Sheree Whitfield Net Worth Is $800 K: Wiki, Age, Family, Income

As per Estimation, Sheree Whitfield net worth is $800 K. She is a fashion designer, American socialite, entrepreneur, executive producer, and star of reality television shows. She has many entrepreneurial ventures in the fashion world that also help boost her net worth.

Moreover, she also writes fiction books and is an executive producer on a television show. She has a successful career. If you are curious about the Net Worth of Sheree Whitefield and her early life, career, and personal life. continue your reading to know all about her.  

Who is Sheree Whitfield?

Sheree Whitfield was born on Jan 02, 1970, in Cleveland, Ohio, U.S. She grew up with her mother, who is a single parent. She is well known for her role in the reality television show “The Real Housewives of Atlanta“. She gained fame through this show.

Full nameSheree Whitfield
Birth dateJan 02, 1970
ProfessionAmerican socialite, fashion designer, entrepreneur 
BirthplaceCleveland, Ohio, U.S
Zodiac signCapricorn
Education Trinity International University Of Ambassadors
EthnicityAfrican-Americans, black
Who is Sheree Whitfield?

Early Life and Career of Sheree Whitfield:

Let you know about the early life and career of Sheree Whitfield:

  • Sheree Whitfield grew up in an affluent neighborhood. When she was 20 years old, she met Bob Whitfield (he is a well-known NFL player). They got married in 2000 and got separated after seven years.
  • She started her career in the reality television show “The Real Housewives Of Atlanta” and soon became a popular celebrity around the world.
  • Sheree Whitfield has worked in multiple TV shows such as, “Watch What Happened Live With Andy Cohen”, “The Wendy William Show”, “Ghost Hunters”, “The Bonnie Hunt Show”, and the “Game”.
  • She was also an executive producer of the show “Selling it Atlanta”.
  • She has also worked with acting coach Kristen to show her talent. She had a solidified status in the television world.

Personal life of Sheree Whitfield:

Let us look at the personal life of Sheree Whitfield:

  • The birth name of Sheree is Sheree M. Whitfield. Her mother’s name is “Thelma Ferguson”.
  •  She didn’t reveal about her childhood life and educational background.
  • Before marrying Bob Whitfield, she gave birth to two children but she doesn’t reveal information about their father.
  • Sheree has introduced her daughter as a family friend in “RHOA” because she feels ashamed for being a teenage mother.
  • Sheree Whitfield has three children “Tierra”, “Kaleigh” and “Kairo”.
  • She has been arrested twice time for shoplifting in Ohio. so she was banned by all Saks stores in the state of Ohio.
Personal life of Sheree Whitfield

Source: Instagram

Yearly  Sheree Whitfield Net Worth Growth Rate Table:

The estimated net growth of Sheree Whitfield is $800k. let us show you her yearly net growth rate.

Net growth(2018-2023)Estimated net worth growth rate
In 2023 $800 k
In 2022$700 k
In 2021$600 k
In 2020$500 k
In 2019$400 k
In 2018$300 k 
Yearly  Sheree Whitfield Net Worth Growth Rate Table

Let’s have a look at the graph of the yearly net worth of Sheree Whitefield.

Yearly  Sheree Whitfield Net Worth Growth Rate Table

How Did Sheree Whitfield Earn Her Money?

As per estimation, Sheree Whitfield net worth is $8ook. Here are some common ways through which she boosted her wealth.

How Did Sheree Whitfield Earn Her Money?
  • Sheree Whitfield has played an iconic role in the reality television show “The Real Housewives of Atlanta”, which helps to contribute to her overall net worth. 
  • She has an entrepreneurial spirit. She has released her fictional novel Such as “Wives, fiancees, and Side Chicks of Hotlanta”. This has increased her wealth.  
  • In 2003, she opened her boutique named “Bella Azul“. She has boosted her money through her fashion designing talent. She has also launched her jewelry and fitness accessories collection because she loves health and fitness. 
  • Sheree has also invested in real estate properties, adding to the overall Sheree Whitfield net worth. 
  • Moreover, she has created her clothing line under the label “She by Sheree”, which debuted at New York Fashion Week. This has led to an increase in an incredible amount of money. 
  • Sheree must accumulate an admirable fortune through prompting and endorsing brands. She has partnered with companies such as “Taliah Waajid’s” hair products and “luxe wigs” to promote their products. 
  • Besides this Sheree is also an executive producer on TV shows, which helps to boost her money. 

Joey Lawrence had an estimated net worth of around $6 million, earned from his acting, music career, and various television appearances.

Where Did Sheree Whitfield Spend Her Money?

Sheree Whitfield net worth is $800k, as per estimation. Being a fashion designer she would spend her money in some common ways.

Where Did Sheree Whitfield Spend Her Money?

Source: Instagram

  • Like other celebrities, Sheree Whitfield has also lived in lavish and deluxe houses. She lived in a Chateau-inspired estate located in Sandy Springs, GA. Her house is named “chateau sheree”. She purchased it for $2.85 million.
  • Being a fashion designer, she would also wear designer dresses. She might be spending her money on buying and making unique outfits.
  • She might have a wardrobe collection of outfits, jewelry, footwear, perfume, makeup, and many other accessories. 
  • Whitfield has also spent money on luxury items such as cars and watches. She has been seen driving a “Bentley Continental GT” and wearing expensive timepieces from brands like “Rolex” and “Audemars Piguet”.

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Physical statistics of Sheree Whitfield:

Sheree Whitfield has a gorgeous and elegant personality. Look at her body measurements given below in the table:

Height5 ft 7 inch
Eye colorBlack
Hair ColorBlack
Shoe size6.5US
Dress size8US
Physical statistics of Sheree Whitfield

Social media accounts of Sheree Whitfield:

Sheree is actively present on her social media accounts. Here are her social media accounts given below:

Accounts Followers Username
Instagram 1.2Mshereewhitfield
TikTok 62.7k@therealshereewhitfield
Facebook571kSheree Whitfield 
Twitter 553kIamsheree
Social media accounts of Sheree Whitfield

Frequently Asked Questions:

Q. Does Sheree has won any awards?

No, Sheree Whitfield has not won any awards through her work on television shows.

Q. Did Sheree face any financial and legal issues?

Yes, she has faced many issues due to divorce and legal issues due to unpaid legal taxes. But she overcame these problems and remained faithful.

Q. Did Sheree have written any books?

Yes, she had written a fiction book named “Wives, fiancees and side chicks of Hotlanta”. This book is worth millions of dollars.

Q. What is the age of Sheree Whitfield?

Now she is almost 53 years old. 

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