Nicholas Crown Net Worth is $10 Million – Bio, Career & Income

According to the estimations, Nicholas Crown net worth is approximately $10 Million. Initially, he worked as a New York Mercantile Exchange Pit Clerk and as an analyst at Barclays Capitals, earning significant wealth. Later, he pursued his career and currently owns two companies, Resume Atelier and Amoeba, helping him elevate a surprising fortune.

Besides entrepreneurial work, he accumulated money through his musical career as he led the Nicholas Crown Band named ’The Cold Water Electric’. He also worked as a writer and wrote many Nicholas Crown articles, resulting in enhanced earnings. His Rich vs. Really Rich digital series and social media activities also make him a multi-millionaire.

Who is Nicholas Crown?

Nicholas DiNorscio is a well-known, prosperous American entrepreneur and digital content creator known as Nicholas Crown. He was born on September 30th, 1985, in Livingston, New Jersey. As of 2023, he is 38 years old. 

Who is Nicholas Crown
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His nationality is American, and he is currently living in Miami. He can fluently speak English and Spanish. 

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Full NameNicholas DiNorscio 
Birth  DateSeptember 30th 1985 
Age38 years
Zodiac SignLibra
Birth PlaceLivingston, New Jersey
Current ResidenceMiami
LanguageSpanish and English
OccupationDigital content creator and entrepreneur
Who is Nicholas Crown

Early Life and Career of Nicholas Crown.

Here are the highlights of the early life and career of Nicholas Crown.

  • Nicholas Crown was born in a middle-class family and completed his Bachelor’s in Business Administration from Oxford.
  • He completed his Masters in Finance from Harvard because of his interest in business and finance.
  • Initially, he worked as a New York Mercantile Exchange Pit Clerk and as an analyst at Barclays Capitals and later started his entrepreneurial career.
  • He founded the Resume Atelier company and developed ATS technology that utilizes reverse engineering methods. He is also the founder of Amoeba, which is an organic media marketing company.
  • He also shows his skills as a guitarist and writer. In 2015, he founded the Crown Foundation, focusing on youth empowerment, environmental conservation, and education. Currently, Nicholas Crown net worth is approximately $10 Million. 

Personal Life of Nicholas Crown:

Let us briefly discuss the personal life of the entrepreneur Nicholas Crown. 

  • The father’s name, Nicholas Crown, is Larry DiNorscio, and his mother’s is Deborah McCoy.
  • He has one brother named Michael DiNorscio.
  • When it comes to marital status, he is currently single. He keeps a low profile and never discusses his private life publicly. Therefore, no information regarding his dating history is available. 

Yearly Growth Rate of Nicholas Crown Net Worth:

As per estimations, Nicholas Crown net worth is $10 Million. Let’s have a look at the yearly growth rate table of Nicholas Crown. 

Years (2018-2023)Estimated Net Worth
In 2023$10 Million
In 2022$9 Million
In 2021$8 Million
In 2020$7 Million
In 2019$6 Million
In 2018$5 Million
Yearly Growth Rate of Nicholas Crown Net Worth

We also show the graph of the yearly growth rate of Nicholas Crown. This graph will clearly show you annual increasing net worth of Nicholas.

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Yearly  Growth Rate of Nicholas Crown Net Worth

How Did Nicholas Crown Earn Money?

According to the 2023 predictions, Nicholas Crown net worth is $10 Million. He accumulated this surprising amount of money through the following sources of income.

How Did Nicholas Crown Earn Money
  • In 2005, Nicholas Crown worked as a pit clerk in a famous crude oil training ring at the New York Mercantile Exchange and made praiseworthy wealth.
  • Nicholas Crown elevated his income as an analyst. He performed his duties as a skillful analyst at Barclay Capitals.  
  • Nicholas Crown earned considerable wealth through his first company, which he founded in 2016. The company uses a specialized technology called ATS. 
  • Besides Resume Atelier, Nicholas Crown is the CEO of another company, Amoeba. The company specializes in offering digital marketing services. It helps in the organic growth of the business of a wide range of clients. 
  • Nicholas Crow created his digital series Rich vs Really Rich in August 2021. The compelling content of this series captivated the public’s attention and helped Crown make money. 12%
  • Nicholas Crown was an occasional writer and wrote several impressive books. His notable books include ‘The Big Chat: 30 Coaches in 30 Days’, ‘The Prize Fight: Buzzword vs Keyword’, ‘and 5 Steps to Slaying the Hiring Robots’. 10%
  • Nicholas Crown was interred in guitar and created a blue-rock group named The Cold Water Electric, along with other musicians. He showed his guitar skills in different concerts and tours. In 2016, the band eventually won The Best New Band title. 
  • Nicolas Crown is a famous personality on social media, especially TikQ. Tok. Here has posted compelling content related to his Rich vs Really Rich series. 8%

How Did Nicholas Crown Spend His Earnings?

Nicholas Crown net worth is $10 Million, as per estimations. He is a multi-millionaire and must spend money to buy extravagant real estate, cars, and other things. Let us discuss the common ways where he might spend his earnings.

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  • Nicholas Crown must spend his earnings on real estate. He must own luxurious houses and other property. However, he never disclosed statements regarding real estate publicly.
  • Like other multi-millionaires, Nicholas Crown must have an impressive collection of cars as he was spotted riding cars worth millions many times.
  • Nicolas Crowns is a well-personalized businessman. He always appeared well-dressed, so it is assumed that he must have a wardrobe with a decent collection of outfits, footwear, perfumes, watches, and other accessories.
How Did Nicholas Crown Spend His Earnings?
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Physical Statistics of Nicholas Crown.

Nicholas Crown is a businessman with an enchanting personality. His height is 177 cm or 5’10”, and his weight is 72 kg or 158 lbs. His eyes are brown, while his hair color is dark brown.

Height177 cm, 5’10”
Weight72 kg, 158 lbs
Eye ColorBrown
Hair ColorDark Brown
Physical Statistics of Nicholas Crown

Social Media Accounts of Nicolas Crown:

The social media accounts of Nicolas Crown, along with his followers and usernames are mentioned in the below table.

Instagram322KNicholas Crown
Facebook132KNicholas Crown
social media accounts of Nicolas Crown


Q. Is Nicholas Crown famous on TikTok?

In addition to being a successful businessman, Nicholas Crown is famous on TikTok. He specifically posted the videos regarding his Rich vs Really Rich series on TikTok and has a huge fan following.

Q. Is Nicholas Crown involved in philanthropic work?

Nicholas Crown founded Crown Foundations where he mainly focused on the environmental conservation, education, and empowerment of youth.


Nicholas Crown net worth is estimated at $10 Million. Initially, he earned money as a clerk and analyst but later entered the entrepreneurial world and founded Resume Atelier and Amoeba. He also worked as a writer and created the rock band The Cold Water Electric, which won The Best Band title.

He also created a digital series, Rich vs Really Rich, which he frequently discusses on TikTok videos. All these contribute significantly to making his net worth millions. This data is based on accurate reports and may vary in the following years, so you must stay tuned to the latest reports for the newest information. 

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