Kim Kiyosaki Net Worth $52 Million

According to an estimation, Kim Kiyosaki net worth is $52 Million. Kim Kiyosaki is an eminent businesswoman, entrepreneur, speaker, and author. She hosts a radio show and is a real estate investor in America. She gained popularity because of her inspiring, business-related book, “Rich Woman” and is a co-founder of a popular financial education company “Rich Dad Company.” 

She runs a famous clothing brand, “Rich Dad Brand.” and she is listed among the self-made millionaire women worldwide. Kim Kiyosaki inspired women worldwide with her successful career and dedication to achieving her goals.

Who is Kim Kiyosaki?

Kim Kiyosaki is an American self-made millionaire woman who came into the world on 26 January 1957 in Honolulu, Hawaii, USA. She co-founded “Rich Dad Company” with her husband and is a famous entrepreneur, speaker, author, and radio show host. Kim Kiyosaki’s net worth is $52 Million. She always emphasizes the women to succeed and considers them the best game players on the planet. 

“Women are the best game players on the planet.”

                                                                          Source: Instagram

Additionally, she is the author of various books. Her popular book “Rich Woman ” undoubtedly inspires women to live a successful, independent life. Besides these, she owns a worth-praising brand, “Rich Dad Brand.” It is the outcome of her hard work that she is considered a millionaire.

Full NameKim Robert Kiyosaki
NicknameKim Kiyosaki
Net Worth$52 Million
Place of BirthHonolulu, Hawaii, United States
Date of BirthJanuary 26th,  1957
Zodiac SignAquarius
Age66 Years Old (as of 2023)
ProfessionEntrepreneur, Author, Speaker, Radio host, 
Famous forBook “Rich Woman”
Lucky Number4
Sexual OrientationStraight
Marital StatusMarried
Spouse NameRobert Kiyosaki
Who is Kim Kiyosaki?

Kim Kiyosaki Net Worth & Income

As per estimation, Kim Kiyosaki’s net worth is $52 Million. Her dedication to achieving financial success helped her to become a self-made millionaire. She worked hard as an author, entrepreneur, speaker, and brand owner to list herself among the richest businesswomen in the world. 

She also co-founded “Rich Dad Company” with her husband and used it to increase its net worth. Working with her husband proved that women can be more successful than men. 

“Gender has nothing to do with success.”

  Source: Instagram

Aside from this, she boosted her net worth through speaking appearances and giving inspiring speeches that mainly emphasized financial freedom. She also earned a significant amount of money through making investments. 

She invested in real estate, business ventures, and stocks significantly contributing to her net worth. There is no denying that her financial decisions always lead her to admirable achievements and unquestionable increases in net worth.

Net Worth$52 Million
Yearly Income$6 (as per estimation)
Kim Kiyosaki Net Worth

Yearly Net Worth Growth Rate of Kim Kiyosaki:

YearNet Worth (Estimation)
2024$52 Million
2023$50 Million
2022$45 Million
2021$43 Million
2010$40  Million
Yearly Net Worth Growth Rate of Kim Kiyosaki:
Yearly Net Worth Growth Rate of Kim Kiyosaki

Avenues Shaping Kim Kiyosaki Net Worth:

Kim Kiyosaki has an estimated net worth of $52 Million, which she mainly earns through her business adventures and by showing outstanding skills in the financial education industry. Here are the known avenues that she adopted for earning.


Kim Kiyosaki, a famous American businesswoman, worked as an entrepreneur. She was involved in various entrepreneurial projects to boost her net worth. As an estimation, she added a high percentage of her total net worth, i.e., 15% through entrepreneurship. 

Once, Kim Kiyosaki supported entrepreneurs by posting a picture on Instagram with a caption,

“I will only purchase properties that cash flow. It takes time to find them, but it’s well worth the effort. And right now the projected U.S. housing market outlook remains strong, especially in the rental markets. Here are the factors contributing to the reports, and why there really is no better time than now to get in”.

Avenues Shaping Kim Kiyosaki Net Worth

Source: Instagram 

Selling of books:

Kim Kiyosaki is the author of the worth reading books “Rich Woman” and “Its Rising Time.” In her books, he gave priority to the topics of entrepreneurship, investments, and personal finances. Due to their broad readership, these books have high sales ratings, leading to a surprising increase in earnings. According to estimation, Bookselling causes a 20% increase in her net worth.


Apart from her businesses, Kim Kiyosaki earned money through making investments. He invested in different projects, specifically in real estate. Her involvement in various investments is among the primary factors that significantly contributed to boosting her net worth and increasing it by 26%. 

Speaking appearance:

As a millionaire woman, Kim Kiyosaki made public appearances at conferences and financial education events to give inspiring speeches. In return, the organizer gave her a speech fee, which increased her net worth by 10%, as per estimated. She also appeared in shows such as “Real Talk,” where she delivers inspirational information.

