TJ Lavin Net Worth Is $9 Million

TJ Lavin net worth is $9 million as per estimation. He is an American athlete as a BMX rider, host of television shows, and a musician. He has collected his net worth through sports career, television shows, music, and other brand endorsement deals.

TJ Lavin Net Worth
NameThomas Joseph Lavin
Net Worth$9 million
ProfessionAthlete, Television Host, and Musician
CountryLas Vegas, Nevada
TJ Lavin Net Worth

Who is TJ Lavin?

The full name of TJ Lavin is “Thomas Joseph Lavin”. He was born in Las Vegas, Nevada on December 07, 1976. He has a passion for riding bikes from an early age. TJ chased his goal with full of his dedication. 

Real NameThomas Joseph Lavin
ProfessionAthlete, Television Host, and Musician
Net Worth$9  million
Monthly income$300k
CountryLas Vegas, Nevada
Date of BirthDecember 07, 1976
Age48 years old
WifeRoxanne Siordia
ChildrenDaughter: Raquel Lavin
FamilyFather: not known Mother: Barbara Lavin Stepfather: Jim Sister: Brooke Lavin
Who is TJ Lavin?

Yearly TJ Lavin Net Worth Growth Rate: 

Years (2019-2024)Net Worth growth rate
In 2024$9 Million 
In 2023$8 Million 
In 2022$7 Million 
In 2021$6 Million 
In 2020$5 Million 
In 2019$4 Million 
Yearly TJ Lavin Net Worth Growth Rate: 
Yearly TJ Lavin Net Worth Growth Rate

Early Life and Career of TJ Lavin:

Here is the details about eraly and career of TJ Lavin which is given below .

  • He completed his high school at Clark High School and Durango High School in Las Vegas. 
  • 1991: TJ Lavin started riding bikes from the age of two. When he was 15, he took part in a competition and won the match. He also started playing piano at home and made a recording studio.
  • 1995: He started to take part in the Dew Tour and  X Games. He won three times bronze and gold, a one-time silver medal. He got the crown of “King of Dirt“, because of his success in the European championship, DK Dirt Championship, and Gravity Games.
  • 2005: Lavin started hosting of reality competition show on MTV “The Challenge”. The original name of the show is  World/Road Rules Challenge. He hosted till the 11th season of MTV. He was also featured in “MTV Cribes” episodes.
  • 2008: Lavin is also the founder of music, he released his first album named “LAVS”. Lavin released a new song “Soldier“. His friend “Stephen Murry” got seriously injured on the Dew Action Tour so Lacin donated all of the money to Stephen’s family, which he earned through sales of single.
  • 2010: In the event of the Dew Tour, he got into an accident and was seriously injured. He went into a coma for a short period of time but got stable in a few days. He is considered one of the top BMX riders.
  • 2011: He has also ventured into business, and became co-owner of a company named “Forgiven”. This company produces an alcohol metabolizer.
  • 2013: He appeared in a movie named “Beast: A Monster Among Men. His incredible talent has led him to a stair of success.
  • 2020: His dedication and talent provide him with more opportunities to show his talent. He again appeared in theViena and the Fantomesshow. 

Personal Life of TJ Lavin

Let’s have a look at the Personal life of TJ Lavin.

  • TJ Lavin’s father was working in the finest hotel in Las Vegas. Because of 4 stage cancer, his father did not survive and died in 2018. His father’s name is not known.
  • The mother of TJ Lavin is Barbara Lavin. She worked in Bally’s Las Vegas as a card dealer. She married Lavin’s stepfather “Jim“. 
  • He has a sister named “Brooke Lavin.
  • TJ Lavin had a longtime relationship of eight years with Roxanna Siordia (she is a nutritionist and personal trainer). The couple got married in Las Vegas on November 02, 2012. 
  • Lavin’s daughter’s name is Raquel Lavin”. He has adopted his daughter.
Personal Life of TJ Lavin

Source: Instagram 

How Did TJ Lavin Earn His Money?

Here are some sources discussing how TJ Lavin has become a millionaire. Let’s discuss all the possible ways that helped him to earn his income.

How Did TJ Lavin Earn His Money?
  • TJ Lavin has made his successful career through sports. He is a professional BMX bike rider and earned a lot of money by winning multiple competitions. 
  • Lavin has also started playing music from a young age. He has released his album “LAVS” and some singles. By selling albums and songs, he boosted his net worth. 18%
  • TJ Lavin net worth is also increased by his hosting show “The Challenge”. He did hosting from 2005 to its 11th season. He has played a role in some MTV cribs episodes. 
  • Like other celebrities, he has offered several brand endorsement deals for the promotion of “Monster Energy Drinks, Kickers, and S&M Bikes”
  • He has also ventured into other buisness like “Forgiven” company which adds a substantial amount of money to his net worth. 

Where Did TJ Lavin Spend His Money?

TJ Lavin spends his wealth in different ways that are discussed below.

Where Did TJ Lavin Spend His Money?

Source: Instagram 

  • House: TJ lives in Las Vegas in a deluxe house with all kinds of luxury items. He has a BMX track on an area of his 4 acres and it is having many groomed trails and dirt jumps.
  • Cars Collections: He loves old cars from the nineteen’s. He has a collection of beautiful cars like the “67 Lincoln”, 1951 Ford Shoebox, 1972 Chevrolet, 1976 Bronco” and many other.
  • Pets: Lavin has a beautiful pair of dogs, he has often shared pictures and videos on Instagram accounts. 
  • Activities: TJ Lavin is spending his time and money on doing different activities like going to the beach, foreign holiday trips, music concerts, and many other things. 

Physical statistics of TJ Lavin

TJ Lavin has good good-looking personality, having the following features.

Height6 ft
Hair ColorDark brown
Eye ColorLight Grey
Physical statistics of TJ Lavin

Social Media Accounts of TJ Lavin:

TJ Lavin is actively engaged with his followers on social media. Details of his social media accounts are given below.

Social Media Accounts of TJ Lavin

Frequently Asked Questions:

Yes, He has donated to different charitable organizations. He believes in giving back to society and spreading a positive impact.

TJ Lavin won many medals in competitions like the Dew Tour and X Games.

  • Silver: one time
  • Gold: three times
  • Bronze: One time 

Summing Up!

TJ Lavin net worth is estimated at 9 million dollars. He has boosted his net worth through his athletic career, the music and television industry, and some brand endorsement deals. All this data is searched from reliable sources and their social media accounts. You should get information about the net worth of other celebrities.

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