Mozzy Net Worth $5 Million

The Mozzy net worth is estimated at $5 Million as of 2023. Mozzy is a very famous and popular American rapper. He is famous because of his well-known Hip-Hop, gangsta style, and stunning electronic style. He started taking his rapping seriously at a very young age. 

From his musical career, he earned an enormous amount of income for his living and lives a luxurious life. In this article, you get information about Mozzy net worth.

Let’s explore the Mozzy income, his income source, net worth, and behavior about his spending of his net worth.

Who is Mozzy?

Timothy Cornell Patterson is also professionally named Mozzy. He is an American rapper, songwriter, and singer. On 24 June 1987, he was born in Oak Park, California. He is best known for his electronic beats and Hip-Hop music style. However, his mother is a drug addict and his father is in jail. His grandmother raised him up. 

Full NameTimothy Cornell Patterson
NicknameMozzy, Lil Tim
Date of BirthJune 24, 1987
BirthplaceOak Park, Sacramento, California
Age36 Years Old
ReligionPracticing Muslim
ProfessionSinger, Rapper, Song Writer,
Net Worth$5 Million
Relationship StatusWife
Spouse or GirlfriendGeniece Barnes (Gee O Dee)
ChildrenDooterz Patterson and Zayda Ahkyana Patterson
Who is Mozzy

Early life of Mozzy:

Mozzy was born in California. He grew up in his grandmother Brenda Patterson-Usher’s house who was a political party member of the “Black Panther Party”. His childhood was so miserable. He dropped out of “Sacramento High School” but earned a high school diploma by GED. He started his musical career in 2004 and also did other local jobs. In 2010, he gave full time to only his vocals and musical career.

Career Highlights of Mozzy:

  • In 2004, Mozzy started rapping with the name “Lil Tim”. 
  • He didn’t get public attention but he released his raps, songs, and mixtapes. 
  • Moreover, he changed his stage name to “Mozzy” in 2012 which seems so lucky for him. 
  • After three years of his changing stage name, in 2015, he released his music album “Bladadah” which got a hit and became ranked 22nd in “Best Rap Album of 2015” by Rolling Stone magazine.
  • After his hit album, he released many mixtapes and albums which also became hits and got public attention.
  • However, He is currently signed with “Black Market Records”, “CMG” and “Interscope Records”.

Personal life of Mozzy:

Mozzy is currently dating “Geniece Barnes” named Gee O Dee. They have been in a relationship since 2010. He has two daughters from Gee O Dee. Moreover, along with his current affair, we didn’t have any details about his past relationship with any girl.

Personal life of Mozzy

Source: Instagram 

How Much is Mozzy Net Worth, Monthly and Yearly Salary?

Mozzy’s net worth is approximately $5 Million. Additionally, he is following his passion to become a singer. In upcoming years, Mozzy’s net worth may increase because of his popular and hit songs. The main contributors to Mozzy net worth are raps, songs, live performances, and collaboration with many other artists.

Estimated Net Worth$5 Million
Yearly income$12K
Monthly income $1K
How Much is Mozzy Net Worth, Monthly and Yearly Salary

Yearly Growth Rate Table of Mozzy:

In the below table, we will have a look at the Mozzy’s net worth growth rate. The growth rate increases gradually every year, and the current Mozzy net worth is $5 Million.

YearEstimated Net Worth
In 2023$5 Million
In 2022$4 Million
In 2021$3 Million
In 2020$2.5 Million
In 2019$2 Million
In 2018$1 Million
Yearly Growth Rate Table of Mozzy

Here is the graphical look of Mozzy’s yearly net worth growth table. Have a look at it.

Yearly Growth Rate Table of Mozzy

How Did Mozzy Make His Wealth?

Mozzy net worth is estimated at $5 Million. Being a famous rapper, he earned a good amount of income through the following sources.

How Did Mozzy Make His Wealth


As an American rapper in the Electronic beat and hip-hop music industry, mozzy earns a huge amount from his songs and raps in songs that are famous all over America. His songs and raps are loved by the public because of lyrics that are about crime, poverty, and injustice. 

Mozzy can do raps in many of his songs and other singers’ songs help him to make a good income which can contribute 29% to his net worth.

Live Performance:

Mozzy can also earn money from live performances in many concerts and festivals. He makes a good amount of living by doing live performances all over America. The average price of a Mozzy concert ranges from $100 to $150. 

The concert ticket price may be increased according to location, seat selection on the land of a festival, or general admission. The live performance and concert ticket price can contribute up to 17% to his net worth.

