Don Zietlow Net Worth $20 Million

According to Estimation, Don Zietlow Net Worth is $20 Million. The main source of income of Don Zietlow is Kwik Trip. Kwik Trip is a Convenience Store that has almost 858 chains across 5 Midwestern states. Don Zietlow is the owner and CEO of Kwik Trip until December 31, 2022. Throughout his life, Don Zietlow struggled hard to achieve success. After his death, his son Dr. Scott Zietlow replaced as the CEO and president of Kwik Trip. He was also called out for many awards.  

Don Zietlow Net Worth
Full NameDon Zietlow
Date of BirthJune 9, 1934
Place of BirthRib Falls Town
OccupationBusiness Executive
CareerFounder and CEO of Kwik Trip
Notable FactsKnown for his philanthropy and community involvement
Net Worth$20 Million
Who is Don Zietlow?

Who is Don Zietlow?

Don Zietlow is primarily recognized for his leading and significant role in founding the Kwik Trip, a store industry in the United States. On June 9, 1934, Don Zietlow came to this world in the Rib Falls Town. From an early age, he started taking an interest in entrepreneurship and business. 

DWho is Don Zietlow?

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However, Don Zietlow worked hard and turned his dream into reality and became the CEO and founder of Kwik Trip. Under the leadership of Zietlow, Kwik Trip gained a much better reputation because of its customer service and commitment. In the success and growth of Kwik Trip, Don Zietlow plays a vital role. 

Don Zietlow Net Worth Growth Rate Table

Year Net Worth
2019$8 Million 
2020$10 Million 
2021$14 Million 
2022$16 Million 
2023$18 Million
2024$20 Million 
Don Zietlow Net Worth Growth Rate Table
Don Zietlow Net Worth Growth Rate Table

Early Life and Career:

Don was born in a poor family on 4 May 1938 in La Crosse, Wisconsin. He grew up in a middle-class family. Elmer Zieltow, father of Don Zieltow died when he was a child. After that, he struggled hard to achieve all of his dreams. He started his studies and completed his graduation in accounting in 1957. 

Career Highlights:

  • Don joined Kwik Trip as a controller in 1963.
  • After that in 1972, Don Zietlow became the partner in 1972. 
  • Then he became the CEO and owner of Kwik Trip after he bought the Hansen’s Stake in 1989. 
  • Until 2000, the Zietlow family ran the store with its co-founder John Hansen Family. 
  • The Zietlow family bought out all the shares and interests of the John Hansen Family and became the sole owner of Kwik Trip. 
  • In 2014, Don Zietlow was honored with the award of “Ernst & Young Entrepreneur of the Year”.

Personal Life of Don Zietlow:

Don Zietlow has a good relationship with his wife LaVaonne Hoeth. Both of them got married in First Evangelical Lutheran Church, La Crosse on May 14, 1955. The couple have 3 children, 2 sons named Steven and Scott, and a daughter named Vicky Kunz. His wife always supports and encourages him and always stands right at his side.

Personal Life of Don Zietlow
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How Much is Don Zietlow Net Worth, Daily, Monthly, and Yearly Income?

As a successful businessman, Don Zietlow earns all of his money through his work. The estimation of Don Zietlow net worth is $20 Million. He has been working hard to earn his income day by day, month by month, year by year to boost his net worth. 

Daily Income$2.8 K
Monthly Income $33 K
Yearly Income $4 Million
Total Net Worth $20 Million 
How Much is Don Zietlow Net Worth, Daily, Monthly, and Yearly Income

What is the source of income of Don Zietlow?

Kwik Trip is the main source of income for Don Zietlow. Kwik Trip is a chain of convenience stores that began in 1965. According to estimation, Don Zietlow Net Worth is about $20 Million. he earns all of his wealth as a CEO and owner of Kwik Trip. 

The Zietlow and Hansen family founded the Kwik Trip in 1965 and then in 2000 Zietlow bought all the interest from the Hansen family and became the sole owner of the Kwik Trip.  Until 2016, the Kwik Trip chain boosted over 858 Stores. 

What is the source of income of Don Zietlow
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Keep in mind that this chain is totally private and there is no franchise of this chain available. Don Zietlow dedicated 52 years of his life to the success and establishment of the Kwik Trip Company. 

Don Zietlow as a Retail Leader of the Year:

While taking the award as Retail Leader of the Year, Don Zietlow says;

“First of all, God plays a very big part in our family and we thank God for everything he’s given us. I want to thank my wife LaVon for putting up with me for 57 years and Vickie Scott and Steve I think I was and the mother raised him and I was too tough on them but thanks for putting up with your dad. He also thanks their co-workers”

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Was Don Zietlow alive?

No, Don Zieltow is no more with us. He died on December 31, 2022, at the age of 52. He did a great job for the success of Kwik Trip including all the profit-sharing benefits. Don Zietlow really worked hard to achieve this success in his life. After the death of his father, Don Zietlow motivates himself. 

Who is the Current President of Kwik Trip?

Don Zietlow retired from the role of Kwik Trip CEO at the age of 52. After his retirement, his son Dr. Scott Zietlow became the new CEO and President of Kwik Trip. Dr. Scott Zietlow is a medical professor and also a Mayo Clinic Trauma Surgeon. 

Who is the Current President of Kwik Trip?
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Physical status of Don Zietlow:

In the table, we will discuss what types of Eyes and hair Don Zietlow has. Moreover, we will also discuss the height and weight of him. Let’s have a look at the table below. 

Weight 77 Kg
Height 5 Feet 7 Inch 
Eye Color Gray 
Hair ColorLightest Blonde
Physical status of Don Zietlow

Key Points of Don Zietlow:

Here we discuss some of the key points of Don Zietlow.

  • Don Zietlow was the owner and CEO of Kwik Trip.
  • He faces many of the challenges and difficulties in his career but he stands and faces them alone.
  • According to Glassdoor, Don Zietlow received many honors and awards as one of the best CEOs in America.
  • Don Zietlow offers loyalty programs, online ordering, Mobile apps, delivery options, etc.
  • In 2016, Don Zietlow was awarded with the Horatio Alger Award”.

Don Zietlow Social Media Accounts Details:

In a world, where the use of social media is common and people use them consistently. Don Zietlow didn’t have accounts on social media and didn’t interact with the people of this world digitally. However, we found one of his accounts which is mentioned in the table below. 

Account ID
Don Zietlow Social Media Accounts Details

Wrap Up!

Don Zieltow was born into a poor family. He grew up in a middle-class family and lived a poor life. before his father’s death. He struggles hard and earns his name in the industry. Don Zieltow is the owner of Kwik Trip which is a convenience store. As per estimation, Don Zieltow net worth is $20 Million. 

He also gets many titles and awards as a best businessman. Moreover, in 2018, by Glassdoor, he called out one of the best CEOs in America. However, Don Zietlow died on December 31, 2022, at the age of 52. He didn’t have any plans to retire so soon because before his death he was still passionate about his work. 

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