Robin Arzon Net Worth is $8 Million: Husband, Affairs and BIO

The Robin Arzon net worth is estimated at $8 million. Robin Arzon is an American professional author, athlete, fitness instructor, and lawyer. She is a noticeable public figure because of her good style of teaching about fitness and health. She earned a good amount of income from her book sales, investments, and fitness instructor.

In this article, you get good information about Robin Arzon net worth. Let’s explore the information on Robin’s net income, net worth, source of income, and spending behavior of her net worth.

Who is Robin Arzon?

Robin Amelia Arzon is publically known as Robin Arzon. She is a Philadelphia and American athlete, attorney, runner, author, and exercise instructor. She was born in 1982 on September 21st. She is best known as an instructor at Peloton. Now, she is a VP of Fitness Programming at Peloton. 

Full Name Robin Amelia Arzon
Date of Birth21st September 1982
Age 41 year old
EducationMagna Cum Laude/ Bachelor’s Degree in Law
ProfessionAttorney, Athlete, Author, Exercise Instructor, Runner, VP of the fitness program at Peloton
Net Worth$8 Million
Relationship StatusMarried
SpouseDrew Butler
Birth PlacePhiladelphia, Pennsylvania
Who is Robin Arzon

Early Life of Robin Arzon:

Robin was born in Philadelphia. Her father is a Puerto Rican attorney and law professor while her mother is a Cuban refugee doctor in Philadelphia. She was born into an educated and well-settled family. 

At the start, she focuses on her studies and follows her father as an ideal. She completed her graduation and got her law degree. After she started practicing her law and started working as a corporate litigator at “Paul Hasting LLP.”

Robin Arzon Career Highlights:

Now, a look at Robin Arzon’s career highlights that she worked hard to achieve along with his life. 

  • In 2012, Robin started a career in health and fitness by leaving the law profession.
  • In 2003, she took part in her first race for 10 Km. 
  • Furthermore, after her race, she began to run 2 to 3 miles at a time. 
  • Then in 2010, she ran her first marathon race, and since then she has run more than 50 races including a 100-mile race, marathons, and ultramarathon.
  • She runs 27 marathons and many ultra-marathons.
  • Robin is a worldwide ambassador of “Adidas”.

Personal Life of Robin Arzon:

In Tulum, a city in Mexico, Robin was married to Drew Butler in 2019. She met him in 2016 at a bar in New York City. Their wedding ceremony was their mutual love and inspired by Burning Man. Now she is the mother of two, a baby girl Athena, and a baby boy Atlas Sage.

Personal Life of Robin Arzon:
Source: Instagram 

Robin Arzon Net worth and Monthly and Yearly Salary:

Robin Arzon net worth is $8 Million. Further, she is a passionate health and fitness trainer, instructor, author, athlete, and fitness programming vice president at Peloton. In upcoming years, Robin Arzon’s net worth may increase. The main contributors to Robin’s net worth are investment, book sales, public speaking events, and fitness instructor.

Estimated Net Worth$8 Million
Yearly Income $500K
Monthly Income$40K
Net worth and Monthly and Yearly Salary of Robin Arzon

Yearly Growth Rate Table of Robin Arzon:

In the table below, we will have a brief look at the Robin Arzon net growth rate. The growth rate increases gradually every year, the current Robin Arzon net worth is $8 Million.

Year Estimated Net Worth
In 2023$8 Million
In 2022$7 Million
In 2021$5 Million
In 2020$2 Million
In 2019$1 Million
In 2018$0.5 Million
Yearly Growth Rate Table of Robin Arzon

The graph is used to present the visualistic points of anything. The graph below will show the graph representation of the yearly growth rate of Robin Arzon. 

Yearly Growth Rate Table of Robin Arzon:

How did Robin Arzon make his wealth?

Robin Arzon net worth is approximately $8 Million. Being a well-known fitness instructor, an author, and an athlete, she earned a handsome amount of income through the following sources.

Book Sales:

Robin earns money through her writing skills. She wrote 3 books and some journals of which her two books are the NYT best sellers. She can inspire many people with her writing skills and magic of words. The sales of books can contribute 19% to his net worth.

Brand sponsorships & Collaboration:

Besides Robin’s writing, she makes a good amount of income from different brand sponsorship and collaboration. She can collaborate with different brands. Many other brands can sponsor her which helps her to make 15% of his net worth. 

