth $1.5 Million
Who is Mr. T

Early Life and Career of Mr. T:

Here is some detail about the early life and career of Mr. T:

  • The Father of Mr. T was a minister. When Mr. T was 5 years old, his father left the family. In 1970, Mr. T changed his last name from Tureaud to “T” legally.
  • Mr. T studied at Dunbar Vocational High School. There, he participated in football, wrestling, and martial arts.
  • He also earned a football scholarship for Prairie View and A&M University.
  • He tried to take part in the NFL team but failed. After that, he started to work as a bodyguard. 
  • When he doing the job of a bodyguard, he received contracts for the most famous personalities such as “Micheal Jackson”, “Diana Ross”, “Muhammad Ali” etc.  He earned a lot of money from these contracts.
  • On television, the first time he appeared as “America’s best bouncer” and won the competition. He got fame through his movie “Rocky 3”, and a television series “The A-Team”
  • Mr. T also appeared in movies like “Spy Hard”, “Inspector Gadget”, “Judgment” and “Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs”.
  • Mr. T is also a motivational speaker. He recorded a motivational video “Be Somebody… Or Be Somebody’s Fool”, in which he was advising children.
  • He also took part as a professional wrestler in the World Wrestling Federation he was Hulk Hogan’s tag team partner and won it.
  • He was also fighting with T-cell lymphoma.

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Personal Life of Mr. T:

Let’s have a look at brief look at the personal life of Mr. T. 

  • The marital status of Mr. T is married and his wife’s name is “Phyllis Clark”
  • He has three children, his daughter’s name is Erika and his son’s names are Lesa and T Junior.

Yearly Mr. T Net Worth Growth Rate:

The estimated net worth of Mr. T is $1.5 Million. He worked hard to earn this money. Let us show you his yearly net growth rate, given below.

Years (2018- 2023)Estimated net worth
In 2023$1.5 Million
In 2022$1.3 Million
In 2021$1 Million
In 2020$0.9 Million 
In 2019$ 0.8 Million 
In 2018$0.7 Million
Yearly Mr. T Net Worth Growth Rate

This yearly net worth growth maintained above is the estimated value, it can fluctuate from the actual net worth growth rate. Now, have a look at Mr. t Net Worth through the graph. 

Yearly Mr. T Net Worth Growth Rate

How Did Mr. T Earn His Net Worth?

Mr. T net worth is estimated at $1.5 Million. Here are some common sources from which he boosted his income:

How  Mr. T Earn his Net Worth
  • Mr. T started his career as a club bouncer and he worked as a bodyguard for many high-profile celebrities. 
  • He has a successful wrestling career. Being a wrestler and bodyguard, he had solidified his status in the entertainment industry. This contributed to his financial success.
  • As an actor, he played a remarkable role in the classical television show “The A-Team”. He also had different roles in movies, (hit movies like “Rocky 3”) which helped to grow up his financial success. 
  • He sells merchandise, including “action figures”, “lunch boxes” and “videogames”. This allowed him to earn a substantial amount of money. 
  • Besides this, he also works as a motivational speaker in the hit television show “I pitty the Fool”. 
  • Mr. T is also a social media influencer. It also dramatically enhanced his income. 
  • He had also been involved in multiple commercials like “Snickers”, “Atari”, “Comcast” and “Radio-shake”. 
  • Currently, he has a spokesman contract with Aaron’s rent-to-own stores. From which he boosted his wealth. 

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Where Did Mr. T Spend his Money?

As we discussed Mr. T net worth is $1.5 Million, as per assumption. He might spend this money in different ways to enjoy the luxury life:

Where Mr. T Spend his Money

Source: Instagram 

  • Mr. T has made investments in real estate and properties. He is the owner of a luxurious house in Los Angeles, a mansion in Lake Forest.
  • Mr. T is famous for his trademark gold chain. so obviously, he has a collection of gold.
  • On his social media account, we see a lot of his pictures wearing a lot of jewelry which shows he also spends his income to buy a huge collection of jewelry, watches, and gold accessories. 
  • He might be spending his money on buying luxurious cars.

Physical Statistics of Mr. T:

Mr. T has a unique look with his Mohawk hairstyle and trademark gold chain old man at the age of 71. He has wrinkles on his face. On his face, he has stubble on his chin and above his upper lip. 

Eye colorDark brown 
Hair ColorBlack
Height5 ft 10 inch
Physical Statistics of Mr. T

Social Media Accounts of Mr. T:

The table given below shows the social media accounts of Mr. T:

Accounts nameFollowersUsernames
Instagram58.5 Kofficialipitythefool
Facebook5.6 K MR.T
Twitter367.9 K@MrT
Social Media Accounts of Mr. T

Frequently Asked Questions:

Q. What are Mr. T’s catchphrases?

Mr. t catchphrases include “I pity the fool”, “I am gonna treat you like a stepchild”, and “Don’t make me mad”.

Q. Is Mr. T had won any award?

No, he has not won any awards.

Q. What happened to Mr. T Mohawk’s style?

In 1997, Mr. T shaved off his style to support children, who are fighting cancer.

Q. Has Mr. T written any books?

Yes, Mr. T has written his autobiography “Mr. T” “The Man with Gold”.

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