Kangol Kid Net Worth Is $5 Million

According to the estimations, Kangol Kid net worth was estimated at $5 Million. He had earned money through rapping, dancing, songwriting, concerts & music tours, live shows, brand endorsements, social media, and other business ventures.

Kangol Kid Net Worth
NameKangol Kid
Net WorthApproximately $5Million
ProfessionRapping, Dancing, Music tours, Brand endorsements, and Other income revenues
CountryUnited States
Kangol Kid Net Worth

He also worked as a composer, performer, and lecturer and was the president of Kangol Creation, Inc., a music production company, and CEO of the creative media group, which helped him become a millionaire.

Who is Kangol Kid?

Kangol Kid was a popular rapper, dancer, and songwriter in America. His real name was Shaun Shiller Fequiere. He was a well-known music producer and was a member of the UTFO, a hip-hop music group.

He was involved in different brand endorsements and was the center of attention due to endorsing his headwear named Kangol Headware.

He is hip-hop music industry and is a famous personality, he has been introduced to the Smithsonian National Museum of African American History and Culture collection.

Real NameShaun Shiller Fequiere
ProfessionRapping, Dancing, Music Producer,  Music tours, Brand endorsements, and Other income revenues
Net WorthApproximately $5 Million
Monthly Income$500K
CountryBrooklyn, New York, United States
Date of BirthAugust 10, 1966
Age55 Years (Late)
GirlfriendTajiri Swindell
WifeTajiri Swindell
Children3 Sons: T. Shaun, AJ, Giovanni1 Daughter: Amancia
FamilyFather: AndreMother: JeanSiblings: Three Brothers: Joel FequiereAndy FequiereAlix Fequiere
Who is Kangol Kid?

Yearly Kangol Kid Net Worth Growth Rate:

Years (2020-2024)Estimated Net Worth
In 2019$2.5 Million
In 2020$3 Million
In 2021$3.5 Million
In 2022$4 Million
In 2023$4.5 Million
In 2024$5 Million
Yearly Kangol Kid Net Worth Growth Rate
Yearly Kangol Kid Net Worth Growth Rate

Facts about Kangol Kid:

Here are some facts about the late rapper Kangol Kid.

  • Kangol Kid gained fame as a member of the hip-hop music group UTFO. It made success for him in the hip-hop community.
  • He was a legend who devoted his life to being successful. He was never involved in illegal actions and crimes.
  • His net worth was about $5 Million at the time of his death. He made money specifically through the music industry.
  • He died because of colon cancer at the age of 55 on December 18, 2021.

Early Life and Career of Kangol Kid.

Here are the highlights of Kangol Kid’s early age and career.

  • 1960: Kangol Kid was born in Brooklyn, New York, United States, on August 10, 1966.
  • 1970s: The rapper did not publicly disclose his education.
  • At the age of 17, he signed his first record label deal.
  • 1980s: He became famous after becoming a member of the UTFO hip-hop music group, which was voted the best rap group because of the outstanding rapping and breakdown of its members.
  • 1985: He confidently wrote ‘Private Property’ on the ‘Lisa Lisa & Cult Jam with Full Force’ album. He later composed it and got positive reviews.
  • In the same year. He successfully produced his other rap group named Whistle.
  • 1987: Kangol Kid, along with the other members, released ‘Lethal’, which was considered the highest-charting album. It features ‘Anthrax’, which was a rock group on the title track.
  • He continued his career as a songwriter and wrote several worth-listening songs. He also impressed his fans by working as a composer and artist manager.
  • He became the president of Kangol’ Kreations, Inc., a music production company.
  • He increased his net worth by positioning himself as the CEO of the Creative Media Group, which was his public relations firm.
  • 2012: He was honored by the American Cancer Society and became the first rapper to get this honor.
  • 2021: He left this world because of colon cancer at a hospital located in Manhasset, New York, on December 18, 2021. His age was 55 at the time of his death.

Personal Life of Kangol Kid:

Here is accurate information about the personal life of Kangol Kid.

