Bill Perkins Net Worth Is $55 Million

Bill Perkins net worth is estimated at $55 million. He has made this net worth through his business ventures, film productions, and Recreational Poker career. He is the founder and manager of the “energy hedge fund Skyler Capital”. 

Bill Perkins Net Worth
Date of BirthFebruary 02, 1969
OccupationEntrepreneur, Hedge Fund Manager, Poker Player
BiographyBill Perkins is an American entrepreneur, known
for his ventures in various industries including
energy trading, venture capital, and gaming. He
co-founded energy trading firm Centaurus Energy
Who is Bill Perkins?

Who is Bill Perkins?

Willaim O Perkins ||| is famous as Bill Perkins. He was born in Houston, Texas on Feb 02, 1969. His father Paul Perkin is a former footballer and politician. He became famous through his work in business ventures.

Date of birth February 02, 1969
Net worth $55 million 
Monthly income $1 million 
Profession Businessman, film producer, Poker player
Nationality American 
Who is Bill Perkins?

Yearly Bill Perkins Net Worth Growth Rate Table:

Years (2018-2024)Estimated net worth 
In 2024$55 Million 
In 2023$53 Million 
In 2022$48 Million 
In 2021$40 Million 
In 2020$35 Million 
In 2019$30 Million 
Yearly Bill Perkins Net Worth Growth Rate Table
Yearly Bill Perkins Net Worth Growth Rate Table

Early life and career of Bill Perkins:

Let’s have a look at his early life and career:  

  • 1986: He got his high school education from St. Peter Preparatory School.
  • 1988: He completed his degree in Electrical and Electronics Engineering from the University of Iowa.
  • 1997: Bill Perkins started his career as a business investor. He started to invest in companies like the USA, and L.P. His entrepreneurship passion shows his versatility and talent.
  • 2002: He joined Centaurus Energy which is a Houston-based energy company. He made his place in the business world through his hard work.

Once Bill Perkins said:

                 “Giving back is an essential part of my life. I believe in using my resources

                   to make a positive impact and empower communities”.

  • 2009: Started to work in the film industry in 2009 and produced many films like “After Life”, “Cat Run”, “The Baytown Outlaws“, “The Chameleon”, and “Unthinkable”. His movies got very good responses and he made himself an influential personality in the entertainment industry.
  • 2013: He joined the Pokerstars game show, won live tournaments, and became famous as a poker player. Bill earns a substantial amount of money from his poker career.
  • Currently: He is the manager of energy hedge fund Skyler Capital. He develops a strong position through his business venture ability. His company has achieved great popularity.

Bill Perkins Personal life:

Have a look at the personal life of Bill Perkins:

  • The Father’s name Bill Perkins is “Paul Perkin”, his mother’s name is not known. 
  • First, he married Stephanie Park and had two daughters, but got separated after some time
  • Then he married Lara Sabastian. She is a professional dancer and model. They got married in July 2022 and had a happy married life.
Bill Perkins Personal life

Source: Instagram 

How Did Bill Perkins Increase His Net Worth?

Bill Perkins has made his net worth from different sources. Have a look at his sources. 

How Did Bill Perkins Increase His Net Worth?
  • Bill Perkins has made his net worth from business ventures. He invested in different companies, and his sharp mind helped him to boost his net worth. He owns a company named Skyler Capital. 
  • Besides business ventures, he is also a famous film producer, who released multiple movies that made him popular in the entertainment industry. 
  • Bill Perkins’s net worth is also collected from poker matches. He is a recreational poker player won multiple tournaments. 
  • Moreover, he is the author of the book “Die with Zero”. This book gives you financial tips to start with a small amount. This helps him in becoming a millionaire. 
  • He is a real estate agent and doing work of buying and selling properties with notable profit. 
  • He runs his official Skyfi store. He sells Skyfi imagery products like logos, T-shirts, cups, hoodies, scarves, etc.

Where Did Bill Perkins Spend his Earnings?

Bill Perkins is a millionaire which he became because of his struggle. Here are some ways where he must spend his money:

Where Did Bill Perkins Spend his Earnings?

Source: Instagram 

  • House: Bill Perkins’s net worth was spent on the real estate property. He lives in a luxurious house in Austin Lake worth $28.5 million.
  • Activities: He regularly posted pictures and videos of parties, weekend trips, attending F1 Miami events, playing golf, hunting, and visiting food cafes with his wife and friends. 
  • Yacht collection: He has a collection of beautiful yachts and uploads his pictures of travel and parties on a yacht. His favorite hobby is surfing. 
  • Pets: Bill loves pets because he has a beautiful dog. He shared pictures with his dog on his social media accounts.
  • Jet and Helicopter: Bill Perkins has a private jet and a helicopter. On his social media account, you can see his pictures with his helicopter and Jet. 
  • Philanthropic Efforts: Bill Perkins does many philanthropic activities, he gives funds to different charitable organizations and spreads a positive impact on society.
  • Updating Wardrobe: Like many other celebrities, he needs to update his wardrobe collection of outfits, footwear, perfumes, and watches.

Physical Statistics of Bill Perkins: 

In the table below, have a look at the physical statistics of Bill Perkins. 

Eye color Black
Hair Color Bald
Height 6.1 ft
Weight 300 lbs
Physical Statistics of Bill Perkins: 

Social Media Accounts of Bill Perkins:

Here are his social media accounts given below in the table:

Accounts Followers Links
Instagram 280khttps://www.instagram.com/billperkins/?hl=en 
Twitter 80.4khttps://twitter.com/bp22?t=xZNfiwvPauKuFhHlyQsTLA&s=08 
TikTok N/A
Facebook N/A
Social Media Accounts of Bill Perkins

Frequently Asked Questions:

Yes, he is the author of the book named “Die with Zero” advising about financial growth and how to start life with small investments.

He has collected about $2.6 million in live poker tournaments. His sharp-minded ability made him a millionaire not only in the business world but also in his poker career.

Bill Perkins’s net worth is made from business ventures, film productions, and as a professional poker player.

Bill Perkins is the founder and manager of Skyler Capital and many other small ventures.


As per estimations, Bill Perkins net worth is $55 Million. all of his income is the result of his hard work and struggle. All the above details which are in the article are based on trustworthy and reliable sources. You can visit his social media account to know about the latest updates. 

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