Ric Ocasek Net Worth Is $40 million

At the time of death, Ric Ocasek net worth was $40 million as per estimation. He was a Music producer, singer, songwriter, and frontman of the rock band The Cars“. He had collected his net worth from record production, selling of albums, live concerts, collaborations, and buisness ventures. He had also enhanced his net worth from acting and other media presence.

Ric Ocasek Net Worth
NameRic Ocasek
Net Worth$40 million
ProfessionMusic Producer, Songwriter, Singer, and Band Frontman
Ric Ocasek Net Worth

Who is Ric Ocasek?

Richard Otcasek was the full name of Ric Ocasek. He was born in Baltimore, Maryland on date of March 23, 1944. His family moved to Cleveland Ohio.

He was passionate and left his study for music. He released multiple albums and singles which made him the most popular and influential personality in the music world.

Real NameRichard Otcasek
Net Worth$40 million
ProfessionMusic Producer, Songwriter, Singer, and Band Frontman
Date of BirthMarch 23, 1944
Age75 years old (when he dead)
WifeConstance Campbell Suzanne Otcasek Paulina Porizkova 
ChildrenSons: Christopher, Adam, Jonathan, Oliver, Eron and Derek
Who is Ric Ocasek?

Yearly Ric Ocasek Net Worth Growth Rate

Years (2019-2024)Estimated Net Worth
In 2019$15 Million
In 2020$20 Million
In 2021$25 Million
In 2022$30 Million
In 2023$35 Million
In 2024$40 Million
Yearly Ric Ocasek Net Worth Growth Rate
Yearly Ric Ocasek Net Worth Growth Rate

Facts about Ric Ocasek

Here are some interesting facts about Ric Ocasek.

  • Ric Ocasek was the most famous personality in the music industry. He had solidified status.
  • Estimated net worth of Ric Ocasek was $40 million.
  • He was the frontman of a Card band, record producer, singer, and songwriter.
  • He had fame for producing solo albums and recording albums with his band, which remained top-listed on the Billboard charts.
  • He died on September 15, 2019, in Manhattan, at the age of 75 due to cardiovascular disease.
  • According to Will, his all properties and money will go to his wife Paulina, and his two sons Jonathan and Oliver.

Early life and career of Ric Ocasek

Have a look at the early life and career of Ric Ocasek. You must be curious to know how he had established himself as a millionaire.

  • 1960-1963: Ric Ocasek completed his early education at “Maple Heights High School”. He also joined Antioch College and for further study, he attended Bowling Green State University, but left his studies for music.
  • 1965: Ric officially started his music career. He met with Benjamin and joined him, and started to perform. They created a band named “ID Nirvana”. They performed in the Ohio State University area.
  • 1970: In CAP’n swing, Ric and Orr joined Glenn Evans and Elliot Easton and celebrated radio success on WBCN.
  • 1976: Ric Ocasek created a new band “The Cars” with Orr, Hawkes, Easton, and David Robinson. Ocasek worked as frontman of a band, songwriter, and rhythm guitarist.
  • 1978-1980: They released their first albums consisting of multiple songs like My Best Friend’s Girls, Good Time Roll and Just What I Needed.” The album reached on top 18 of the Billboard chart. The second and third album was released back to back “Candy-O and Panorama” and hit the top list of the chart.
  • 1982: He started his solo career by releasing his own album “Beatitude” which was featured by Greg Hawkes. The single “Emotion in Motion” was at 15 number on the Billboard chart. His solo albums were “Troublizing and Quick Change World”.
  • 1984-1987: The band produced another album “Heartbeat City” which includes two top hit songs “Drive and You Might Think”. In 1987, they released the “Door to Door” album with the original lineup, but their group was disbanded.
  • 1993: Besides music, he was also involved in other work like he wrote the poetry book “Negative Theater” making a series of drawings and photo collages, etc. He was also in movies like “Made in Heaven and Hairspray”.
  • 2000-2011: Benjamin Orr died due to cancer in 2000. The other members of Cars reunited and recorded the album “Move Like This” which was released in 2011. It reached 2 on the Top Rock Albums chart.
  • 2018: The Ric performed for the last time with the band in the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame.

