Tim Pool Net Worth is $5 Million

In 2023, Tim Pool net worth estimation is $5 Million. Tim Pool is a respected YouTuber, podcast host, skateboarder, and journalist in America. He is also known as a competitive political commentator. Being a public figure, it is common for his fans to question his net worth. A significant part of his net worth comes from his YouTube channels.

If you are curious about his net worth regarding information, then you don’t need to go anywhere. Here in this article, we will have detailed information about the net worth of Tim Pool. Additionally, we will discuss his total estimated income, yearly & monthly net worth growth, net worth avenues, and how he spends his money. 

How Much is Tim Pool Net Worth?

The net worth of Tim Pool is a heated discussion as he has not disclosed any statement regarding his net worth. However, the estimate reveals that Tim Pool net worth is approximately $5 Million. As a well-known YouTuber, he earned impressive money through his YouTube channels and ads, where he got millions of views.  

Besides YouTube, he is supposed to boost his net worth through his contribution as a journalist, podcaster, and political commentator. He also earned it through his sponsorship content. The selling of his live event tickets and merchandise played a crucial role in increasing the net worth of Tim Pool. 

Estimated Tim Pool Net Worth$5 Million
Primary Source of IncomeYouTuber, Podcaster, Journalist, Political Commentator
How Much is Tim Pool Net Worth

Tim Pool Net Worth, Annual Income & Monthly Income:

Below is the table showing the estimated net worth and annual and monthly income of Kim Tool.

Estimated Tim Pool Net Worth$5 Million
Annual Income$5,00,000
Monthly Salary$40,000+
Tim Pool Net Worth, Annual Income & Monthly Income

Tim Pool Yearly Net Worth Growth Rate (2019-2023):

The Net worth of Tim Pool fluctuates gradually per year. His estimated yearly net worth growth rate is mentioned in the table below.

      YearsEstimated Net Worth Growth 
Net Worth in 2023$5.0 Million
Net Worth in 2022$4.5 Million
Net Worth in 2021$4.0 Million
Net Worth in 2020$3.5 Million
Net Worth in 2019$3.1 Million
Tim Pool Yearly Net Worth Growth Rate (2019-2023)

Let’s have a look at graphical representation of Tim Pool’s yearly net worth growth rate. 

Tim Pool Yearly Net Worth Growth Rate (2019-2023)
Tim Pool Yearly Net Worth Growth Rate (2019-2023)

Tim Pool’s Estimated Earnings by Month:

Let us highlight the estimated monthly earnings of YouTuber Tim Pool in 2023.

MonthsEstimated Earning
January 2023$ 5.01K
February 2023$ 2.78K
March 2023$ 2.27K
April 2023$ 3.19K
May 2023$ 4.91K
June 2023$ 2.16K
July 2023$ 5.76K
October 2023$ 3.76K
Tim Pool’s Estimated Earnings by Month

The graph below shows the graphical representation of Tim Pool’s monthly income in 2023. 

Tim Pool's Estimated Earnings by Month
Tim Pool’s Estimated Earnings by Month

What are Source of Income of Tim Pool?

Tim Pool started his career in the entertainment industry at 14 and currently enjoys an admirable net worth. As of 2023, his estimated net worth is $5 Million. He has earned this net worth by showing his intelligence and diligence through his earning journey. Let us explore his main net worth avenues.

What are Source of Income of Tim Pool?

YouTube channels:

As a YouTuber, Tim Pool is earning money through his YouTube channels. He operates four YouTube channels: Tim Pool, Cast Castle, Timcast, and Timcast IRL. He posted commentary videos on TimPool and Tim Cast channels and shared personal vlogs on Cast Castle.

In Timcast IRL, he mainly shares short clips and podcast videos. He earned a lot of money through his YouTube views and ads, contributing 45% to his net worth.


Tim Pool is demonstrating his skills as a journalist. Being a well-known journalist, he received a good salary, which increased his net worth by 15%.