  • The father’s name was “Andre”, and his mother’s name was “Jean”. His father worked as a taxi driver, and his mother was a housekeeper.
  • His siblings include three brothers. Their names were “Joel Fequiere, Andy Fequiere”, and “Alix Fequiere”.
  • He tied the knot with his girlfriend, “Tajiri Swindell”. He has three sons, “T. Shaun, AJ,” and “Giovanni”, and one daughter, “Amancia”.
Personal Life of Kangol Kid

Source: Instagram

How Did Kangol Kid Earn His Net Worth?

Kango Kid was the best rapper and musician of his time, and he became a millionaire at an early age. He earns his wealth in the following ways.

How Did Kangol Kid Earn His Net Worth?
  • The main source of income of Kangol Kid was the music industry. Initially, he showed his rapping skills as a UTFO member. It helps greatly in increasing his income.
  • He was involved in songwriting and wrote multiple songs and albums. It not only helped him become famous but also contributed to earning an income.
  • He worked as a producer and composer and composed ‘Private Property’. Which also boosted his net worth.
  • He was the president of the music production company Kangol Kreation, Inc., which enhanced his earnings by millions.
  • He made a lot of earnings by becoming the CEO of the public relations firm Kreative Media Group.
  • He worked as a lecturer at various universities and taught them about music. The lectureship helped him make money.
  • He made a huge amount of wealth through brand endorsements and other business ventures such as investments.

Where Did Kangol Kid Spend His Net Worth?

Kangol Kid has spent his net worth in the following ways when he was alive. Let’s discuss them.

Where Did Kangol Kid Spend His Net Worth?

Source: Instagram

  • Assets: Kangol Kid net worth shows that he has luxury assets and lives in a luxurious house in New York during his cancer treatment. However, he never publicly discusses his personal property.
  • Cars Collection: He has an eye-opening collection of cars worth millions. But the exact numbers of his cars are not available.
  • Cancer Treatment: He was diagnosed with cancer and spent a huge amount of his income on treatment for this deadly disease. But, unluckily, he took his last breath due to cancer and left the world.
  • Organizing Tours: As a dancer and rapper, he has spent wealth on organizing and performing on music tours and live shows. The management also demands a lot of money for concert arrangements.
  • Family: Kangol Kid has a loving family and spends his earnings on supporting his wife and kids.
  • Charity: He was a fundraiser and also raised a huge amount of wealth for foundations and research to fight breast cancer.

Physical Statistics of Kangol Kid:

The table below reveals the details of Kangol Kid’s physical statistics.

Height1.8m, 5’10”
Weight80 kgs, 176 pounds
Eye ColorBrown
Hair ColorBlack
Physical Statistics of Kangol Kid

Social Media Account of Kangol Kid:

Here are Kangol Kid’s official social media accounts.

Accounts NameFollowersLinks
Social Media Account of Kangol Kid

Frequently Asked Questions:

Q. Discuss the monthly and annual income of Kangol Kid.

As per estimations, the monthly income of Kangol Kid was $500K, while his annual income was $1.5 Million.

Q. Enlist some popular songs of Kangol Kid.

Some of Kangol Kid’s popular songs are listed below.

  • Roxanne, Roxanne
  • Bite It
  • Ya Cold Wanna Be With Me
  • Fairytale Lover
  • Lethal
  • Hanging Out
  • UTFO on the Mix
  • Wanna Rock
  • Leader of the Pack

Q. What Did UTFO stand for?

UTFO stands for “Untouchable Force Organization”. It was a hip-hop music group in America. Kangol Kid worked as a member of this group.

Q. Is Kangol Kid alive?

No! Kangol Kid died on December 18, 2021, after fighting colon cancer.

Summing Up!

Based on the predictions, Kangol Kid net worth was approximately $5 Million. He earned money through the music industry and as a lecturer and music producer. He also participated in other income revenues, such as endorsements, which helped him earn wealth. We carefully collected this data from authentic sources. Check our other official websites for more interesting information about other celebrities.



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