Jo Koy Net Worth Is $15 Million: Lifestyle, Relations and BIO

The net worth of Jo Koy is approximately $15 Million. Jo Koy is a famous and popular American stand-up comedian, actor, scriptwriter, and voice actor. Jo Koy earns his income through Netflix, Merchandise Sales, selling Tickets, Real Estate, and the Stock Market.

He is famous among the public because of his standup comedy. He started following his passion from a young age. From his career, he earns a handsome amount for his living. Like Jo Koy, Karlous Miller wealth reflects his successful journey in comedy and entertainment.

In this article, you get information about Jo Koy net worth. Let’s explore the details of Jo Koy’s income, his source of wealth, and his spending behavior.

Who is Jo Koy?

Joseph Glenn Herbert Sr. is also professionally known as Jo Koy. He is an American Comedian, Scriptwriter, and actor. He was born on June 2, 1971, in Tacoma, Washington. He used his name “Jo Koy” by inspiring his aunt to call him “Jo Ko”

Who is Jo Koy?

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He is best known for his comedies like “In His Elements”, “Comin’ in Hot” and “Live from Seattle”. Currently, he signed a deal with Netflix.

Full name Joseph Glenn Herbert Sr.
Nick NameJo Koy
Date of BirthJune 2, 1971
EducationUniversity of Nevada, Las Vegas (dropped out)
ProfessionComedian, Actor, Scriptwriter
Net Worth$15 Million
Relationship StatusDivorced
SpouseAngie King
GirlfriendChelsea Handler
ChildrenJoseph Herbert Jr. (son)
ParentsJosie Harrison (mother) & John C. Herbert (Father)
SiblingRowena Cook (sister), Gemma Herbert (sister), Robert Herbert (brother).
BirthplaceTacoma, Washington, U.S
Current ResidenceLos Angeles, California
Who is Jo Koy

Early life and career of Jo Koy:

Let’s have a look at the early life and career of Jo Koy. 

  • At the age of 14, he was inspired by “Dave Chappelle” to become a comedian in addition he left his education worked hard to pursue his career, and used “Jo Koy” as his stage name.
  • He gained national public attention after Catch a Rising Star reality show.
  • He was invited to appear in BET’s Comic View which opened numerous doors of success for him. He gets a chance to win comedy awards.
  • After he was invited to many other shows as a guest all over America and started doing his podcast.
  • In 2023, he did voice acting in an animation on Netflix “The Monkey King”.

Jo Koy Personal life:

Have a look at the personal life of Jo Koy. 

  • In 2000, Jo Koy married Angie King in a private ceremony and the couple welcomed their son Joseph Herbert Jr. in April 2003. 
  • He divorced his wife Angie King in July 2013. 
  • In September 2021, Jo Koy announced his relationship with Chelsea Handler on social media. Later on, they break up in June 2022 and no one knows the reason behind it.
Jo Koy Personal life

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Yearly Growth Rate of Jo Koy Net Worth :

As of 2023, as per estimations, Jo Koy net worth is $15 Million; he earns his impressive income through hard work. Let’s have a look at the yearly growth rate table of Joy Koy. 

Years (2018-2023)Estimated Net Worth
In 2023$15 Million
In 2022$14 Million
In 2021$13 Million
In 2020$12 Million
In 2019$11 Million
In 2018$10 Million
Yearly Growth Rate of Jo Koy Net Worth

Here is the graph of the Jo Koy growth rate table of Jo Koy. This will show the yearly growth of the net worth of Jo Koy. 

Yearly Growth Rate of Jo Koy Net Worth

Where Did Jo Koy earn money?

As of 2023, Jo Koy net worth is $15 Million and he earns an enormous amount of dollars from the following sources.

Where Jo Koy earn money
  • Jo Koy can earn money from Netflix by signing a three-year deal of $10 Million.
  • In 2020, the animated show “The Jo Koy Show” is released which is based on his life experiences. 
  • He also does voice acting in “The Monkey King” and special shows on Netflix.
  • On his official website, Jo Koy can also sell caps, hoodies, and sweatshirts.
  • The designs of his cloth merch are widely praised by his fans and the public.
  • He earns a good amount of income by selling his merchandise.
  • Jo Koy owns the estate and ten rental houses all over America.
  • He owns some mansions in different cities such as in Los Angeles, Nevada, and Las Vegas.
  • He gets $300 K every month from those rental houses.
  • Like many other celebrities including larry the cable guy, from his Jo Koy net worth, he invested his earnings in the Sock Market.
  • He owns a share in different companies which are worth $2 Million.
  • Through live performances, Jo Koy can also earn an amount for his living.
  • He can also sell the tickets for his tours or performances online as well as offline.

Leanne Morgan net worth is $5 Million. She has achieved a commendable net worth through her successful career and comedic talents.

Where did Jo Koy spend his money?

As we discussed, Jo koy net worth is $15 Million as per estimation. he spends his money living a luxurious life and also he buys an impressive collection of luxury things to achieve his goals.  

Where Jo Koy spend his money

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Let’s discuss the details of how he spends his income.

  • The American actor can also spend his money on gambling, poker, and many other games. 
  • Jo Koy lost millions of dollars while playing these types of games.
  • The well-known stand-up comedian spends his belongings purchasing luxury watches.
  • Koy owns a huge collection of “Rolex”, “Gucci”, and “Prada” which he loves to wear.
  • In a video, he said collecting Rolex is his goal as people have their career goals.
  • Jo Koy owns a car collection of different brands like Mercedes, Rolls-Royce, McLaren, and Lamborghini.
  • He also has around seven sports cars worth of million dollars in his garage.
  • He owned Rolls-Royce Phantom which is the most luxurious car in the world.
  • The comedian-actor can also spend his money and do performances for charity purposes. 
  • He donated $5Milion to many charity houses and $2 Million to the AIDS foundation.

Physical statistics of Jo Koy:

In the below table, the physical statistics of famous comedian Jo Koy are mentioned. Let’s have a quick look at them.

Height6 ft 3 In
Weight72 Kg
Eye ColorGreen
Hair ColorBlack
Hair StyleBlade
Beard & MustachesYes
Physical statistics of Jo Koy

 Jo Koy Social Media Accounts Details

Let’s have a look at the social media accounts of American comedians. his fans also interact with him digitally. 

Instagram2.2 Million@jokoy
Facebook4.2 MillionJo Koy
TikTok4.2 Million@jokoy
YouTube1.1 MillionJokoy
Spotify27,123 monthly listenersJo Koy
Twitter 256.5K Follower@JoKoy
Official Website
 Jo Koy Social Media Accounts Details

Frequently Asked Questions 

Q. How much does Netflix pay for Jo Koy?

Joy Koy gets paid $2.5 Million every year after he signed a 3-year deal of $10 Million.

Q. Who is Jo Koy’s biological father?

“John C. Herbert” is the biological father of Jo Koy.

Q. What nationality is Jo Koy?

Jo Koy is an Filipino-American. His father is an American while his mother belongs from the Philippines.

Q. What restaurant does Jo Koy own?

Jo Koy invested in Yojie Japanese Fodue in 2015. It is operated now under the name “Dip Shabu Shabu”. 

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