Tavon Austin net worth is $65 Million

The estimated Tavon Austin net worth is $65 Million. Tavon is a professional American Football player who plays for the Jaguars and many more. He is globally associated with gadget football players. Moreover, he is an electric footballer because of his remarkable total yards. On the Los Angeles Rams team, since 2013, he has been selected in the first round of the National Football League.

Along with the startup games from college, he made himself a skilled player. He invests his money in charity, cars, and his lavish lifestyle. In this blog, we will discuss Tavon Austin Net Worth, his source of income, and his spending of money.

Who is Tavon Austin?

Tavon Wesley Austin is also publicly known as Tavon Austin. On 15 March 1990, he was born in Maryland, U.S. He is a professional football player. From his childhood, he fell in love with the football game and practiced to become the best, and struggled hard to achieve his dream.

Who is Tavon Austin?
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He started to play in 2013 for the National Football League in the RAMS team and then gained much popularity. He was injured while playing and can be defeated in games. Furthermore, through his games, he makes approximately $65 Million of his net worth.

How Much is Tavon Austin Net Worth?

Tavon Austin net worth is estimated at $65 million. He is the Electric football player of America. His profession is the only way of his source of income through which he makes millions of dollars. Similaraly, another fitness enthausist Mark Sisson make his money through his fitness lessons and videos.

He played basketball along with football in his high school but he pursued his career as a professional footballer.

Moreover, He plays with many football teams but for the 2024 season of the“X Football League”, he is signed with “Houston Roughnecks.” 

Estimated net worth$65 Million
Yearly Income$11 Million
Monthly Income$0.9 Million
Tavon Austin Net Worth

Yearly Growth Rate of Tavon Austin Net Worth:

In the below table, let’s have a quick look at the yearly growth rate of Tavon Austin.

YearEstimated Net Worth
In 2023$65 Million
In 2022$52 Million
In 2021$47 Million
In 2020$39 Million
In 2019$21 Million
Yearly Growth Rate of Tavon Austin Net Worth

Now, let’s have a good look at the graphical representation of the Yearly Growth of Tavon Austin that is way more than another sports personality Bob Myeres Net Worth.

Yearly Growth Rate of Tavon Austin Net Worth:

How did Tavon Austin make his wealth?

As we already talked about, the estimated net worth of Tavon Austin is $65 Million. Now, we will explore how Tavon Austin is the source of income of Tavon Austin and how he made his empire.

How did Tavon Austin make his wealth?

Contracts with “RAMS”:

Los Angeles RAMS signed a Four-Year contract with Tavon for $12 Million in 2013. He played well during his contract time period and got a bonus. He became “NFC’s Special Team Player of the Week” and “NFC’s Special Teams Player of the Month” while playing with RAMS

In 2016, his contract was renegotiated in 2026 for 4 more years, and made $42 Million. Additionally, RAMS again made a 1-year contract in 2018 from which Tavon Austin made $7 Million. He makes a huge amount of money with the contracts with RAMS. RAMS contracts contribute 86% of his net worth.

Contract with Cowboys:

The Dallas Cowboys, in 2018 and 2019, made two separate contracts with Tavon Austin. He played brilliant games when he was teamed with the Cowboys. In 2018, he made $7 Million and boosted up his net worth but in 2019 he made $175 K with the Cowboys. His contracts with cowboys can contribute up to 5% of his net worth.

Tavon Austin teams contract
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Contract with 49ers, Packers and Jaguars:

Tavon Austin also played for the Packers, Jaguars, and 49ers. He made a contract with these teams for only a single year. He signed a contract with the 49ers in 2020 which was later terminated. He made $1 Million from the contract with the 49ers.

Later on, he signed a contract with Packers in 2020 through which he made $1 Million. He signed a contract with Jaguars in 2021 through which he earned $1 Million. This makes up 3% of Tavon Austin net worth.

Contract with Buffalo Bills & Houston Roughnecks:

In 2022, Tavon signed a single-year contract from which he got $1 Million but later it was terminated for some reasons. Tavon faced a little bit of difficulty with the Bills team. After some time, Tavon again signs a contract for 1 year of practice with the Buffalo Bills and makes $28K but it does not go complete and they again terminate this contract. These terminated contracts with Buffalo’s Bills can only contribute 2% of his net worth. 

Currently, Tavon has a contract with Houston Roughnecks to play in the “X Football League” in 2024. The American player will play with them next year. For now, there is no clue about the payment of this contract.

Where did Tavon Austin spend his money?

Now, let’s have a look at where Tavon Austin spends his money.

Car Collection:

Tavon Austin spent a part of his income on buying luxury and branded cars. Many times, Tavon is seen with his cars on social media but the details of cars cannot be revealed. Tavon Austin didn’t say anything about it publicly.

Tavon Austin car collection
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While about Tavon Austin Houses, we didn’t have any concrete information about it. However, from his girlfriend’s social media accounts, we come to know that he enjoys a beautiful life with his family. The interior of the house is stunning and elegant and tells about his superb lifestyle. 

Jewelry Collection:

Tavon Austin has a lavish collection of men’s bracelets, necklace watches, and rings. These things can be seen on his social media. Unfortunately, we didn’t know the exact information about which brands of watches, rings, and necklaces Tavon Austin has. However, Sadhguru, a popular celebrity is also fond of jewelary and has collection of that contributes to Sadhguru Net Worth.

Tavon Austin Jewelry collection
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Like many other public figures, Tavon Austin can also spend his money on charity. He uses part of his money for charity to homeless people. He has a dream from his childhood to provide shelter to the homeless and needy people of his homeland. 

Tavon Austin at charity Functions
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Tavon Austin Key Points:

  • Tavon twice won “All-American Honor” and “All Purposed Performance of the Year” at the college level.
  • In 2013, at the college level he started his career and played in National Football League 
  • With RAMS, in 2013 Tavon made a 4-year contract and later it was extended.
  • Tavon was severely injured during his play for “49ers” an American Team.
  • According to NFLs “4.34 seconds” is the official dash time of Tavon for 40 yards.
  • As he is a professional player from his college level but he was many times defeated in many of his matches.
  • Tavon set a record for his total career with 123 touchdowns, 7,962 rushing yards, 9,258 offensive yards and 790 career points.
  • His girlfriend “Mija” is also a successful businesswoman.

Social Media Accounts of Tavon Austin:

Let’s have a look at the social media account username of a famous football player.

Social Media Username
Social Media Accounts of Tavon Austin


Tavon Austin net worth is approximated as $65 Million. He pursued his career from the college level by playing games for RAMS in the NFL. Tavon Austin makes contracts with many teams for playing games and practicing. He is living a lavish and stunning life as a football player.

He uploads his magnificent pictures on his social media and is connected with his fans. Tavon Austin earns a lot of money by playing games and spends that earnings on his luxury life with his family. He is now living his childhood dream and passion all because of his hard work.

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