Speaking appearance

Source: Instagram 

Rich Dad Company:

Kim Kiyosaki received striking earnings through her “Rich Dad Company.” She confounded this company with her husband. The main focus of the company is providing financial education. As per estimation, she boosted 24% of her money through various educational products.

Online Streaming:

Kim Kiyosaki also earns money through her YouTube channel named “Rich Dad Channel.” She also works as an influencer on her Instagram account and earns a lot of money. It is assumed that he earned 5% of her net worth through her performance in online streaming.

Where did Kim Kiyosaki spend her money?

Curiosity about how millionaire Kim Kiyoski spent her money is quite common. She must spend the money on living a lavish lifestyle. 

Personal Assets & Luxuries:

Kim Kiyosaki has never disclosed a statement about her assets publicly. However, she must own luxurious homes. She was often spotted in luxurious cars alone and with her husband, Robert Kiyosaki. 

Kim Kiyosaki personal assets
source: instagram


As a millionaire, she must spend money on eye-catching dresses to look elegant. She frequently seemed to be wearing branded shoes and watches. She is assumed to have a good collection of expensive watches and jewelry as she is spotted several times wearing them. 

Traveling and Partying

Kim Kiyosaki spent her money on traveling and eating. She was noticed many times by hiking and boating. She was also spotted many times partying with friends, which hinted that she spent money on partying.

Kim Kiyosaki traveling and fun
source: instagram


Kim Kiyosaki spends a good amount of money on investments. She becomes rich after investing in real estate. Currently, the estimated Kin Kiyosaki net worth is $52 Million. 

Kim Kiyosaki tweeted that:

 “Be true to yourself. Which investments are you most interested in?

  Recognize those moments when you get lost in what you’re doing.”

Philanthropic Work:

Kim Kiyasoki gives donations to organizations that support and promote financial awareness. The main foundations include the National Financial Educators Council and the Women’s Foundation of California. She also donates to organizations that work for women’s financial freedom or independence. These involve Women Leadership Exchange and Girls Inc. 

Kim Kiyosaki Net Worth chart

Kim Kiyosaki Physical Statistics:

The multitalented Kim Kiyosaki is not only recognized because of her inspirational career but also well-known for her captivating physical appearance. Her unique personality and beauty are always the center of attraction in public. Let us have a look at the physical statistics of Kim Kiyosaki.

Weight60Kg (as of 2022)
Hair ColorBlonde
Eye ColorBlack
Waist30 inches
Hips 34 inches
Kim Kiyosaki Physical Statistics

Kim Kiyosaki’s Career & Achievements:

Kim Kiyosaki net worth is $52 Million, resulting from his overwhelming career journey. Let us discuss her career and achievements. 

  • Kim Kiyosaki started her career in an advertising company as a common employee but was fired twice.
  • Later, she started her clothing company in America, which soon ranked among multi-million dollar companies in the USA.
  •  While running the clothing company, she came across Robert Kiyosaki and tied the knot with him.
  • Kin Kioyosaki and her husband invested in real estate, which proved profitable for both of them. Within five years of investments, they became millionaires due to huge profits.
  • They cofounded “Cash Technologies” in 1997. Here, they shared their experiences and opinions about their investments and businesses.
  • Kim Kiyosaki worked as an author and launched her first book “Rich Woman” in 2006. In this book, she discusses experiences about her successful business.
  • She was awarded the Lifetime Achievement Award at Global Woman. 
Kim Kiyosaki career achievements
source: instagram

Kim Kiyosaki Social Media Profile:

Instagram216 K
YouTube3.24M subscribers
Kim Kiyosaki Social Media Profile:

Kim Kiyosaki’s Favorite Quotes:

Here we enlist some of the favorite quotes of Kim Kiyosaki. 

  • “Money is only a tool. It will take you wherever you wish, but it will not replace you as the driver”.
  • “Establish a mission and wake up each morning knowing what you are trying to accomplish.”
  • Stop and Think. What Does Financial Freedom Mean? It means you never have to do what your boss tells you to, and your boss is probably planning your day right now.
  • “Losers Quit When They Fail. Winners Fail Until They Succeed.”
  • “Even if you are on the right track, you will get run over if you just sit there.”  

Source: Instagram 

Final Remarks:

Kin Kiyosaki is a businesswoman, entrepreneur, author, and real estate investor in America. She co-founded The Rich Dad Company with her husband and is considered a self-made Millionaire woman. According to estimation, Kin Kiyosaki’s net worth is $52 Million. 

She emphasizes earning money and urges the women to be financially independent. She mainly earned net worth through investments, entrepreneurial work, and as an author. She is undoubtedly a shining star and a role model for women. 

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