Johnny Dang Net Worth Is $20 Million: Exploring His Journey to Success

Johnny dang net worth is approximately $20 Million as per estimation. He is a hip-hop’s go-to jeweler and designs luxury grills and chains for famous artists. At the start, his father and grandfather worked as a jewelry trader. Johnny worked with his brother at the jewelry repair shop and became good at it. Later, he opened his shop in a shopping mall in Texas and currently, he owns three retail locations in America, helping to increase his royalties.

In addition to Johnny Dang jewelry work, he accumulates money through entrepreneurial work as Johnny is also the founder of “Johnny Dang and Co”. In many songs, hip-hop stars mention his name, and his name is also used as a lyrics in some songs.

Who is Johnny Dang?

Thanh Dang is a famous Vietnamese-American Jeweler and entrepreneur publically known as Johnny Dang and King of Bling. He was born on November 21, 1974, in Buon Ma Thuot, Vietnam. As of 2023, he is 49 years old. He is currently living in Houston, Texas, U.S. and his nationality is Vietnamese and American. He can speak English and Vietnamese.

Full name Thanh Dang
Nick NameTV Johnny, King of Bling
Date of BirthNovember 21, 1974.
Age49 Years Old
ProfessionJeweler & Entrepreneur
Net Worth$20 Million
Relationship StatusMarried
SpouseJennifer Dang
ChildrenTwo (a son and daughter) 
BirthplaceBuon Ma Thuot, Vietnam
NationalityVietnam & American
LanguageVietnamese and English.
Current ResidenceHouston, Texas
Who is Johnny Dang

Early life and career of Johnny Dang:

Let us discuss the early life and career highlights of famous hip-hop Jeweler Johnny Dang.

  • Johnny Dang was born in a Jeweler family as his grandfather and father do the jewelry trade. 
  • After the Vietnam War, Johnny’s family migrated to America and his father opened a store.
  • Initially, he worked in a jewelry shop in a flea market along with his brother where he met Paul Wall for whom he made grills without doing fillings. Later, he makes a partnership with Paul Wall who has connections in the music industry.
  • Johnny founded “Johnny Dang & Co. a jewelry designer company that makes customized grills, pendants, earrings, sunglasses, and rings for celebrities and people.
  • Johnny Dang’s name is also mentioned in many award-winning singer’s raps and songs and he also appears and sings some lyrics in songs. Many times he has appeared in reality shows. Currently, Johnny Dang net worth is estimated at $20 Million.

Personal life of Johnny Dang:

Let’s discuss the personal life of jewelry designer Jonny.

  • The father and mother’s names Johnny Dang are still not known because he kept his personal life and professional life separate.
  • He has four brothers whose names are also kept secret.
  • When it comes to his relationship and marital status, he is happily married to Jennifer Dang. The couple have two kids, a daughter and a son. He never talks about his private life publically therefore his children’s name is also not known and there is no further information about his dating history and relationships.
Personal life of Johnny Dang

Source: Facebook, Linkedln

Yearly Growth Rate of Johnny Dang Net Worth:

Johnny Dang net worth is approximately $20 Million, as per the 2023 estimation. He gathers a noteworthy net worth from his jewelry business. His annual income is $2 Million while his monthly income is about $17K.

In 2023$20 Million
In 2022$17 Million
In 2021$14 Million
In 2020$12 Million
In 2019$9 Million
In 2018$7 Million
Yearly Growth Rate of Johnny Dang Net Worth:

Here is the graph that shows the yearly growth rate of Johnny’s net worth. 

Yearly Growth Rate of Johnny Dang Net Worth

How did Johnny Dang boost his net worth?

According to the 2023 estimation, Johnny Dang net worth is $20 Million. He collected this handsome amount of dollars through the following sources of income.

  • In 1998, Johnny opened the first store of Johnny Dang & Co. in Sharpstown Mall and after success, he moved to a stand-alone location of thousands of square feet and made a small palace. Through his company, he makes an impressive amount for his lavish life. 
  • Johnny Dang also appeared in many shows such as “Spring Bling” on BET and “Super Sweet Sixteen” which aired on MTV. He along with Paul Wall featured their show “The Johnny Dang and Paul Wall”. It helps him to make a good amount of his living.
  • The name Johnny Dang is mentioned and appears in many hit singers and rappers‘ songs. Johnny can also contribute to singing lyrics of tracks such as “Stay Iced Up”. He can also earn money by appearing in songs.
  • “DBZ” which is abbreviated as “Diamond BoyZ Coin” is a blockchain or digital currency which is launched in June 2021 by Johnny Dang with the Paul Wall partnership. The price of DBZ is now not satisfied but maybe in the next few years, its price can touch the sky heights. 

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Where did Johnny dang spend his money?

Johnny Dang net worth is approximately $20 Million. He is a multi-millionaire and spends his millions of dollars to buy diamonds, travel, and maintain his luxury lifestyle. 

Where Johnny dang spend his money

Let’s discuss how he spends his earnings.

  • Johnny Dang must spend his earnings on diamonds, gold, and silver. As a famous hip-hop jewelry designer, he makes grills, pendants, rings, and sunglasses of gold, silver, and diamonds according to customer desire. 
  • Like other celebrities, Johnny Dang appeared well-dressed. So it is supposed that he may have a good collection of outfits, perfumes, watches, footwear, or other accessories.
  • Johnny Dang has a noble heart. He does a lot of charity in the form of give-away. He also opened a charity organization in his name in his homeland Vietnam.
  • As a family person, Johnny Dang can also spend quality time with his family by traveling and outing.
  • Johnny Dang can also own some stock market shares he buys with his friend. He got a huge loss in it, and then he sold his stock shares.

Brandon Fugal net worth reflects his successful ventures and strategic investments.

Johnny Dang Physical statistics:

Johnny Dang is a well-known jewelry designer with his unique designs. His height is 170 cm or 5’5” and his weight is 70 Kg or 158 lbs. His eyes are dark brown while his hair color is black.

Height170 cm, 5’5”
Weight70 Kg, 154 lbs
Eye ColorDark Brown
Hair ColorBlack
Beard & MustachesNo
Johnny Dang Physical statistics

Social Media Accounts Details

Let’s have a brief look at Johnny Dang’s business social media account along with his followers and username which he mostly used than his accounts.

AccountFollower Username
Facebook3.5M@Johnny Dang & Co.
Twitter 51.9K @JohnnyDangandCo
YouTube974K subscribers@johnnydangandco
Pinterest308@ Johnny Dang & Co
LinkedIn252@Johnny Dang
Social Media Accounts Details

Frequently Asked Questions:

Q. How did Johnny Dang get so rich?

Johnny Dang got rich by selling his unique designer jewelry. He makes luxurious watches and grills for celebrities and hip-hop stars.

Q. What does Johnny Dang do for a living?

Johnny Dang is a jewelry designer in Houston, Texas. He is also the founder of Johnny Dang & Co. He customizes grills, pendants, and rings of diamonds, gold, and silver.

Q. Does Johnny Dang have a wife?

Johnny Dang is happily married to Jennifer Dang. The couple have two children a daughter and a son.

Q. How many shops does Johnny Dang have?

Johnny Dang owns three retail locations in America with more than 80K+ employees.

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