Dan Price Net Worth Is $12 Million

As per 2024 estimations, Dan Price net worth is approximately $12 Million. He is also the former Chief executive and the co-founder of Gravity Payments company. He resigned in August 2022. He has earned money through the Gravity Payments company and her social media presence. Due to his popularity, he conducts collaborations and appears in shows that collectively improve his net worth. 

Dan Price Net Worth
ProfessionEntrepreneur, Social media personality
Date of birthMay 13, 1984
Birthplace Lansing, Michigan
Age39 years 
Education Seattle Pacific University
Who is Dan Price? 

Who is Dan Price? 

Daniel Joseph Price, known as Dan Price, is a social media personality and Entrepreneur by profession. He was born on May 13, 1984, in Lansing, Michigan. Through his entrepreneurial skills and after going viral in 2015 on social media, he continues to appear in different magazines and TV shows. 

Net worth Estimated $12 Million
ProfessionEntrepreneur, Social media personality
Date of birthMay 13, 1984
Birthplace Lansing, Michigan
Age39 years 
ReligionEvangelical Christian
Zodiac signTaurus
Marital StatusDivorced with Kristie Colón 
Education Seattle Pacific University
Honors and achievementsNational SBA Young Entrepreneur of the Year (2010).GeekWire’s Young Entrepreneur of the Year award (2013). 
Who is Dan Price? 

Yearly Dan Price Net Worth Growth Rate

Year’s (2019 – 2024) Estimated Net Worth
In 2024$12 Million 
In 2023$10 Million 
In 2022$9 Million
In 2021$8 Million
In 2020$7 Million
In 2019$6 Million
Yearly Dan Price Net Worth Growth Rate
Yearly Dan Price Net Worth Growth Rate

Early Life and Career of Dan Price:

Here’s the complete information about Dan Price’s early life and career. 

  • 1984-2003: He was born on May 13, 1984, in Lansing, Michigan. He was raised in an Evangelical Christian household. He was homeschooled from the age of 12 in Nampa, Idaho. He graduated from Nampa Christian High School. 
  • 2004: He started working with Lucas (elder brother) for the merchant-services company. Luca’s providing money for that company idea. Dan was also a student at Seattle Pacific University. 
  • 2006: Dan becomes the CEO of the merchant-services company
Early Life and Career of Dan Price:
  • 2010: He was honored to have the National SBA Young Entrepreneur of the Year. He got an invitation from Barack Obama to meet him in the white house. 
  • 2008: He moved to Seattle, where he graduated from Seattle Pacific University. 
  • 2013: He was also honored with the GeekWire’s Young Entrepreneur of the Year award. 
  • 2014: Entrepreneur magazine named him the Entrepreneur of 2014. 
  • 2015: He got a lawsuit from his brother Lucas for overpaying himself and was accused of making the companies ‘ decisions that violated their company rules. He gained recognition and popularity after he raised the salaries of his company’s employees to a minimum of $70,000. Moreover, he has also lowered his wage to $70,000 from $1.1 million. 
  • 2016: The lawsuit by Lucas against Dan was settled in Dan’s favor by the county’s superior court judge. Afterward, he became popular and became a personality as he started to appear in various magazines and on television. 
  • 2020: His book “Worth It” was published. 
  • 2021: The salary turns also caused a backlash towards Dan from some of the gravity payments clients who accused him of communist motives, and they resigned in protest. 
  • 2022: He resigned from the gravity payments CEO on August 17. He explained that he wanted to step aside from his CEO role and was fed up with the false accusations and fighting against them.
  • Currently, He uses his social platforms to stay connected and partner with the brand promotions, making trips and working as an entrepreneur. 

Personal Life of Dan Price:

The information related to Dan Price’s personal life is given below. 

  • Ron Price was the father of Dan Price, who worked as a self-employed consultant by profession. 
  • He has three siblings named Jessie, Lucas, and Alex. 
Personal Life of Dan Price
  • He got married to Kristie Colón in 2015, and they separated in 2012. In 2015, his wife accused him of slapping, beating, punching, and body-slamming her. 
  • He was accused of physical assaults many times between the period of 2013 – 2022. However, he was not found guilty in any of the cases, and A city court dismissed these charges. 
  • Most of the posts are also shared by people as a funny meme. Most of his posts are ghostly written by Mike Rosenberg. 
  • On LinkedIn, he shares his thoughts regarding the support of work-from-home ideas. 
  • He dated Kacie Margis in 2021, who is a professional model, but they broke up. 
  • His current residence is in the Magnolia neighborhood of Seattle, Washington.

How Did Dan Price Increase His Net Worth? 

He has earned this eye-dropping income through various income revenues. Let us discuss the main ways to increase Dan Price’s net worth. 

  • Co-founder & Chief Executive at Gravity Payments: He is a chief executive and co-founder of the credit card processing company.
  • Publication: His book “Worth It” was also published, and its sales increased his net worth. 
  • Social Platforms: As an entrepreneur and after gaining fame in 2015, his net worth has also increased through his online earnings through social media platforms and advertisements with others. After gaining notoriety, he appeared in various magazines and TV shows, earning at least $10,000 for each event. 
  • House Rent: In a 2016 interview, he stated that he only rents his house for the summer. 
How Did Dan Price Increase His Net Worth?

Where Did Dan Price Spend His Net Worth?

Dan’s net worth is around $12 Million. It clearly shows that he spent this income on a dreamy lifestyle. Let us take a look at where he possibly pays his income.

  • Trips: Dan Price often seems to have trips to other countries where he enjoys free time and shares pictures on his Instagram account. 
  • Luxury Lifestyle: He has maintained a high-class Luxury lifestyle. He strictly Follows healthy Lifestyle routines to manage his routines.
  • Pets: By analyzing his social account, it’s clear that he is an animal lover. He loves to keep and care for pets, especially dogs, on which he also spends his net worth.
  • Celebrations With Friends: He celebrates life moments with his few friends. He usually spends his time celebrating events and days with his friends.
  • Cobalt Boat: According to the reports, he also owns a 36′ cobalt boat. 
Where Did Dan Price Spend His Net Worth?

Physical Statistics of Dan Price:

The table below shows Dan Price’s physical statistics.

Weight80 Kg, 176.37 lbs
Height 1.78 m 
Eye color Green 
Hair Color Dark Brown 
Physical Statistics of Dan Price

Social Media Accounts Of Dan Price:

The official social media accounts of Dan Price are given below:

Account’s Name FollowersLinks 
Instagram 235Khttps://www.instagram.com/danpriceseattle?igsh=NXN1NGt1ZGlqcmp3
Facebook 96Khttps://www.facebook.com/DanPriceSeattle
Twitter 643.5K https://twitter.com/danpriceseattle?lang=en
Social Media Accounts Of Dan Price

Frequently Asked Questions

This company is associated with credit card processing and also involves financial services. 

After winning the cases of assaults and not being found guilty by the court, he resigned from the CEO of Gravity Payments on August 17, 2022.

Final Words:

As discussed above, Dan Price’s net worth is approximately $12 Million. All of the above-shared information is accurate and taken from authentic sources. We welcome you to visit our website and check the details of celebrities’ net worth according to trustworthy information sources. 

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