Live Performance of cozzy
Source: YouTube

Social Media Platforms:

As a famous personality, Mozzy can also earn a good amount from his social media accounts and his YouTube ads. He posts his new and old songs and albums which get his fan’s attention. Mozzy can earn up to 19% of his net worth from YouTube, Apple Music, and other platforms.

Albums Sales:

Mozzy albums can get the quick attention of his fans, followers, and people in the music industry. His albums are being released and have been sold in days all over the world. The music album sales can add 14% to Mozzy net worth.

Albums Sales of cozzy
Source: Instagram

Soundtracks Used in Movies:

Mozzy makes a good amount of income from his soundtracks which are used in movies. His songs are used in many well-known Hollywood movies like “Venom: Let There Be Carnage (2021)”, “All Day and a Night (2020)” and “Black Panther (2018)” and many more which are hit songs. He makes 9% of his net income from his songs used in many other movies.

Collaboration & Contracts:

Through collaboration and making contracts with many records and labels, Mozzy can also make a great amount of income. Currently, Mozzy signs with “Empire Distribution”, “Collective Music Group”, “Records and Publishing”, “Interscope Records”, “Black Market Records” and “Real Talk Entertainment”. With the help of these collaborations and contracts Mozzy can make 12% of his net worth.

Collaboration & Contracts of mozzy
Source: YouTube

Where did Mozzy spend his money?

As of 2023, Mozzy net worth is $5 Million. Let us discuss the details of how Mozzy spent his amount and income.

Assets and Cars Collection:

Mozzy can spend a good part of his income on buying luxury and stunning cars. He owns a great collection of sports cars, Mercedes and Lamborghini. He has been seen many times with his cars and also posted his pics with cars on his social media account. 

Assets and Cars Collection
Source: Instagram

Moreover, the further details of his Assets and house details are not publicly revealed but in the past, he lived in Oak Park, Sacramento, California, United States with his grandmother. However, he continues to invest his income to get properties. 


The famous hip-hop singer can also make an investment in the real estate business. He bought many houses and land from many states in America and also from his birthplace. The value and amount of that land seem to be considerably increased as years pass. 

Jewelry & Accessories:

Mozzy devotes a part of his income to buying lavish accessories for his styling. The branded watches, men’s necklaces and bracelets can get the attention of his fans and followers. Further, he used to dress up in gorgeous outfits.

Jewelry & Accessories
Source: Instagram


Being a rapper, Mozzy also gives attention to himself and his styling. He dedicates an amount of his income to looking good and self-styling. He is often seen publicly and on his social media, through which we know how much Mozzy maintains his lifestyle and cares for himself.

Mozzy Clothing Brand:

Other than the music industry, Mozzy can also be in the fashion industry. Mozzy owns a “Mozzy Merch” on which he sells his streetwear including T-shirts, accessories, hoodies, and shorts. The designs on his clothes from his merchandise are widely liked and praised by his fans and the public. 

Mozzy Clothing Brand

Key points of Mozzy:

Let’s have a good look at interesting key points of Mozzy’s life.

  • Mozzy hit after his music album “Bladadah” was released in 2015.
  • Mozzy has been nominated and won many awards.
  • Mozzy’s music album “Gangland Landlord” is widely praised and added to the list of greatest albums in 2018 by Complex and Rolling Stone magazine.
  • Mozzy can also go to jail many times due to evading police and illegal possession.
  • Mozzy’s mother was a drug addict while his father went to jail many times.

Mozzy Social Media Accounts:

There is a list of social media platforms that the famous hip-hop rapper and songwriter is using. Let’s have a short look at them which are mentioned in the below table.

Instagram1.5M @mozzy
Twitter126.4K @MOZZY
Facebook365K @Mozzy
Spotify2,796,659 Monthly Listeners@Mozzy
YouTube1.5M Subscribers@Mozzy
Mozzy Social Media Accounts

Physical Status of Mozzy:

Let’s have a quick look at the physical appearance of American rapper Mozzy which is given in the below table.

Height5ft 7In
Weight70 Kg
Eye ColorDark Brown
Hair ColorBlack
Mustaches or beardYes
Physical Status of Mozzy

Wrapping it Up!

Mozzy started singing rap and songwriting in his early life and later because of his dedication he sang with many labels and artists. He launched many albums and songs with different record studios. from these albums and music, Mozzy net worth boosted $5 Million. 

He is now living his dream life. He is living a fabulous life as a rapper and songwriter because of his good grip and stunning reality-based lyrics. He posts his pictures and videos on different social media accounts to stay in touch with his fans. 

He earns a good amount of income by rapping and spending his earnings on his accessories and styling. He is a self-made man who made his name in the world on his own.

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