Kevin Liles Net Worth Is $60 million

According to the 2024 estimations, Kevin Liles net worth is predicted to be $60 million. He has earned money from music, record label collaboration, speaking engagements, investments, and as a record producer. He was positioned as the CEO of 300 Entertainment and President of the Island Def Jam Music Group, which helped him earn a good amount of net worth.

Kevin Liles Net Worth
NameKevin Liles
Net WorthApproximately $60 Million
ProfessionMusic, Record Producer, CEO of 300 Entertainment, President of Island Def Jam Music Group
CountrySanta Barbara, California, U.S
Kevin Liles Net Worth

Who is Kevin Liles?

Kevin Liles is a famous record producer in America. He has successfully earned money through various positions in the music industry, including President of Def Jam Music Group. His birth sign is Pisec, and hold American nationality; His monthly income is around $7 Million.

Real NameKevin Liles
ProfessionMusic, Record Producer, CEO of 300 Entertainment, President of Island Def Jam Music Group
Net WorthApproximately $60 Million
Monthly IncomeEstimated $7 Million
CountryBaltimore, Maryland, United States
Date of BirthFebruary 27, 1968
Age55 Years
GirlfriendErika Liles
Spouse Erika Liles
ChildrenFour: Kayla Liles, Kevin Liles Jr, Valentina Liles, Genevieve Liles
FamilyParents: Stepfather: Jerome Fennoy                
Mother: Alberta Fennoy
Siblings: 3
Who is Kevin Liles?

Yearly Kevin Liles Net Worth Growth Rate:

Years(2020-2024)Estimated Net Worth
In 2019 $35 Million 
In 2020$40 Million
In 2021$45 Million
In 2022$50 Million
In 2023$55 Million
In 2024$60 Million
Yearly Kevin Liles Net Worth Growth Rate
Yearly Kevin Liles Net Worth Growth Rate

Fun Facts about Kevin Liles:

Here are some fun facts about Kevin Liles.

  • He mainly became famous through his outstanding work in the music industry. Initially, he started working for the Baltimore-based DJ group Numarx.
  • He became a multimillionaire by himself due to his dedication and hard work in the American music industry.
  • As per reports, Kevin Liles was never involved in any crime as he mainly focused on his career.

Early Life & Career of Kevin Liles:

Here is a brief description of the early life and career of Kevin Liles.

  • 1968: Kevin Liles was born on February 27, 1968, in Baltimore, Maryland, United States.
  • He completed his secondary education at Woodlawn High School.
  • He got admitted to Morgan State University. Here, he started studying engineering. He got an electrical engineering scholarship from NASA. However, he was keenly interested in music. Thus, he left university and started working in the music industry.
  • He started his career after joining the Baltimore-based DJ group Numarx.
  • 1991: He started an internship at Def Jam. It was an unpaid internship.
  • He was raised to a higher rank in Def Jam because of his competitive working skills.
  • 1998: He was ranked as the President of Def Jam Recording.
  • 2004:He left Def Jam. Later, he founded his own talent management company. It was named KWL Enterprises.
  • 2008: He was appointed as the Executive Vice President of Warner Music Group.
  • 2013: He officially became the CEO of the record Label 300 Entertainment.
  • Currently, he is working in the music industry and continuing his entrepreneurial ventures.

Personal Life of Kevin Liles:

Information about Kevin Liles’s personal life is given below.

  • Kevin Liles was raised by his mother, Alberta Fennoy. His stepfather’s name is Jerome Fennoy. He never disclosed any information related to his biological father.
  • He has three siblings.
  • He was married twice. The information about his first wife is unknown. However, he has two children with his first wife.
  • His second wife was Erika Liles. They shared a long relationship of many years but got divorced recently. Their divorce was confirmed by Erika Liles herself. Kevin Liles and Erika Liles have two children.
  • He has four kids. Their names include Kayla Liles, Kevin Liles Jr, Valentina Liles, and Genevieve Liles.
Personal Life of Kevin Liles

Source: Instagram

How Did Kevin Levis Boost His Net Worth?

Kevin Levis is a millionaire who has increased his net worth through below-discussed income revenues.

How Did Kevin Levis Boost His Net Worth?
  • Kevin Liles’s main earnings come from the music industry. He worked as an intern at Def Jam Recordings and as CEO of 300 Entertainment, which contributed greatly not only to making him famous but also helped increase his net worth.
  • He served as the president of the Island Def Jam Music Group. Here, he released multiple successful albums. Working as a president also elevated his earnings.
  • He founded KWL enterprise, which is his talent management company. Here, he worked with famous artists, including Estelle and Trey Songz, and made money.
  • He has earned plenty of money through record label collaborations.
  • Besides those, Kevin Liles net worth also earn through various brand endorsements and speaking engagements.
  • He must also involved in various entrepreneurial and other business ventures, such as investments that enhance his earnings.

Where Did Kevin Liles Spend His Net Worth?

Kevin Liles spends his net worth in the following ways.

Where Did Kevin Liles Spend His Net Worth?

Source: Instagram

  • Assets: Kevin Liles has luxurious assets. He personally owns a mansion in New Jersey and Maryland worth $4 million and $5.5 million. He also bought an apartment in New York worth a million.
  • Art Collection: He has a expensive and beautiful collection of art. It costs about $2 Million.
  • Golf and boating: Besides work, he loves doing some recreational activities. He was spotted playing golf and boating, which also cost a lot of money.
  • Updating Wardrobe: Kevin Liles has an impressive collection of outfits, sneakers, caps, sunglasses, watches, and other jewelry collections.
  • Cars: He was spotted riding cars many times, which means that he has an awesome collection of expensive cars.

Physical Statistics of Kevin Liles:

The table below shows the physical statistics of Kevin Liles.

Height5’9”, 1.76m, 176cm
Weight72kg, 158 lbs
Physical Statistics of Kevin Liles

Social Media Accounts of Kevin Liles:

Kevin Liles’ official social media accounts are given below.

Accounts FollowersLinks
Social Media Accounts of Kevin Liles

Frequently Asked Questions:

Q. Discuss Kevin Liles’ monthly and annual income.

Kevin Liles’s monthly income was estimated at $7 million. On the other hand, his annual income is approximately $15 Million.

Q. Is Kevin Liles involved in philanthropic activities?

Yes! He is a philanthropist. He continuously showcased participation in the Kevin Liles for a Better Baltimore Foundation. Moreover, he served as a co-chair for the New Yorkers for Children Gala.

Q. Is Kevin Liles still working in the Music industry?

Kevin Liles is successfully gaining fame and making money through his outstanding career in the music industry. Moreover, he is also participating in other business ventures.

Summing Up:

Kevin Liles net worth is reported at $60 Million, which he has earned through his career in the American music industry and other entrepreneurial ventures and investments. All this data is authentic and based on reliable sources. Check our other websites for more detailed information about other celebrities.

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