Political Commentator:

Tim Pool performed his duty as a political commentator and appeared on various media outlets and news channels. He was paid well as a commentator, which enhanced 10% of his total earnings.

Pool as Political Commentator

Live Tickets Sale:

Tim Pool made money by selling his live event tickets. He hosted various live events. Tickets for these events are bought by his fans, which adds 7% to his net worth.  

Merchandise Sale:

Tim Pool earned money through merchandise sales. He sold merchandise through Teespring, which added 8% to his net worth. 

Podcast Host:

Tim Pool is an exceptional podcaster who hosted different podcasts. By this means, he made much money that significantly increased 10% of his net worth.

pool hosting podcasts


Sponsorship plays a significant contribution in increasing the net worth of Tim Pool. He promoted the products of numerous popular companies by collaborating with them and earned substantial wealth, which made up 5% of his net worth. 

Where Did Tim Pool Spend His Earnings?

Tim Pool’s estimated net worth is $5 Million. He has never spoken publicly regarding his expenses. However, his impressive net worth indicates that he must spend it on living expenses and other assets. It is assumed that he might spend his earnings in the following ways. 

Personal Property:

Being a wealthy YouTuber, it is supposed that Tim Pool might be the owner of luxury homes and other property. However, he never spoke about it publicly. Therefore, we cannot mention the exact personal property that he owns.

Tim Pool’s Cars Collection:

It is observed that Tim Pool is fond of cars, as he was spotted multiple times in expensive cars. Let’s have a look at which cars did Tim Pool have.

Tim Pool’s Cars Collection:

His car collection, along with the prices, is mentioned in the below table. 

Car CollectionsPrice
Ford Raptor$120,000
Chevrolet Camaro $ 63,000
Maclaren GT$250,000
Nissan Versa S$ 17,600
Tim Pool’s Cars Collection


Styling is the primary concern of public figures, which depicts that Tim Pool must spend his earnings on grooming his personality by wearing branded outfits. The weaning cap is also a part of his self-styling, which means he has a collection of expensive hats, watches, and spectacles. However, He doesn’t wear other accessories like men’s jewelry, so he might not spend money on buying those items.

Pool Styling

Skateboarding & Other Entertainment Purposes:

Tim Pool might spend his money for entertainment purposes, especially skateboarding. This is because he was spotted skateboarding several times. He also owns an expensive skateboard featuring his name. Additionally, he must spend his money playing poker, clubbing, dining, attending parties, and traveling.

Skateboarding & Other Entertainment Purposes

What do you know about Tim Pool?

Tim Pool is the professional name of prominent YouTuber Timothy Daniel Pool. He is famous for his YouTube channels, mainly discussing politics and news. He was born in Chicago, Illinois, on March 9, 1986. Initially, he gained popularity due to his live streaming of the Occupy Wall Street Contest and is now recognized as a notable political commentator, journalist, podcast host, and YouTuber.

According to an estimation, Tim Pool’s estimated net worth is $5 Million as of 2023. Before becoming a Youtuber, he also showed his skills in Fusion TVand “Vice Media,” which began his way toward earning net worth. He has made a worth-praise net worth, mainly due to his endeavors as a YouTuber, podcast, commentator, and journalist. 

Primary Reason Behind the Financial Success of Tim Pool:

The primary reason behind the financial success of Tim Pool is his determination, courage, and boldness. He never loses his courage instead of receiving criticism. He was involved several times in controversies but never returned from his duties. This is why he has a successful career and enjoys considerable financial wealth.

Tim Pool’s Social Media Accounts:

YouTubeTim Pool
LinkedinTimothy Pool
Tim Pool’s Social Media Accounts

Wind Up!

Tim Pool is a reputable YouTuber, Journalist, skateboarder, podcaster, and political commentator. His determination and hard work throughout his career helped him earn outstanding net worth. Tim Pool net worth estimated to be $5 Million as of 2023.

The above-discussed information regarding his net worth, income, net worth growth rate, and avenues is only an estimation collected from multiple accurate resources. Visit his websites and social media accounts regularly to get the latest updates. 

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