Personal life of Ric Ocasek

Let’s discuss the personal life of Ric Ocasek.

  • Firstly Ric Ocasek married Constance Campbell in 1963 and got divorced after 8 years. He had two sons with Constance Campbell named Christopher and Adam.
  • After some time he married Suzanne, with whom he became the father of other two children “Eron and Derek.”
  • In 1984, he met with Paulina Porizkova, while shooting a music video for his band.
  • In 1988, he divorced Suzanne and one year later married Paulina Porizkova. They spent several years with each other and got separated in 2017. The couple had two sons “Oliver and Jonathan”.
  • There is no information present about the parents and siblings of Ric Ocasek. However, his father was working at Lewis Research Center as a system analyst.
Personal life of Ric Ocasek

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How did Ric Ocasek earn his money?

Ric Ocasek is a millionaire through his hard work and talent. He had earned his net worth of millions from multiple sources. Let’s discuss how he boosted his net worth.

How did Ric Ocasek earn his money?
  • The main source of income of Ric Ocasek net worth was from the Production of albums. He sailed millions of copies of his album throughout the world and earned a substantial amount of wealth.
  • He has also earned from his solo career, that he produced many albums including the single “Emotion in Motion” which remained Hit on top charts and helped him to earn good revenue.
  • Collaborations with famous artists also added to any celebrity’s net worth. Ric Ocasek also collaborated with popular artists including Weezer, and No Doubt.
  • Ric and his band performed in multiple live concerts and tours in different cities of America. Ticket selling at these concerts added a substantial amount to his net worth.
  • Ric has also invested in buisness ventures. He produced his own record label company and helped other artists to record their albums. This all helped him to enhance his net worth.
  • Besides, his music career, Ric had collected a good portion of money by being featured in movies like “Hairspray and Made in Heaven”. His appearances in films made him more popular.
  • He remained involved in other activities he published a poetry book named “Negative Theater” and made artwork (drawings and photo collages).

Where did Ric Ocasek spend his money?

When Ric Ocasek was alive he had a luxurious lifestyle. Let’s discuss how Ric Ocasek spent his money.

Where did Ric Ocasek spend his money?

Source: Instagram

  • House: Ric Ocasek bought a townhouse with his wife Paulina, worth 2.5 million dollars. It was a 6000 square foot house. This all included Ric Ocasek net worth. His house was sold out in 2022 for $10 million.
  • Cars Collection: There is no information available about Ric Ocasek’s car brands and collections.
  • Philantrophic Efforts: When he was alive, he had a soft heart and donated to many charitable organizations, from his money including music education programs and other societal issues.
  • Equipment Upgrade: As we know, he founded his own record label company where other artists came to record their songs. So he regularly updates his musical instruments such as guitar, piano, and other items.

Physical Statistics of Ric Ocasek

The physical statistics of Ric Ocasek are given below in the table. The physical statistics of Ric Ocasek are given below in the table.

Hair ColorBlack
Eye ColorDark Brown
Height1.82 m, 6ft 4 in
Weight70 kg
Physical Statistics of Ric Ocasek

Ric Ocasek Social Media Accounts:

Here are the social media accounts of Ric Ocasek given below in the table.

Accounts NameFollowersLinks
Ric Ocasek Social Media Accounts

Frequently Asked Questions:

Q. What impact had Ric Ocasek left on the music industry?

At his time Ric Ocasek was the most influential personality of the music industry. He showed his dedication and talent to the world and left a positive impact on the world.

Q. When did Ric Ocasek die?

Ric Ocasek was found dead at his home on September 15, 2019.

Q. Had ever Ric Ocasek won any awards?

Ric Ocasek’s contributions to the music industry will never be forgettable. In 2018, Ric and his band appreciated into Rock and Roll Hall of Fame due to their unremarkable work.


As per estimation, Ric Ocasek net worth was $40 million. He made his net worth from music production, collaborations and acting, album sales, buisness ventures, and other media appearances. All this data is truly research based on social media accounts and related sources. Must visit our website to know other celebrities’ and personalities’ net worth.

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