Clint Howard Net Worth Is $4 Million: Bio, Personal Life, Income

Based on the estimations, Clint Howard net worth is approximately $4 Million. He is a prominent public figure in the American entertainment industry. He has earned substantial net worth through his acting career by appearing in several films and television shows.

Aside from acting, music and co-authoring books played a crucial role in elevating the earnings of Clint Howard. He was also involved in several business ventures that eventually made him a multi-millionaire. Let us dig into detailed information about Clint Howard including his biography, personal information, net worth, and other information.

Who is Clint Howard?

The real recognition of the American popular actor, Clint Howard is Clinton Engle Howard. He got recognition because of his exceptional acting, and music career. He also co-authored books that consequently made him a dominant figure in America. 

Full NameClinton Engle Howard
Stage Name Clint Howard
Date of BirthApril 20, 1959
Place of BirthBurbank, California, United States
ResidencyCalifornia, USA
EthnicityMixed (German, English, Scottish, Irish, and Dutch)
EducationRobert Louis Stevenson ElementaryBurbank John Burroughs High School
Sources of IncomeActor, Musician, Author
Estimated Net Worth$4 Million
Who is Clint Howard

Briefly Describe the Early Life and Career of Clint Howard.

Hollywood actor, Clint Howard net worth is predicted to be $4 Million. If you are curious to know about his early life and career, then here is a brief description of how he spent his early life and started his career.

  • Clint Howard was born in the United States. His father and brother were actors, thus he also showed a keen interest in the entertainment industry from a young age.
  • He achieved his early education from Robert Louis Stevenson Elementary and later got admission to Burbank John Burroughs High School.
  • Clint Howard stepped into the entertainment industry at a very young age and started his career as an actor in 1962. He played the role of Leon in a popular television series ‘The Andy Griffith Show’ which inspired the audience with his exceptional acting.
  • Later he showcased his incredible acting in multiple television series. Some of these include ‘The Streets of San Francisco’, ‘Gentle Ben’, and ‘Star Trek.’
  • Clint Howard continued his career and started making earnings as a musician, and author. He also showed interest in collaboration and business ventures. Currently, he is ranked among the multi-millionaire figures in Hollywood.

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Personal Life of Clint Howard:

Let’s have a look at the personal life of Clint Howard:

  • Clint Howard’s father is Rance Howard and his mother is Jean Speegle Howard. 
  • His sexual orientation is straight. 
  • He is a married man. 
  • He got married three times. 
  • His first wife was Ann Marie Lynch in 1988. She was his long-time girlfriend. 
  • Later he got married to Melanie Howard. Their relationship lasted from 1995-2017. 
  • After getting divorced, he tied the knot with his current wife,  Kat C. Howard in 2020. 
  • Clint Howard has no kids.
Personal Life of Clint Howard

Sources: Instagram

Yearly Clint Howard Net Worth Growth Rate:

Clint Howard undergoes inexplicable efforts for the sake of becoming a wealthy man. His net worth growth has shown gradual change in recent years. Let us check the yearly net worth growth rate of Clint Howard.

Years (2018-2023)Estimated Net Worth
In 2023$4 Million
In 2022$3.5 Million
In 2021$3.1 Million
In 2020$2.7 Million
In 2019$2.3 Million
In 2018$2 Million
Yearly Clint Howard Net Worth Growth Rate

Let’s have a look at the yearly net worth growth graph of Clint Howard. 

Yearly Clint Howard Net Worth Growth Rate

How Did Clint Howard Elevate His Net Worth In Millions?

Clint Howard net worth was boosted by adopting multiple sources of income from a young age. Here are the highlights of his income sources along with his contribution to boosting making up his total net worth.

How Clint Howard Elevate His Net Worth In Millions
  • Acting career has played a significant part in increasing the earnings of Clint Howard. During his acting career, he made appearances in several films and television shows. His acting not only increased his reputation but also made him a rich person. 
  • In addition to the on-screen acting, Clint Howard also boosted his wealth by showing his skills in voice acting. He showed his exceptional voice acting in different commercials and animated projects. 
  • Clint Howard also increased his earnings through his music career. He was a member of a famous music band, Kempers which he formed in the 1980s. He performed in different studios and restaurants but the band was discontinued after two years. 
  • He also increased his income through book publications. He co-authored a book titled ‘The Boys: A Memoir of Hollywood and Family’ which brought him a lot of money. 
  • Clint Howard net worth was also upgraded through business ventures. He is the co-chairman of Imagine Entertainment which is a film and television production company. 

Where Did Clint Howard Spend his Earnings?

Clint Howard’s net worth is approximately $4 Million. He might spend his earnings in the following estimated ways.

Where Clint Howard Spend his Earnings

Sources: Instagram

  • Clint Howard spent a surprising amount of money on real estate. As per reports he is living in a luxurious house located in Burbank, California. The house features three extravagant bedrooms and three bathrooms covering an area of 1,864 square meets. It cost $270K. He might also have other personal property.
  • He has also spent his earnings on buying expensive cars. His car collection includes a 2005 Chrysler and a 2006 Honda Accord. 
  • Based on the sources, Clint Howard spends a huge amount of his income on charities as he is keenly involved in philanthropic activities.
  • He might also spend his wealth on recreational activities, traveling, and other ventures.

Physical Statistics of Clint Howard:

Clint Howard is currently 64 years old. Despite aging, he has confidently managed to maintain his personality. He still steals the show with his mesmerizing beauty and eye-catching facial features. Let us take a look at the physical statistics mentioned in the table below.

Height5’8”, 172 cm
Weight77kg, 169 lbs
Hair ColorGrey
Eye ColorBlue
Physical Statistics of Clint Howard

Social Media Accounts of Clint Howard:

Here is the list of the official social media accounts of Clint Howard.

Accounts NameFollowersUsernames
Instagram25.7 K @clinthowardoffical
Facebook648 Clinthoward
Twitter443 @ClintHoward
Social Media Accounts of Clint Howard

Frequently Asked Questions:

Q- Has Clint Howard won any awards during his career?

Yes! Clint Howard has won the MTV Lifetime Achievement Award because of his outstanding performance in the entertainment industry.

Q- Write a few famous films by Clint Howard.

Here is the list of the few prominent films of Clint Howard.

  • Far And Away
  • The Waterboy
  • Gentle Giant
  • Austin Powers: International Man of Mystery
  • Night Shift 

Q- Does Clint Howard donate money to charities?

Yes! Clint Howard donates money to charities He promotes education and healthcare institutions.

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