Dick Vitale Net Worth Is $20 Million

Dick Vitale net worth is estimated at $20 million. He is a popular personality as a basketball sportscaster, and a former coach of the National Basketball Team, and some college teams. He earned a net worth through basketball broadcaster, publishing books, and acting in movies.

Dick Vitale Net Worth
Date of Birth9, June 1939
Net Worth$20 million
ProfessionBroadcaster and Author
Age85 years old
Who is Dick Vitale?

Who is Dick Vitale?

Dick Vitale was born in Passaic, New Jersey on 9, June 1939. He is also known as Dickie V”. He belongs to a middle-class family. Due to his talent and dedication, he made himself an influential personality in the sports world.

Date of Birth9, June 1939
Net Worth$20 million
Monthly income$3 million
ProfessionBroadcaster and Author
Age85 years old
Who is Dick Vitale?

Yearly Dick Vitale Net Worth Growth Rate:

Years (2019-2024)Net Worth (Estimated)
In 2024$20 Million
In 2023$18 Million
In 2022$16 Million
In 2021$14 Million
In 2020$12 Million
In 2019$10 Million
Yearly Dick Vitale Net Worth Growth Rate

Early Life and Career of Dick Vitale:

Let’s discuss the early life and career of Dick Vitale and how he has become a popular celebrity in the sports and entertainment world.

  • 1958: Dick Vitale completed study at “East Rutherford High School”. He started coaching at Garfield, New Jersey. After some time, for one season, he became head coach at an Elementary School. 
  • 1962: He got a graduation degree from “Seton Hall University”. He studied education in business administration. Later, he also completed his master’s degree from William Paterson University.
  • 1964 – 1971: He moved to “Garfield High School” and then “East Rutherford High School as a head coach. At this time he set a record of 131-47. 
  • 1978: Dick Vitale started coaching at NBA Detroit Pistons, making for them a high record.
  • 1979: He left his coaching job and achieved the opportunity of a television gig at “ESPN network by Scotty Connal”. He accepted their offer for some time.
  • 1983-1985: He continued his job as Broadcaster. Initially, he made some mistakes but with time he understood his abilities and worked with passion. In 1985, ESPN was purchased by another “American Broadcasting Company”. So, Dick started to work for them.
  • 1999: Dick played the role for the series “Hoops Malona” in thirty seconds promo short with George Gervin. 
  • 2004-2005: Vitale did commentary for about 40 games in this season. He has also published his autobiography “Living a Dream”.
  • 2015: Vitale was removed by ESPN to cover the Duke-UNC basketball.
  • 2022: He announced that he would not complete the remaining season because of vocal surgery. He also stopped commentary for college basketball matches.

Personal Life of Dick Vitale:

Let’s have a look at his personal life.

  • Dick Vitale got married in 1961 to “Lorraine McGrath”. They are parents of two daughters named “Terri and Sherri”. 
  • They also have five grandchildren from their daughters.
  • His Father’s name is “John” he is a security guard and also a piecework clothing press operator. 
  • Dick Vitale’s mother’s name is “Mae” as a seamstress in a factory and sewed coats. 
  • In 2021, he was suffered with “Melanoma Cancer”. He was also diagnosed with Vocal Cords disease Dysplasia and Ulcerous Lesions but after getting treated he was cured of cancer. He again got Laryngeal cancer in 2023.

He always gives motivational tips to his audience. Once he said;

“You are braver than you believe, Stronger than you seem, 

Smarter than you think”.

Personal Life of Dick Vitale

Source: Instagram

How Did Dick Vitale Earned His Money?

Dick Vitale net worth is boosted through several sources. These sources are discussed below.

How Did Dick Vitale Earned His Money?
  • Dick has earned a substantial amount through his coaching career. He remained the coach of NBA and College basketball teams. Dick Vitale has worked as a broadcaster on the ESPN network for several years. 
  • Dick is also a famous author who published multiple books named as “Never Give Up, autobiography, “The Lost Season”, Time Out Baby, Campus Chaos, Dickie Vs Top 40 All Everything Team, and others. 
  • He has done multiple brand endorsements. He has appeared in brand commercials like Oberto, Hooters, Teco Bell, DiGiorno, and GECIO”.
  • He has also worked in media providing his voice for the “Sega Genesis” video game and “EA Sports” a video game series. 
  • He also sells his merchandise including autographed caps, basketball, and books. 
  • Vitale has played a role in multiple movies as a sports commentator including “Blue Chips”, “Jury Duty”, “The Naked Gun: From the Files Of Police Squad”, “Home of Giants” and “Love & Basketball”. 

Where Did Dick Vitale Spend his Money?

Dick Vitale has spent a beautiful life with his family. Here are some ways where he must spend his money.

Where Did Dick Vitale Spend his Money?

Source: Instagram

  • House: Dick lives in a luxurious and deluxe house located in Bradenton, Florida. His house has every kind of luxury item worth millions of dollars. All this included Dick Vitale’s net worth.
  • Activities: He has posted pictures on social media accounts doing many activities such as going to a beach, watching matches in a stadium, and many more. 

Entertainment: At the age of 85, Dick Vitale still entertains himself by doing different activities. He enjoys Christmas parties, going on a dinner with family and friends, and spending holiday trips.

Treatment: Dick Vitale is suffering from a disease like cancer. So, he spends his income to get a cure and on his treatment. “Dr. Steven Zeitels” recommends Vitale to rest and take care of his vocal cords.

  • Philanthropic efforts: He has been involved in doing charity work. By selling merchandise, he donated all of his profit to the “Pediatric Cancer Research Center” which is a foundation. Because he is also fighting with vocal cancer. 

Physical Statistics of Dick Vitale:

In the table below, have a look at the physical statistics of Dick Vitale. 

Eye ColorBlack
Hair ColorBald
Height5 ft 9 in
Physical Statistics of Dick Vitale

Social Media Accounts of Dick Vitale:

Dick Vitale is active on his social media accounts and connects with his fans by posting his daily basis activities and pictures. Visit them and learn more about him. 

Accounts nameFollowersLinks
Social Media Accounts of Dick Vitale:

Frequently Asked Question 

In his honor, Detroit University was given the name “Dick Vitale Court” for their basketball court. However, Dick Vitale had achieved many awards for his work like 

  • ESPY Awards 
  • Sports Emmy Awards-Lifetime and many basketball Hall Of Fame. 

Like every year he will organize Dick Vitale Gala, and he would give a prize for the new branded car only for depositing 100 dollars. This is all effort for cancer-battling children. He gives all of his profit to pediatric Cancer research.

Summing Up! 

Dick Vitale net worth is estimated at $20 million. He has collected his money through a coaching career, as a broadcaster, publishing books, and Television. We searched all reliable sources and his social media accounts to collect this information. Our website lets you know more about other celebrities’ net worth.

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