Brand sponsorships & Collaboration:
Source: Instagram 

Motivational speaker:

Famous athletes can also earn money from many public forms of speaking. She speaks about many topics of being healthy and fit. Through the public speaking events, she makes up to 12% of his total net worth.

Robin Arzon as Motivational speaker

Peloton Instructor:

As a fitness instructor, Robin is a vice president of the fitness program at Peloton. In 2014, she joined Peloton. She conducts classes and makes videos for that Platform. From Peloton’s classes, she averages $500 to $700 for each class. Another popular physical fitness enthausit, Darlene Ortiz earns from her fitness programs.

The 21% of Robin Arzon net worth came from the Instructor of Peloton. Moreover, she also designed and created the “Bebe Fuerte”.


Robin Arzon makes a good amount of money by investment. She invests a part of her money in different things and brands and gets a handsome profit from that investment. The money she earns through investment can contribute 18% to her net worth.

Earn through Social media:

The well-known writer is also making an income from his YouTube channel and other social media accounts. She can post motivational videos on his accounts and help many of her followers to be healthy and fit. It can contribute 15% to his net worth like it did to Backpack Kid Net worth.

Where did Tavon Austin spend his money?

As of 2023, Robin Arzon net worth is estimated at $8 Million. Let us discuss the details of how Robin Arzon spent his earnings.

Where did Tavon Austin spend his money?


Being a mom and public inspiration, she also gives attention to herself and her styling. Robin devotes a part of her income to her styling and looking good. She many times seen at public events and on social media, through which we know how much she maintains her self-styling.

Robin Arzon House:

Robin Arzon can spend an amount of her earnings on buying a house. She owns a high-priced apartment in the city of America. Through her social media account, we know that her apartment is a luxury one and she is living a stunning life in her beautiful house with her family.

Jewelry collection:

Robin Arzon has a luxury collection of rings, neckless, and many more jewelry collections. Many times she has been seen wearing her jewelry collection which shows her elegant taste in jewelry like a popular actress Natasha Nice jewelry collection. Unfortunately, we didn’t know the exact information about jewelry or which brands she has and uses.

Cars Collection:

While about Robin, we didn’t have any concrete information about it. However, from her social media, we came to know about her having a good collection of cars. She owns cars of different brands that she may have seen publicly but the details of the car’s brands haven’t been revealed yet.


Robin can spend a part of her net income while hanging out and having fun with her family and friends. She is often seen with her family and friends having great fun and hanging out to explore different places. She is enjoying her life and making a lot of memories with her friends’ babies and husband.


Like many other public figures, the American athlete and fitness instructor can spend a huge amount of her earnings on charity. She often can be seen on charity shows and events. She helps the needy and poor people of her country through her charity work.

robin in charity programs
Source: Instagram 

Key Points of Robin Arzon:

  • She is a certified running coach by “The Road Runner Club of America”.
  • Once in her college life, she became a hostage. According to her, that was her near-death experience.
  • She leads the “Council of Beyond Type One” as she is also diagnosed with Diabetic Type 1.
  • In 2007, she graduated from “Villanova University School of Law” and practiced for seven years at a global law firm. 
  • Before her graduation, in 2002, she was taken hostage which inspired her to think about running. 
  • Robin is a vegetarian.

Robin Arzon Social Media Accounts Details:

There is a list of social media which an American author and athlete is using. Let’s have a quick look at them which are mentioned in the below table.

TwitterRobin Arzón
FacebookRobin Arzon
YouTube Robin Arzón
Robin Arzon Social Media Accounts Details:

Physical Status of Robin Arzon:

Let’s have a quick look at the physical appearance of Robin Arzon which is given in the table below.

Weight63 Kg
Height5ft 8In 
Color of Eye Black 
Hair ColorBrown and Black
Physical Status of Robin Arzon:


Robin Arzon net worth is approximately $8 Million. She chases her life of dreams and quits the law. She worked as a freelancer for many magazines at the start and later because of her dedication she started working at the Peloton platform as a fitness instructor. 

Furthermore, she is now a VP at Peloton and living a great life. She posts her videos and pictures on different social accounts and stays connected with her fans. 

She earns a good amount of income from her writing skills, investment, and public speaking while spending her living on jewelry, entertainment, styling, and accessories. She is now living a great life of her passion and a happily married life with her two little babies.

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